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For all the cows..
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Saturday. 8.11.07 1:20 am
That Rabbit Is Dynamite!
o___o Can you say Monty Python and The Holy Grail? Jesus. I've like, freaking memorized the script for that. -is watching right now- Anywho. What the hell am I doing, hmm? Being a dumbass. I shouldn't be on this, I should be readying my riding stuffz for the horseshow I'm doing tomorrow. And I'll tell ya something.
I'm gonna kick ass. Because I'm a bitch like that. And if I weren't too lazy, maybe... Well, maybe I wouldn't be lazy. But whatthefuckerever. -rolls around- So. Bored. Very, VERY bored. No like, totally. Because I can't concentrate on one thing for more than t minus four seconds. No, scratch that. Negative four hundred seconds. What good is an IQ of 160+ if you have the attention span of a banana peel?! Tell me that and then go eat a banana. ;D Ohhey, I have a party to go to tomorrow. You know why? Because I KNOW people. 8D And I can attack you with my sister who is the spawn of Satan's third cousin, twice removed, once taken back, then hated by the family and thus removed five more times. In other words, she's annoying. >__> But let's try to keep our attention on here, alrighty?

So. I've got a lovely site for all of you lovely people who know what the fuck Dragonriders of Pern is and how to roleplay it, or I've got a kickass little wild horse roleplaying site as well. Know why? 'CAUSE I SUCK. But in a totally, completely, wholly, unperceivably great manner. ;D One that you couldn't even begin to hope to suck in. But on a different note...WHO WANTS FREAKIN' COOKIES? 'Cause I really do. -runs off to go get some- Man. Reading this tells me that I'm being more of a bitch than usual. I must've gotten too much sleep today. o___O;; Ooooooh. I think I mentioned I was an insomniac in the profile, but I'ma tell ya something. I love it. I'm like, nocturnal Supersam (that's funny 'cause it's a pun. HAH. Instead of Supersan, like in something homo in a horrible manner like Dragonball Z...But with Sam..oh what the hell >_<) who will come between the hours of two and four and steal your wallets just for the hell of it. Maybe memorize your credit card numbers or something. ;D Wait. no. That was a freaking joke. If I get deleted for that, I'ma be like. FOMIGOZORZ. Suckandfailtothemaxrightthurrr. So there. Proof that I own you. ;D

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