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Zan 1: The zombie queen charged and I followed...
Monday. 2.19.07 9:28 pm
It's harder and harder to be stealthy for Zan as semi-dried blood crumpled facing the damning cold draft that seem to appear out of nowhere. The dull cold cave resembled the devil's throat, frozen. If hell were to freeze over eventually, this is what it will like: a fresh, metallic scent permanently infused with the rocks while nothing moved. Ever.

Skipping down the boogeyman's throat, you can put your worries behind because you are fucked through and through.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, the annoying song clicked into place like an old record stuck on a track foreshadowing of things to come. As usual, Ani stalked back and forth between the formation, seemingly unaware of the violence to come while the rest tiptoed with baby hairs standing straight fearing for the hand that's going to reach out from the shadows and tear their balls off.

They have reason to be afraid. So far, the survival rate of Ani's team has always been 1%. With that 1% being Zan... all the time. Zan's mind wandered briefly to that possibility before quickly refocusing on the sight down the barrel of his semi automatic shotgun. A screech can be heard from everywhere while the rushing footstep of something heavy thumped closer and closer towards them. Everyone took cover and squint to get a better look.

Ani? With only a slight delay to pat her shotgun, she drew her claymore from her belt and charged recklessly into the all consuming shadows. Yelling and screaming profanity all along. "Loud and cocky as always" Zan murmured, then followed suit. Like the episodes he sees before so many times, the zombie queen charges and he follow.

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Zan 2: The zombie queen charged and I followed
Saturday. 2.24.07 7:03 pm
Zan dashed into cover behind a rock when he managed to catch up with Ani. He saw a glimpse of a huge deformed arm swiping towards the zombie queen. Zan's not about to risk his life to fulfill his curiosity in order to see what can actually stop the queen in her carefree sword slashing frenzy. Hiding behind rocks has saved him numerous times in the past when grenades went off, Ani went berserk, Ani got into a shotgun shelling frenzy, Ani needs to feed on brains. Ani did the last one just to drive home the term Zombie Queen in everyone's head. She didn't really need to live off brains, because if that were the case, secret forces would conclude that her maintenance cost too high and terminated her project before she woke.

With the survival rate of 1%, I say they should terminate her anyway.

Gunfire interrupted Zan's thought, a sign that the rest of the squad has caught up with Ani too. What's left of the squad anyway.

"What happened to the rest of you?" Zan shouted over the chaos.
"Flash banged!" Ted shouted back between carefully aimed rifle shots.
"Flash banged?" Zan asked incredulously.
"Jimmy threw a flash bang at some imagined monster and blinded the rest of the squad."

A deep howl interrupted the conversation as the squad coordinated their shots for a concentrated attack at the monster. Cheering, they moved closer into the opening where Ani is dueling with the monster to get better aim at the unknown enemy.

Zan grabbed Ted before he can follow and asked the million dollars question:
"How did a flash bang manage to kill half of the squad?"

It didn't, apparently the bats didn't like it and started flying around, and some of the blinded started shooting aimlessly thinking they were being attacked.

Ted made the motion to move and Zan stopped him, shacking his head and signaled for him to listen. The cave has become deadly silent compared to the fiery firefight before. Something is not right, even if all the squad members dead, there's always Ani's cursing and swearing. Zan peeked slowly from the edge of his rock...

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Zan 3: Zombie Queen's beginning
Wednesday. 2.28.07 10:24 pm
Zan sighed, releasing the tension in his shoulders when he saw that the zombie queen is dissecting the monster's body with a child's curiosity on her face.

"Is everything allright?"
"Yes yes, you can come out now." She said without turning
"Where is everyone else?"
"Dead, I killed them."
"God damn it Zombie, what is it this time? You don't like the way they are picking their teeth? Or did one of them get a boner watching you fight again? I remember requesting people who are not necrophiliacs."

With a sour look, Ani turned to Zan pausing for a moment to imitate a scary look. Then replied in a matter of fact way

"The noobs don't know how to aim and shot my butt."

Incredulous, Zan stood motionless for a while, not knowing whether to laugh or be scared shitless by this abomination in front of him. Zan's not scared at the destruction and pain that Ani can cause with her bare hand, but rather, the random reasons that causes her to kill. Somewhere somehow during her transformation, her values has totally changed beyond comprehension. Getting shot in the butt is funny, but Zan decided to be scared just then, for he had a flash back of certain victim who got his flesh torn apart one handful at a time under the Queen's torture.

Ani was her name before the transformation. Everyone in the special unit started calling her the zombie queen after the type of modifications she received. She's one of the advanced prototype which a group of scientists "Accidently" created despite all the opposition from church, humanitarian groups and government. The scientists got fed up with all the paper work and convincing that they have to do so they decided to created one in secrecy. Knowing full well that once the zombie queen is alive with a sentient mind in tact, the opposition cannot force them to destroy an intelligent sentient being. It'd be like justifying the murder of a kid.

What was done to her? How did she manage to do so much. Zan decided to leave up till later to figure out, right now, he'd rather check for survivers and dispatch for medical aid...

Next chapter: Zombie Queen's beginning 2

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Tuesday. 9.18.07 8:38 pm
The night was beautiful.
Elegant in its melancholy state, she warmed my heart with a light drizzle, soothing the scream that tries to escape.
I swallowed, blinked and felt the water drip down the curves of my cheek.

It hurts, but soo much that I can't cry a heart wrenching song, yet not enough for me to die of heartbreak.

So I walked

From dim orange street light to dim orange street light, until I reached the end of the road and stared at the window to get a glimpse of her shadow.

Only to see the dark projection of two bodies intertwined together, undulating to the rhythm of music.

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