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Age. 18
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. white gurl
Location Prince George, VA
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My GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shak Poem

She hates me ,and I know
But I cant seem to let it go
It's the way I feel
the agony and pain is so unreal
Me,she will never forgive
In my memory this shall always live
All the pain and hurt
And the way I made her feel like dirt
Not knowing what I had
Loosing it has made me sad
For at once the love was great
But all that is left is hate
The skies were once bright
But left is darkness in the night
Over and over I sing this song
"Where o where did I go wrong
She was all that was good
But I never understood
For me she will never forgive
So with this I must live

Shakira Michelle Ross

Copyright ©2003 Shakira Michelle Ross
Try this again
Sunday. 10.26.03 12:01 am
Damn i am gonna try this again, aol closed on me and i lost everything i had in here! DAMN IT!

ANYWAY, I am so damn happy! Mo is so sweet, and funny, i love his personality-that is al li can love since i dont know what the hell he looks like. I have never had a guy to be so happy n shit to talk to me and to send me sweet lil messages and all that. I dont know, i know i am crazy i mean i met the guy on the internet. But i cant explain it. i just dont know lol <~~non stop smilin! MO

OMG he invited me to come to his halloween party. He said if u aint doin nothing, i was thinkin that maybe...just maybe....then he goes lol i said yea :o) hell yea! :o) CHEEZER SMILE!!!!! omg! lol :o) i cant stop smilin! :o) :o) :o) lol

His friend was just typin a bunch of shit and he goes sorry that was my friend i said i understand, my friends can be the same way lol he said well that is why my friends and yer friends need to hang out lol i was like yea we do!

OMG i said i was freezin and he was like that if he were here he would lay ontop of me like a blanket and keep me warm and i would sleep like a baby i was like aww he goes i know that sounded stupid i was like no! lol it was cute! lol he smiled! OMG-u guys!!!!

:o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o) :o)

YAY! we are goin to see good charlotte tom!!! YAY!!! i am stoked about that! benji is gonna be all up in our faces omg! lol hell yea

Well i need to go to bed cause tom is gonna be a long day, I gotta be at work at 7:30 then i get off at 12 then i am going straight to stephs, changin clothes and junk then goin to get britt and then we are on our way to good charlotte!!!!! WE LOVE BENJI!!! HELL YEA!

Well talk to u guys lata. MWAH!!!!

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Thursday. 10.9.03 2:24 pm
yeh syug, m'i derob dna m'i gnitiaw no ym doof ni eht evaworcim os i yhguoht i etirw niaga. ylno siht emit SDRAWKCAB lol llew ym doof si enod. HAWM! vul ay!

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Thursday. 10.9.03 7:59 am
Hey i am in class right now. I will write as much as i can until we have to start.

i feel so bad for shakira right now, because she found out yesterday that irene has cancer :'( i feel so bad for shak. well i gotta go i will try and write more lata. MWAH!

OK well i am home now and omg! i had a message on my phone from shakira tellin me that i dotn want to see her cause she cut her hair, so i went in target and i saw it, it is cute! i was just scared that is was gonna be short like the pix she was showin me and steph, THANK GOD! lol

But i am so glad we dont have class tom, i am ready for my parents to leave!!!!!!!! HELL YEA! i get my 3 best friends to come over and get drunk! lmao hell yea

well i am gonna go i am hungry as hell and i got some baked zitti in the microwave so i will talk to u guys lata. MWAH MWAH MWAH MWAH! LMAO!

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Tuesday. 10.7.03 9:33 am
Hey guys! I am sittin in my web page design class, OMG it is so Mrs Carr! lol i would transfer out but i want to stay in here with steph! lol Butt munch is sittin here tryin to read my screen! I dont like this keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our teacher, Mr Scott Adams, is a cutie! lol He is cool.

SO far, i am likin this school, everyone is jsut so nice and THANK GOD we dont have none of those bitches in this class like the other class, but its all good! lol

I am just so ready to get ot work! Sittin in this class makes me like ERR just wantin to pull my hair out, cause i know what he is goin over and i just want him to let us go! I want to work!!!!! Well im gonna go i dont have much more to say.

OHHH yea i do! lol matt is a cutie!!! I am just waitin for my call tom and for my cd

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Friday. 10.3.03 11:34 am
Well, guys this is it, the last thing we do before me and steph are college girls! We have orientation today at 1:30. Im nervous!!!!!

Last night me and her went to applebees and i was messin with megan and wendy big time talking about me and shakira bein in love and talkin about it bein the best sex i have ever had and all that funny shit and even tho i was messin with them it kinda got me a lil upset cause we used to be such good friends ya know, and wtf? gone!!! all because their dumbass closed minds! i dont understand. I mean all of us were so close and we always together doin stupid stuff, i mean if it werent for them i wouldnt be the carefree crazy ass that i am because, megan showed me to not give a fuck about what people thought about me, and being around her makes yer ass crazy as hell!! But its funny, her teachin me not to care what people think about me turned around and bit her in the ass! cause i dont care what they think about me. Not talkin to them has given me the opportunity to become GREAT friends with Britt and gotten me close to Steph again!! Plus, I got to see what a great person Shakira is, and I got to see what alot of people are missin out on! So even tho it bothers me that me and the girls arent talkin any more, I guess I have more than made up for it with my other girls! And it is nice cause all three of em have been there for me no matter what when i was like whatever they knew something was still up, and it had to be cause i was so close to these girls. i mean me and marcia had been friends since 5th grade!! The rest of us u know just became friends thru out time. But i guess i make friends so easily that when i lose em i feel bad. But anyway!

I am gonna get off here casue i gotta go get my check cashed and all that fun junk before i go to orientation. That is if Steph ever gets ehr ass out the bathroom, she been in there 45 min, she actin like no body else needs in there! I gotta piss and brush my teeth! DAMN IT!!!! lol Imma go anyway, push her ass out the bathroom. So i will holla back.



only 7 days!!!!

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I cant stop smilin!
Monday. 9.29.03 11:16 pm
OMG! i have been havin such a great past few days! I am like soooo happy, i dont think i could stress happy enough, so happy that i can talk to jeff on the phone! its just WOW!! im just mad at all them arguements we had about talkin on the phone. im like damn!

I got yelled at last night by matt. He hadnt seen me all day and when he did he started to smile and then he came up to me and yelled at me "do u not know the days of the week?!?" lmao!! I was like look! I called u yesterday and u werent home! and he got quiet and then he goes oh, well they didnt tell me u called! i was like well i called! lol but he was smilin the rest fo the night too! i am so happy i mean i havent had anyone yell at me for not callin ya know, and for him to do it lol was nice. cause i mean if he didnt want to talk to me then he wouldnt have said anything. that boy does not stay home!!! omg! lol every time some one calls he aint home! LMAO morgan asked me if me and him have talked about dating, im like no! lol i mean DAMN we just started talkin!!!

BUT anyway! lol i know steph and britt are tired of hearin about jeff and matt. lol im mad stephanie started to sing, laura, jeff, and matt sittin in a tree............. im like damn lol. I was pimpin the cell phone today lol i talked to jeff for and hour then as soon as i hung up with him i was on the phone with matt lmao! GO ME!!! kidding! lol

But i am talkin to stephanie and my cousin angie-who only talks to me when she wants somehting! BITCH!

But i am gonna get off here and go to bed im sleepy, but i know as soon as my ass hits that bed, shakira is gonna be callin me lol

I'll write more lata. MWAH!!!!!

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