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Lady Gaga
So I listened to Artpop on Spotify. The majority of the songs were meh. Well, there's this group on The Sing-Off that made this mashup of some of Gaga's songs.

It's stuck in my head now.
Useful Things
Friday. 2.13.04 6:34 pm
mood: Bored listening to: 1776 watching: Hey Arnold! haha ... Hey! OK, well I have decided to take a break from xanga; actually, I do not think I would like to continue using Xanga. I like NuTang cause it's free and it's not as hard to use as xanga is. Xanga's limited features make it harder for a non-Premium member a harder time.....bc of all of the URL..or javascript..or whatever it's called...lol.... well i like this (no offense to xangans) more bc there's A LOT of features that xanga doesn't have ...however..there are some features xanga has that NuTang doesn't......idk.....ok well the songs are still embedded into my mind which is driving me crazy .... go to http://ravingrendal.phocks.net/mp3/ ....to listen to the songs that are from the movie ... ..ok well i need to eat a snack or something...so i'm gonna go watch tv..and eat chips..or amke a sandwhich or something....or something....or..something else...i really dk what to do....Raven's on tv....for that video Superstition ....riiight..i really don't want to go i just want to type and type so maybe i will i guess...idk....well actually i'm getting a little hungry...so i'll just heat something up and eat....

guess what!!
one word: skill two words: wicked skill BECAUSE IM SOO MUFF!!! i commented on the bottem of your last page... thats like the highest honar (of me procrastinating) in my book!!! so hell yes dawg... uhm Hi!
» monkeymeister on 2004-10-12 09:24:20

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