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Ex-employee says FAA warned before 9/11
Saturday. 11.25.06 11:35 am
This is another case of retaliation against a whistle blower. Ex-employee Bogdan Dzakovic, a member of the elite squad for security systems at the airport states that he warned the FAA of potential security breaches in their system. He said that his team was able to sneak in bombs and submachine gunsright past the screeners. When he reported these findings to the FAA they told him to cover it up.

Once 9/11 hit numerous FAA officials were stating,"How could we have known this was going to happen?" They did know. They were even warned of the holes in their security.

As a result for whistle blowing, Dzakovic was demoted to a desk job where he does remedial tasks such as, hole-punching, updating agency phonebooks and twiddling his thumbs. He cant really complain though. They did not give him a pay cut so he gets paid $100,000 for doing his entry-level job.

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Prince Harry to serve in Iraq
Thursday. 2.22.07 3:36 pm
By TARIQ PANJA Associated Press Writer

Britain's Prince Harry salutes his father Prince Charles (not shown) as he leaves, following The Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy, where Harry received his military commission at Sandhurst, England in this Wednesday, April 12, 2006 file photo. The Ministry of Defense ended speculation that had been swirling for about a week by announcing Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007, the 22-year-old prince will be sent to Iraq with his Blues and Royals regiment in May or June. Harry, a second lieutenant, will assume a troop commander's role.
LONDON (AP) - He's the redheaded son of the late Princess Diana, the rowdy royal known more for dancing until dawn than waking for battle. But Britain's party prince, Harry, is getting his wish and going to Iraq with his Blues and Royals regiment.

Royal officials announced Thursday that 22-year-old Harry would be deployed to Basra, confirming the tabloid speculation about the future of the best-recognized tank commander in Britain. His regiment is expected to complete a six-month tour.

The prince, a second lieutenant, has been trained to lead a team of 12 men in four armored reconnaissance vehicles, and could become the first royal to see active combat since his uncle Prince Andrew served in the Falklands war against Argentina in 1982.

Word of the deployment follows only one day after Prime Minister Tony Blair said British troop numbers in Iraq will be cut by 1,600 in the coming months. The daily tabloid newspaper, the Sun, opined _ "1,600 out ... One in."

Britain will hand over most of security in the Basra area to Iraqi security forces, concentrating its troops at the city's palace and air base. Iraqi insurgent groups looking to target Cornet Wales _ as his rank is called in the Blues and Royals _ will not have to look far to find him _ which has led to concern his presence could mean extra risks for his men.

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Man gone Postal
Tuesday. 3.6.07 5:52 pm
I cant believe that this guy shot his cowokers because his hours were cut back. Her works at a paper misl were the manufacture paper products. Preferably paper. Amhow they cut his hours back and he went postal. he said good bye to his wife, went to work and shot the people that helped him get the jo. Then he shot himself. How stupid. As if,not working at all is better tthn 20 hours per wek?

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A Blessing
Friday. 4.6.07 2:09 pm
Children are a blessing. Not all women are able to conceive. Unfortunately it seems

like the people that are able to conceive make horrible parents. The ones that have

difficulty are the ones that are more ready to become loving, caring and devoted


Television today talks alot about teen pregnancies and how babies are abandoned

or born from drug parents. What about those people who really want a baby and

cant have any. It seems as if the baby justice system is messed up.

It shocks me how parents will drown their kids because their new boyfriend does

not want to have any kids. There were two cases and in one situation the kid tried

to run away but the mother still caught him and held him under the water.

My heart reaches out to those children and yet I feel they are lucky ones. Just a

couple of days ago a woman was arrested for trying to sell her 7yr old daughter into

prostitution. She had 5 children and they were all taken into custody. She was

prostituting them all. She had a bag full of sex toys and was selling photos of her

kids for the right price. Those children will have psychological scars.

Children are a blessing..how do we forget that?

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