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After a while you can
Wednesday. 5.19.04 10:13 pm
Make yourself
Believe in almost anything
So I'm making myself believe in you

Saves the day, Yet again. I'm thinking of switching over to some Feeling Left out, maybe Mista, whatever..

Bad day.

Very bad day.

Failed my driving test AGAIN, this time for not backing up in ' a straight enough line' as my teacher would put it. I hate sears driving school.. you make one mistake, you automaticly fail...

So, what's on my mind.. Letssee..

A few days left of school, and I've already set my plan of isolating myself from most everybody into motion. For the past few months, I've stopped having conversations with Sarah during my math class, and I've started to skip hanging out with my football teammates during my A-day lunches. Instead, I go to the library and read. Only people I really talk to now are people who're probably moving next year, like this big asian guy named Sean or Anthony Solines. I've started ignoring Michelle too, thanks to Antonia's advice.

At the beginning of the year, we used to walk to our first period classes together.. then a few months ago she found something/someone more worth her time so she stopped walking with me. BUT, Every other day she'd stop by my first period class so that we could walk around the school together.. Pero, today I just looked at her and turned around when I saw her because I figure I'm not going to be all that close to her next year.

I won't be all that close to anyone next year hopefully.

'cause people suck and they ALWAYS seem to ruin my day. Especially her ^^. And my driving instructor. I wanted to rip off her wig and expose her shaquelle o'neal scalp. And um, all of my teachers suck too, except for ms tomlinson. She gave me a radio today, so I love her..

I also love Antonia Irizarry, and Brittany Moffit and Randy Sumtinorother, 'just 'cause they're going through the same stuff I am right now, and the four of us don't deserve it. I can't speak for the other three, but me? I'm too cool for this BS. There should be a law that says ' cool people ( NAMELY JON ) shouldn't experience angst, pain, worry, or emberassment.. if he does, then the inflictor will be sentanced to AIDS. '

Damnit, People.. they're just liek gravity, always trying to keep Jon down.

*imagines life without gravity* lonely.
» of_your_mind on 2004-05-19 11:08:32

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