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Bout de Souffle
Out of Breath
Oh, Mike
A bit of a dark-comedy song I wrote.
Mike, I need to tell you
That I don't know what compelled you
   Dm                          Bb
To go and get a girl behind my back
Dm        C               Bb
Was I not stunning in the sack?
Bbm                             F	Dm
Wherever you got her, bring her back
Bb                          F
I can't stand this lifeless hack

Well, sure, she's very pretty
And is kind of witty
        Dm                          Bb
But she just isn't a substitute for me
Dm           C          Bb
I think that Leon would agree
Bbm                      F	Dm
She just ain't my cup of tea
Bb                              F
Ooh, she's like a bitter cup of tea

She may have charm
But it takes more to run a farm
     Dm                        Bb
What ever happened to our soya beans?
Dm               C             Bb
How could you forget about our dreams
   Bbm                          F	Dm
To manufacture lactose-free ice creams?
Bb                      F
Ooh, you did forget, it seems

You think that she's your honey
But she's in it for the money
  Dm                                  Bb
I bet she made you change your living will
Dm   C           Bb
Do I get your TV still?
Bbm                         F	Dm
Oh, she wants your blood to spill
Bb     C              Dm
She is coming for the kill

     D7sus4    Dm
Then after she kills you
  Bb               Dm
I bet she goes and grills you
       Gm              Bb           A7
She'll pickle all your fingers in a brine
      Dm      C7        Bb7              Gm7   
Whoa, on your flesh for many days she'll dine
    F                                    A7
And with your meat she'll drink a bloody wine
Bb                                  C	C7
Perhaps this last verse crossed the line

I know that I'm a guy
But I've still got a bit of thigh
         Dm                                 Bb
And I'll wear a dress if that's what you prefer
      Dm             C                  Bb
We'll be the best of friends there ever were
Bb      C   C/Bb      Am  C    Dm
I  need you more than you need her
   Bb               C                  F
Oh Mike, I need you more than you need her

Hey.. did you write that song. I know you play music and stuff that is why I asked. I wanna try playing it on the guitar.
» KKama67 on 2007-07-30 04:33:18

Yeah, all original content.
If I ever post something by someone else, the color next to the entry will be gray. I have a demo recording if you want to hear how the melody and pacing is.
» Bartholomew on 2007-07-30 04:44:49

I'd love to hear how it sounds. *hint hint*
» invisible on 2007-07-30 06:42:51

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