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Saturday. 8.25.07 3:33 pm
To the leaders of nations:
Greed, envy, fear, hate-- the competition has to stop.

"Hi, Joooon," she says with a grin. I glance up at the girl and pretend like I wasn't waiting for her to hop onto the bus; pretend as though I didn't save a seat for her with my backpack; pretend as though she wasn't making me just a little uncomfortable with those sunglasses on. I was so busy pretending that I forgot her name.

"Hey, E..El...Ed... um.." and I glance down.
"Elvia. Call me El, or Vi. Whichever you prefer," she says, still smiling when I turn my head to look her in the eye, a la the androgynous lesbian Shane from The L Word... but, she had on sunglasses. I hate sunglasses.
I didn't get a chance to look her in the eye again; rather, I was stuck looking the reflection of coolest kid on the bus, myself( I'm as modest as ever, I know.) We talked for a few minutes before the topic of religion was brought up. I asked her what her faith was
"I'm catholic."
"Why," I ask, almost immediatly after. Although I couldn't see her eyes, I could tell she was a bit taken aback by my bluntness. I wasn't particularly interested in why she chose catholicism over any other, but in her aptitude in articulating her thoughts.

"I can't see how you can be sober, all of the time." Eyecontact was broken as the man lowered his gaze and turned his attention to the poker table we were seated at.
"What can I say? I'm a fan of lucidity," I tell both Marc and the other guy sitting at the table. I met Marc that day.. the same day as Elvia. He was building a poker table with one of my three roommates in preperation for a game tonight. We talked for a good half hour ---"shooting the shit" as he put it--- over alot of different topics. Our conversation into alcohol found it's catalsyt when I spoke of my choice to abstain.

In the words of a dear friend(caitlinFTW), "it turns people into monsters." The other man at the table, Ryan, listened to a vague recantation of the childhood I had and the toll that Alcohol took on relationships that have yet to be fully mended.I know that I'm not being explicit at all, but some things are just too personal to talk about right now. Maybe ever.

Anyway, back to Ryan... he connected two and two as I was talking and asked me of the connection between my choice to abstain and my choices of volunteer work( I'm in the big brother/big sister of america program, as well as at the rape crisis center here in town. Almost finished with my training for both. ) and I told him.. what did I tell him? It doesn't matter.

I met two cool people in one day. Elvia, and Marc. Elvia looks better, but my conversation with Marc was better. I had to write about him after Garret made a comment about me always writing about women. In the words of Stacy Dash,
As if. My last few entries have been about caitlin, mary, me, me, me, anthony/britney, and me. I'm so selfcentered.)

Why you delete?

I loved the bit where you draped yourself in the American Flag!
» Sarah on 2007-08-25 03:50:56

You you you.
It'd better be about you. I'd be concerned if your weblog was about someone else.

If you met Elvia that day, how did she know your name?

I don't know why people would want to get drunk in the first place, it really can't be that exhilerating. Go on a rollercoaster or something. I have friends (sometimes) who do it, and the worst part is that they wake up with a hangover and think they're incredibly cool. I like them better coherent.
» The-Muffin-Man on 2007-08-26 12:34:43

I don't really care when people get drunk or high or whatever, what I really can't stand is the way they feel oh so badass afterwards. I know this guy that does LSD, and every single time he does it, he logs onto myspace and posts something anywhere possible saying that he did it.

Actually, you know of this guy. It's Zander. One of the reasons he drives me crazy.
» Illicit on 2007-08-26 11:22:58

Well actually, my boyfriend is the one in drumline. He plays tenors, or quads. & since the timpani is in pit, I am the front ensemble. SO basically pit is kinda like a drumline, but with accessories & huge xylophones. Oh, & we don't march.

I've always wanted to play snare, though.
I'll probably join next yr. & play bass.
» ShaShaBoo on 2007-08-26 01:51:44

I DO get it! Because Juicy is one of my very good friends. =]
» alexsedotcx on 2007-08-26 08:56:00

being self centered is not bad. This is your blog after all.
» Nuttz on 2007-08-27 11:51:04

I passed him the 7th book, I never let him touch my previous ones. Profanity.. er.. I don't know how to explain myself..
» Nuttz on 2007-08-27 11:55:55

Hahah. You're cute.
But, I can't. So, I shall ride the bus Thursday!
» Bizzle_whore on 2007-08-28 09:35:08

Lol. Thursday shall be very interesting for the both of us. Elvia for you, + the Cuban boy for me.
» Bizzle_whore on 2007-08-28 09:44:02

That's pretty great.

Yeah, but in college you MEET people. I'm stuck, until then.
» middaymoon on 2007-08-28 09:56:01

It's important to keep your readers updated, I thought they might be interested to know what happened with the puppies after reading the other entry.

And my hippie suitors clothes were much looser than The Dog's.
» Chloefoxx on 2007-08-28 10:05:32

Let me explain to you.. Everyone that got the free hair cut from the barber thanks him with gifts but the Malaysian thanked the barber by giving him even more work to do.. HAHhHHaa.. And also.. Malaysian's are famous for their cheapness and that they wont let go anything that they can get for free... Even if they dont need it
» Xboyz on 2007-08-29 01:19:40


Good luck to you, too.
» Bizzle_whore on 2007-08-29 05:31:11


I miss you jon.

» of_your_mind on 2007-08-29 09:16:57

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