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Futon ga, Futtonda
Wednesday. 7.5.06 8:04 am
[I just realized, I like to blog in reverse chronological order, so please take note in that while reading this...]
Well, the title of this entry (Futon ga, Futtonda) is apparently a very funny joke here in Okinawa. I have no idea how it is funny because it was described to me as "the covers are flying." I was assured that it was not a dirty joke if anyone is wondering. I ate shoyu ramen tonight at a ramen shop. It was really good, plus I had some type of rice, I can't remember what it is called, but it was really good. I talked to my host mom in Japanese a little during supper, I just learned those parts today. She's the one who told me that the joke was not a dirty joke. After school I studied Japanese with my bud Hajime and we talked about how I was enjoying life in Okinawa, I also taught him a little English. During school I mainly just studied Japanese, I wrote a lot of Japanese, and it turns out that doing so helps me to remember words better, so I will continue doing that until I find I can no longer write Japanese words (i.e. there are no more words in Japanese)
I ate sandwiches at lunch today, a peanut butter and orange jelly sandwich, and a peanut butter and chocolate jelly sandwich. Personally I preferred the peanut butter and orange jelly sandwiches. (On a bit of a side note, in Japan, apparently bread is only eaten at breakfast. Most people would not consider having a sandwich for lunch!) I woke up at 6:40 this morning, 20 minutes later than I normally do, it was really strange, because I woke up, and had a hamburger with lettuce from McDonalds. I've never eaten a hamburger for breakfast, it was a very new experience. Well, that is about all I can think about to write about. I'll write more later. Jaa ne!

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Wow Your in Japan
yeah that probably sounds stupid but i havent been on surfing in a while... how did you get a chance like that.....
» finelegsforever on 2006-07-19 01:20:44

hey. I sent you a message awhile ago but not sure if you got it. my email is [email protected]
» Ajibalaji89 on 2006-08-01 07:58:28

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