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It only Friday
Friday. 10.31.14 9:15 am
My birthday is on this saturday and I'm going to Knotts Scary Farm with my daughter changbang and her boyfriend. Anyhow, I woke up early this morning thinking it was saturday and it's only FRIDAY!!! OMG!! I even woke up before my alarm clock.

mood: retarded


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What is Black Friday
Saturday. 11.25.06 11:56 pm
Black friday is such an odd name. My son asked me today, "mommy, what is black friday." I told him that it was the day after thanksgiving and he was not satisfied with that answer. So I looked it up.

The term refers to accounting books going from being in the "red" to being in the "black". The day after thanksgiving marks the first day of the holiday season. People begin shopping and stores begin to offer bargins. In other words, the stores finally start making a profit.

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Black Friday
Saturday. 11.25.06 11:20 am
It was awesome to see so many people waiting in the dark fog for stores to open. It seems so crazy for some but for these people, this is that one SPECIAL day of the year. To miss it would mean death.

My son works at Target and their store opened at 6am. When we got there the line went all the way around the store and into the parking lot. The parking lot was full. You saw people in their sweat suits and jackets standing in the dark and the fog was pretty heavy as well. Over in the mall parking lot, you could see parked cars way out into the areas where nobody parks. I could not BELIEVE how full the lot was at 5:45am.

I did not get to participate this year because I am so broke ass but next year I plan to be there!!!

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My Nee-san
Friday. 3.2.07 6:35 pm
So many things are running through my head right now. I guess that is because I am so busy. The scholarship deadline passed and so now I have to find a home for everyones transcript. I think I am doing well right now at keeping things under control. I have a temporary worker that started yesterday and she is such a blessing....

Tonight is friday and I feel like I actually have a night to relax. I called up my friend Hiroko. She is my nee-san. I miss her alot and so we are going to hang out tonight. She seemed pretty happy to see me.

Hope I can just relax and get over my cold.

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