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Age. 31
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Who Knows....
Location Arlington, VA
School. Marymount Univ
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by randomjunk
Probably something fascinating as usual.
Hmmm.... I wonder what they were
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Yeah, I was pretty sure there were some within that timeframe...

by LostSoul13
... I don*t seen any of the posts between Oct 27 and Jan 18...

by Zanzibar
RJ: Oh really? I don*t think I see any missing right now...
by Ravennah
*nuff said!!

by randomjunk
Zanzibar, some of your posts seem to be missing...
Doing well, doing well. I*m on a bu
by Zanzibar
trip, so I stayed out drinking with a bunch of guys in their 50s and 60s, and then I worked on work until 2 am, got 4 hours of sleep, and here I amnow

by renaye
how*s everyone
What is everyone doing for
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
They are tasty, but I think there*s a distinction between liking to eat them and being the kind of person who buys them.

by LostSoul13
... but Werther*s are tasty
Woah you are so old.
by Zanzibar
What*s next, butterscotch hard candies?
Apparently I*m old
by ikimashokie
because I like butter pecan. I*m a sucker for anything caramel/toffee/pecan/praline
by Silver-dot-
Hi!!! =D
Good Old Country Music...
Wednesday. 12.14.16 3:41 pm
Embed for Old Country

^^^See there's some good ol country music, just like I stated in the post

18 tracks, $1. or 25 cents a piece. the track "Leaving you for the city" is actually free!
Highly recommend checking that album out.
Ok bye.

Actually I have a bit more to say than that.

I want to get some natural pudding and mix it with some oatmeal. I think that would be like, one of the most epic things that's able to be eaten.

Of course, that's Oatmeal made with tea, so Teameal as I like to call it.

Actually i'm thinking of trying that out with grits too. Tea Grits, Grits cooked in tea. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Well I guess it depends on the tea flavor(s) too.

Ah I really don't have much else I want to say at the moment. I'll be somewhere between promoting the aforementioned album at the top of the page, along with more stuff that's coming soon.

So long for now all of yall. Try and have wonderful days ok?
~BBB, the ruler and master of the NWF. I am the winner of the 1st NWF tournament, because I say so, and there is absolutely nothing you inferior weaker nutangers that oppose me can do about it!!!!
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Maybe it's just because I didn't grow up eating grits, but I tried some cheese grits recently and thought they were kind of weird. I can't even imagine how tea grits would turn out.
» randomjunk on 2016-12-14 10:29:02

what food u mentioned?! i never heard before! anyways.. did u release some country songs?

Note: it's alright. its been 10 yrs. it's a miracle that i didn't delete that friend on fb. anyways.. i seriously don't understand how can a woman drives man nuts... i need a scientific explanation on that.
» renaye on 2016-12-15 04:10:53

I've never had grits. Or teameal, though that actually sounds interesting & I should try it. What's natural pudding? Now I have all sorts of cravings that I don't even understand! Hahaha...I'm a weirdo. XDDD

(/subscript you are not the 1st winner of NWF...)
» Silver-dot- on 2017-02-03 03:00:32



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