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What did you think that I would do when I told you I was leavin'? You didn't blink -- you just assumed that you're the one I needed.
Saturday. 7.12.08 11:44 pm
My roommate and I don't talk much. I saw him a total of four seconds today although we were home together for about six hours. Most of our conversations are as follows:

Him: Hey, what's up man?
Me: Yo, just _____ (studying/reading/dancing the cha-cha) You?
Him: Just ____ (Headin' out/Going to nap/dancing the Tango)

We dance a lot in my apartment.

Anyway, I'm in the kitchen washing my breakfast bowl at around 1 P.M. ( I've been waking up at around 6 each day this week. Slept in on accident today.. ) and singing a song about him not being home. As I draw near the chorus, I begin to tip-toe toward my room when I see him stepping out of his and taking a peek into mine to see if I'm home.

"Yo," I say when he looks to me. " Hey man, what's up?," he says in response. We walk past one another and I go back to my room and he goes outside to drink or something.. As unbelievable as it may seem, we have a really good relationship. He may be the best roommate I've ever had.

I look myself in the mirror for a few minutes and practice my faces for a few minutes when I hear my cellphone start buzzin'

Moohell: I miss you, hon.

Michelle. I hadn't thought of her in awhile, so I didn't respond right away. When I did, I texted back the only thing I could think to say

Me: Are you okay?

Her: Yes. I just want you to know I think about you all the time even if I don't always tell you so.

I respond with a quote from one of my favorite poets

Me: Oh.

She doesn't know that I was home for a full month and that I'm 300 miles south for another six months. I miss my kid sister, and my parents, and my Anh, but Moo and I haven't been close since I re-joined NuTang in 04 with this account name.

I'm fighting the urge to call her.

In other news,

I want sweet potato fries.

Strangly... that's one of the few things I talk to my ex-roommate about... Now I don't need one, will not need out and would not need one.
» Nuttz on 2008-07-13 01:19:09

I'm heading for Las Vegas. (woo!)

And thanks.
» Praetorian on 2008-07-13 04:01:19

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I had to watch like half of the video before I got it. harHARHARHAR u so hilar.
» Zanzibar on 2008-07-13 09:54:09

mangosteens are..
I wonder if I can get this done.. lemme try..

I'm gonna miss the free food and free rides for sure =D
» Nuttz on 2008-07-13 11:28:49


that's the url.. I don't know how to do hyperlinks with the comments..
» Nuttz on 2008-07-13 11:29:48

» Bizzle_whore on 2008-07-14 12:00:20



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