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A letter to Jon
Wednesday. 4.30.08 7:06 pm
Dear Jon,

I know you're a really busy guy who does not have a lot of free time. Regardless, I implore you to sit down later tonight and write in your NuTang. Write about the solace you've discovered in the company of nobody. Tell the story about the conversation you had with Veronica-- a woman six years your senior who pulled you aside today and the intellectual stimulation that stemmed from it. Discuss the repulsion you feel for the ungrateful, immature, stupidfaced students who come to your tutoring sessions. Write about your roommate Matthew, or the soon-to-be-roommate Benjamin, and how although you care deeply for both, you'd rather live with a cactus. Write .. something.


Since this is a letter to yourself I can't comment in my normal way. :|

At least the people who come to get tutored know they need help and look for it.
» randomjunk on 2008-04-30 07:30:49

That guy Jon has a real good head on his shoulders, I suggest you listen to him.
» Zanzibar on 2008-04-30 07:34:17

As much as I'd love to give out the things I make to the people on Nutang (and I'm actually not kidding, I don't eat most of what I make), typing out "here are some pancakes, enjoy!" seems kind of pointless to me. I could give you the recipe though. :P
» randomjunk on 2008-04-30 07:51:08

-- 2 cups all-purpose flour
-- 2 tablespoons sugar
-- 2 teaspoons baking powder
-- 1 teaspoon baking soda
-- 1/2 teaspoon salt
-- 2 eggs
-- 2 cups buttermilk
-- 1/2 cup milk
-- 1/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
-- Choice of berries, sliced bananas, raisins or chopped toasted nuts (optional)
-- Oil for griddle
INSTRUCTIONS: Combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl.
Lightly beat the eggs with the buttermilk, milk and melted butter.
Just before you are ready to make the pancakes, add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients all at once, stirring just long enough to blend. The batter should be slightly lumpy.
If you want to add fruit or nuts, stir them in now, or you may sprinkle them on the pancakes while they are on the griddle.
Heat a lightly oiled griddle or heavy skillet over medium-high heat (375 degrees on an electric griddle).
Pour 1/4 cup batter per pancake onto the griddle or skillet, spacing the pancakes apart so they do not run together. When bubbles appear on the surface of the pancakes and the undersides are lightly browned, turn and cook for about 2 minutes longer, until lightly browned on the bottom.
Serve immediately on warmed plates with the topping of your choice. Serves 4 (yields about 24 four-inch pancakes.)
PER SERVING: 445 calories, 15 g protein, 58 g carbohydrate, 17 g fat (9 g saturated), 145 mg cholesterol, 816 mg sodium, 1 g fiber.
» randomjunk on 2008-04-30 07:55:48

You could, but chances are they'd reach you in less-than-perfect condition. And by that I mean they'd probably be decaying. :P
» randomjunk on 2008-04-30 08:06:52

I like this letter. he sounds like he knows what he's talking about so I think you should listen to him.

re: I didn't have fun doing all those things, but I was happy I got done with everything sooner than I expected
» LostSoul13 on 2008-04-30 08:23:07

i like this. you write good letters.
» adreen on 2008-04-30 09:13:56

She sent you a recipe. Wow.
INTELLECTUAL stimulation, you see, that's the key word.

Yeah, that's a little immature on my part. :P
» middaymoon on 2008-04-30 09:33:32

i'm glad to know i have inspired someone yesterday.
» renaye on 2008-04-30 09:38:24

Yup yup, that day ended on a fairly good note ^_^
» Mockiller on 2008-04-30 10:48:53

thanks jon! *hugs*
» Nuttz on 2008-04-30 11:03:39

What's going on?
:( I miss yahoo messenger.
But I think I'm coming back to America!
In August. When do you start that internship?
» Sarah on 2008-05-03 09:53:25

Methinks taking psychology has turned my brain to mush. I meant AOL messenger. I just started a yahoo account because I couldn't sign into yahoo... with my aol account. OIJoijs I'm broken.
» Sarah on 2008-05-03 10:03:49

Hey man!
Did you ever buy Brawl?
» middaymoon on 2008-05-06 06:48:56

Listen to him or you're sleeping on the couch!

(which makes more sense if you read randomjunk's entry.)
» Illicit on 2008-05-07 03:40:59

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