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Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Italian/German
Location Gillett, PA
School. Other
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Ashley Marie Randall
...November 3, 1985 ~ November 14, 2002...
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i'm ending it.
Monday. 5.15.06 5:54 am
I am done with nuTang...I have started a new period in my life and there's no time for nuTang in it any longer. Everything in here is someone I'm not anymore.

So goodbye to all, and thanks for reading.

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time for an update
Friday. 3.24.06 12:21 pm
Well…I haven’t updated in awhile…

Life has been okay…

Not bad

But not great…

Shawn and I are doing good; we argue a bit now. I hate it. I never thought him and I would have a fight. He got this new job which I absolutely despise. Not because it’s a bad job but because its putting a lot of stress on our relationship. For example, he normally works til 10 on the weeknights…plus he has to do all his closing stuff before he leaves which means that he doesn’t get home until about 10:30 – 11ish. That makes for a very late night for me…and I get so cranky and tired from lack of sleep. Ehh…I’m getting really tired.

Work has been okay; I’ve been getting decent hours…but I hate my job sometimes. Everyone’s idiots; they really are. We’re getting all these new people who don’t know what they’re doing. It really irks me.

Im so sick of my dad…he’s a control freak. He told me he doesn’t want me to go away for college right away. I was like…I don’t wanna stay around here. I dunno though…I think maybe I’ll do just like…my first two years of college close to home…and then transfer and do another two years farther away. Then go to law school. Ehh…I dunno. I’m so damn young.

I noticed a lot of people are changing and aren’t who I thought they were. It’s a bit disappointing but, that’s life for you.

And with that, I’m out.

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random things
Thursday. 3.2.06 8:45 am
friday was my biiirthday and thursday was mine and shawns 3 months!

thursday I went down to hang out with him, and he had bowling. I learned [kinda] how to keep score. haha and we jus hung out. I love himm! =) when I was coming home, the roads were sooo bad. it was like a white out; I couldn't see a thing. i kept hitting the rumble strips and stuff...haha i wanted to cry.

Friday was my bday and I was sick...i stayed home. I felt better after some sleeping in. Later that day, I went to elmira and to the bank and all that good stuff and then to Kyms. then Shawn came up and we went to the mall. I got these awesome new shoes, and new pants and stuff.

Sat I worked the lovely 6-2 shift, then went back to Kyms and helped her get around for prom some. shawn and i jus hung out, then we went to the library but ti was closed! I was very bummed...as was shawn. HAHA...

then we headed down to his place...the roads got all scary and snowy. I hate bad roads! =( we stopped at kyles goin away party for a bit. omg...i was scareddddddd to death. hahaha...then we jus went back to his place and chilled.

this week I worked monday, tuesday, and wed 5-9...but sat and sun 6-2, and 10-5.

I started tanning again this week. yessssssss...I cant wait to be all dark again. haha...I got burnt last nite...I kinda over did it. :-[ oh well.

no school today.

tomorrow I might get out early and go hang out with the boyfriend who I havent seen all week...but not sure yet.

wellll...im gonna goooooo

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a few random things...personal vents. dont hate
Wednesday. 2.22.06 7:36 pm
I love my boyfriend.

my dad is crazy. the other day, I get home from work and shawn picked me up from work...and my dads like..."how'd he drive" like the physco he is. I say "fine" and then notice his pistol sticking out of his pants. I ask him what thats about and he says...ooh jus making sure you got home okay. he continues talking, and I continue unpacking my stuff...not thinking. then he walks away...and i assume he went to his room. then I realize he pry went in the kitchen. might I mention, that is where my sweet, sweet boyfriend is at. sooo i dash out there as fast as I can and my dad decides to start flashing his shiny, silver pistol. shawn gets a scaredddddd look on his face...and I yell at my dad. Pistol + Boyfriend = crazy dad.

then he catches us kissing last nite. not a big deal, right? HAH! it is to my dad. its disrespectful. what the hell does he think we do? sit around and hold hands all the time? come on, we're...almost 17, and 18! HAH! ooh well, I love my dad just the same.

I love my boyfriend quite a bit too. he makes me so damn happy. I flipped out on him the other day, with no rightful reasoning. I felt bad. I basically told him to leave if he didnt like the way I did things. Mind you, this is one of our first arguments. See, we never fight. I felt sooooo bad. I didnt know what to do or say to make things better. and he jus kept saying it was okay after I apologized. Man, Im a bad girlfriend. I always wanted to be MORE for him...it makes me sick to think about it. I am a bad girlfriend. I'm sorry sweetie, I am trying.

soo I was inducted into National Honor Society friday. I was scared. I know I'm a baby, but...I was so scared I was going to fall. courtney held my hand. what a pussy I am. then all I could do was laugh when I got up there. Its not even like its hard or anything...I just felt incredibly dumb. then someone jacked my coat.

there was a fight at school. I'm not going to put my opinion on that one, because well...everyone disagrees with me. hah...I dont care. I am entitled to my opinion.

tomorrow is mine and the lovely boyfriends 3 months. Its not much, but its a pleasent start.

I think I'm graduating early. I don't feel that I should stick out the hole year next year if I don't necassairly need to. I have enough credits so...psh. Im not sure what Im going to do about college. I think I might jus start at either mansfield or corning and then either transfer, or jus do 4 years there and then go to law school...if that's still my goal by then.

Its so strange; growing up.

another kid died in a car accident. i love having my license, but man...kids should not be able to drive or something. theressssssss so many people who have died in car accidents in the last 5 years in like a 50 mile radius. its freaky.

trig class I am not doing so hott in. Its not like I don't get it, I jus dont like the way olsen teaches...I guess. I can't really explain it. It jus doesnt seem hard and then...I get all confused about dumb things. I think I actually need to start studying for that class a bit.

i cant wait for warm weather.
Im tired of being cold.
and Im tired of being sick.
and Im tired of having wet feet.

an interesting thing happened last week on the bus.
...see, being the cool kid I am...I was chilling, listening to my mp3 player. thats when it hit me: I was being stared at. so I said "whaaat?" and chris andrews proceeds to say "lick my balls." I found that to be quite derogatory so I said again "excuuuse me, what did you say?" he says...lick my balls. now, by this time Im getting fired up and so I repeat myself "exucseeeeee me, do you wanna say that again?" and he looks at me, and says it jus like this. "Lick...[pause]...my...[pause]...balls." in a way thats daring me to do something about it. yup, my ass was off that seat and his head was hitting those lovely bus windows within a matter of seconds. my busdriver asks if theres a problem, and I explain to her that I dont like to be told to lick anyones balls and he should have more respect for women then that.

hah, im a bitch.

I must depart now...as I am waiting for a phone call.

I love you Shawn Michael Gowin!

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Last week/weekend/this week/vday
Thursday. 2.16.06 6:28 pm
last week was the slowest week of my life. I wanted to jump off a plane it was so slow. I have no idea why.

Friday night, I went to the mall with Kym. We had a fun time. I got a few new things and it was all around good. Blew half a paycheck and I can't say I have much to show for it. haha ooh well.

Sat, work went by pretty quick and then shawn picked us up after work. I got around, and shawn and I went to dinner at applebees. It was mm good. I got steak, and he got steak and shrimp:-X EWW I tried his shrimp and the...ehh...texture of it in my mouth made me want to puke. We got this amazing applie pie and ice cream for desert. Wow, it was soooo good. I tried to eat it all while shawn was at the bathroom. hahaha jus kidding. after that, we headed back to canton and then went bowling. I totally suck...ooh well. then we went back to his house and went to bed. The next morning was nice...then I had to work.

work was crazyyyyyyy! we were short people; I was in the grill which is strange for me since I cant really do that stuff. I had to do freezer stock! I had no idea what I was doing and I was informed it not red meat, its REG meat. I know, I'm dumb. Mal made me put the wrong box of meat in the freezer. I wnated to kill her.

then i got to go home and shawn came over and hung out.

Monday was a blurr...

tuesday was v-day. It was amazing. There was school, and shawn had to work so I didnt get to see him til after school. He got me flowers: lillies and a rose...lillies are my fav! and a balloon and a card and wrote me a poem. It was sweet too. I hung out with him tuesday nite and did NOT want to leave!

yesterday we had NHS practice. It was sooooo gay. I know Im going to get so hott im gonna get sick on friday. last nite I had to work. It was HELLLLLLL! I was in FRONT CASH from like 7:30 - 9. It was so horibble. I wanted to cry.

today was the last day of PSSA's...thank goodness. Im so sick of 'em.

tomorrow i have to work, then pry going to kyms.
sat im working, then pry with shawn
sunday working, then who knows.
no school monday, so who knows with that one..

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everything is going my wayyyy
Sunday. 2.5.06 9:06 pm
I am still happily in loveeeeee...with the most amazing guy ever. Seriously, life could not get any better.

Im starting to get more hrs again...which is totally awesome.

Friday after school, Shawn picked me up. We went to his grams, and then to his place and jus hung out all night. It was nice. He left for a little while and I felt kinda dumb but ooh well.

I called out sat. I didnt feel good at all...so I jus stayed at shawns and we hung out some and watched HERBIE FULLY LOADED...which, turned out to be a pretty good movie. haha...sorry Shawn. =-P His parents also totally let me drive there car down to the dollar store without shawn...so, that made me feel...pretty good. :-[ I know, I'm a loser but still. I love Shawn's family so much. :-[ haha and sat night was pretty, uhh interesting. ;-) lol...

Today my lover and I slept in until like 9! it was crazy. we watched tv and ate breakfast and got a shower and around for the dayyyy. I dunno what we really did, but then we went to subway and got lunch...and this total loser guy I dont like was there. Aurgh...

then we went back to shawns and watched tv and talked for a bit, and then went back downtown to get some stuff for his parents and then we head to head up to elmira to work. =(

it was soo dead tonight. I helped/trained this new kid and basically jus cleaned and stocked all night. It was sooooooo dead. OMGGGGG...but it went by quick. We got cameras in last week so now I cant txt and stuff. It sucks sooo bad.

so after work, ruth got done before me so she went over to get my chinese food...and I FORGOT TO GIVE HER THE MONEY. haha soo, we went over there and got my foodddddddddd and took her home and then I came home. and now i am at home, missing my boyfriend sooo sooo much.

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