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I'm the M.A.S, The T.E.R
Thursday. 10.7.04 10:36 pm
A Jee with a double E
I go by the unforgetable name
Of the man they call ' Keith Murrey '

Four day weekend. I'm not sure what I'll do.. but.. I know it own't be school.

School = bleghidybleghidyblah. A-days were once fun.. now they're bleghidybleghidyblah. First period is photojournalism where all we do is take pictues, so that's not too bad. Second period is Newspaper, which was once fun 'cause I used to go off campus and visit other schools and take pictures and stuff.. but lately, the teacher's been getting mean. I don't like her anymore. There are two photographers in her class that period, me and th is other guy, and everyone else = people who signed up to write.. she's real cool with them, but with me and him.. I dunno.

We're cool, but the other folks are dorks so yeah. The teacher reminds me of Santa, so I call her Ms. Clause. She bought like, a big box of candy on tuesday and it was gone on thursday, and all her drawers and cabinents aren't filled with papers to grade, but with bags of doritos. No joke.

Third = US. History. Okies.. then lunch. I go to 2 places, Subway, or walmart for lunch. Subway for the days I'm lifting aftetrschool and walmart for the days I'm not. I don't play football anymore 'cause my doctor told me it was too dangerous 'cause I spent the night at the ER a few weeks ago and something about my colon and blah.. I forget. ANyway, my aspirations ( Hah ) to go pro = gone.

Bdays are hard.. AP english followed by Algebra II followed by CHemistry followed by Spanish 2 followed by me going ho me/ weight room and then onward to Prisionera. Missed it today, most of it anyway, 'cause I was over at Josh's house with a few others playing Def Jam til they went to arby's (Yuck.)

Tomara, I'm taking care of my little sister all day I'm pretty sure, and hopefully, writing in here. I doubt I'll be writing many stories for the news paper 'causeof Ms. Clause, so I need something to write in agane.

hey loser
we haven't talked in a while :( i don't think today counts. i was having problems with the computer, so yeah. could you call me sunday? i PROMISE i'll be home and won't busy up the phone talking to Gaby. I swear. So call me! Please.
» Corrosive on 2004-10-08 09:53:02

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