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jmc I Survived The Truth
I see the picture clearer now And the fog has lifted The wool you tried to pull over my eyes was clever Yeah, your gifted But you forgot to dot some I's and cross some T's along the way Im better now despite you baby I'm stronger these days, stronger I survived the crash, survived the burn Survived the worst, yeah baby but I learned Survived the lies, survived the blues Almost killed me but I survived the truth And when you wrote me off like I was doomed I survived you I can look in the mirror now It's been a slow awakening Haunted by a heart full of you I couldn't help mistaking That you could ever care for anyone Anyone but yourself, hey-yeah But you would have to have a conscience baby Good luck, I wish you well I survived the crash, I survived the burn Survived the worst, yeah baby but I learned Survived the lies, survived the blues Almost killed me but I survived the truth And when you wrote me off like I was doomed I survived you This hearts been torn in two Cut and bruised from too many bitter endings I'll be damned if I have thoughts of you Rain on my new beginning....
My Final Post for Awhile
Monday. 1.8.07 5:59 pm
My Dear NuTang Friendaroos,

Due to the recent rash of events in my life over the past months, for those who have read the posts: my break up with Ray, Ray’s Mom - Momma B’s falling and breaking her arm and leg; which by the way she is recovering at home well, but far from fully recovered! Also because I’m unpacking and adjusting to a new apartment. Plus my health –headaches - my migraines – creepy crawlers. All the while trying to keep my ‘place of employment’. It is at this time that I most need to take a hiatus, an unfortunate leave from NuTang, till things get better in my life and allow me more time for fun later. Until then, Please remember me fondly as I will remember all of you wonderful NuTang Members. Please continue to spread the cheer of NuTang around the internet for all to share and enjoy NuTang. Make me proud, my Dear NuTang Friendaroos!! Hugs!


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Hello My NuTang Friendarooooos!
Sunday. 2.25.07 12:01 pm
Hello My NuTang Friendarooooos! No, unfortunately I am not back. I wanted to take this time to thank you all for your wonderful comments and for keeping in touch. I have never felt so much Friendship and felt so missed before, but then this is NuTang and you all are my NuTang Friendaroos! Thank you! As for a boring update; in re to my migraines - the Doctors have me on three different medicines, one of which I take three times a day and still my migraines persist and the pain is mostly unbearable. Somehow I have managed to miss less days at work so I am managing to keep my job! My new apartment is going fine, however; I still have lots of sorting to do. We all know how that is rather we have moved or not. Junk here and there! Why do we keep all this junk - LOL! My ex-boyfriend Ray and I continue to be Friends. His Mom, Momma B is still recovering slowly from her fall back in November; but making remarkable progress!

Dilated and RandomJunk how did the story writing challenge go for supremacy?! You both are superb Writers, should have been a tie! BTW: Dilated my Dear Friend and Brother, you caught me, yes I am with another web blog community. What you been doing – spying on me? But it’s not ASIAN AVENUE because I have an ASIAN FETISH! Which is why I adore our NuTang Dave – LOL. I am some what of a professional writer on the side in real life, so I have a professional blog I have to post to once a week in order to keep my professional reputation up. Boring stuff, nothing worth pulling NuTang viewers away from NuTang fun for. No threat to NuTang and I plug NuTang there!

elessar257 you’ve been awful quiet lately, everything ok Bro Brother? Hello Jen! kKaMa67 nice to here from you! ikimashokie did you get a violin? LostSoul13 what’s new? Nuttz, Katrina, Zanzibar, razzly hi! middaymoon how are u? lazypuppy how r u and your baby! If I missed anyone, hi! I try to catch you alls posts when I can!

Please note that my hiatus maybe at least 6 months. Continue to spread the cheer of NuTang around and keep making me proud! Thanks again for everything my Dear NuTang Friendaroos!! Hugs!

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