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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

Big Update.
Friday. 11.2.07 10:39 pm
Wah its been like damn long since i last touched this blog. =// I have been busy sleepy and lazy to update.

Weiyi always say, from the way you look when you sleep its like you gonna sleep for the next few days. Keegan says "why everytime you sleep one" LOL i mean i was really tired and they were like asking me those questions at 2am! LOL. Yesterday after such heavy dinner at what Katong 85 hawker stall, of course i fell aslept at jeri house la. There is a bed, aircon, bolster, pillow. You guys can entertain yourself while i take a nap. LOL. <3

Lets start from 26th - 27th Oct

26th, EVERYONE went to WINSON KOK house. Wilson says he is bringing forward winson's bday as he is leaving for UK soon for school exchange programme. Met Desmond for the first time. Talked to him so much on vent but yeah first time see him. He is very shy. Mainly because he doesn't know the bunch of us yet. Around 20 people turn-up. Sadly, winson forgot to invite louis, Desmond and i say him until he felt damn bad. hehehe. Basically the whole thing is fun, everyone was chit chatting and chatting and chatting in grps of 5-6s.

nerissa's birthday too! Just before i attempted to call her she came online. saved me quite a bit of money. Overseas call to America. LOL.

Few hours later, 27th of October. MUMMY's Birthday!
My sister wanted to go to a hotel to have dinner and i said noooo. I find that kept going to hotel to have dinner is a stupid thing. Nothing much to eat and its so boring. Like what the hell food. =//
SO, i brought them all to ASTON! its like a Denny's Restaurant or in america is called America's Restaurant or something. Can't exactly remmeber. Its only $5.90 and you get DAMN GOOD western food with 2 side dish. Normally when weiyi keegan they all go they eat TWO MEALS.
My dad ordered the LAMB loin something, he cant stop saying how good it is. Even the side dishes also, my mum also said its nice. then we ordered the mushroom SOUP. Normally you know when you order, the soup is kinda watery or there will be only a few mushrooms? BUT IN ASTONS! its full of mushrooms which is in small pieces. Super nice. Everyone likes it and i think its more worthy than to go to a hotel to eat (not in terms of economically but the taste and atmosphere). It's like a family restaurant. The downside of it that its just kinda far. If its nearer i would have even brought my classmates to go try it out but i dont think they wanna go Katong.

31st october

Zhenshun birthday, we all went to NewYork NewYork to eat. After that we went to walk around marina square for sometime. In the end we went to the arcade. I dont know what to play so i played with mingli maximum tune once or twice then i just see the rest play para para sakura while mingli and belinda play their maximum tune. Damn! I missed it when Yunpei's was playing it but i managed to catch Zhenshun playing it. LOL He looks like a penguin. Infact everyone looks like one. I even recorded zhenshun playing it on my phone. Yunpei was hugging to the pole all the time when Yingtong ask her to play again, its like hugging on to the pole while there is a hurricane. When huili plays it was also funny. LOL Huili also another sneaky sneaky fella who films down other's funny moments on her phone when they dance. =))

Dian's birthday today. Halloween. SHIT I THINK I FORGOT TO WISH HER. I dont know if her number in america has changed anot but i think i forgot to wish her. omg. D: LOLOLOL. What if she gets angry D:

AND CANNOT FORGET 31ST OCTOBER IS THE REAL BIRTHDATE OF WINSONKOK! <3<3<3. IM SO NICE TO HIM EVEN THOUGH HE TRIED TO TRICK ME! We were talking on vent as usual, daily chit chats. He said, "ian you bought me a Yuna doll right? its so hot. i like it a lot thanks." THE FACT IS I BOUGHT HIM A BUMBLE BEEEEEEE FROM TRANSFORMERS CAUSE I KNOW HE LIKES IT SO MUCH THAT TIME. bastard trying to confuse me, luckily i didnt fell for it, i was like so confused at the start, wth Yuna(From final fantasy) doll. I know what everyone else gave winson too. So its impossible to have a yuna. Bloody idiot. D:

2nd November

Today is Zhenshun's real birthday.
Eunice, Yp and i bought zhenshun a Avril Lavigne Calendar. I think he really likes it.

Went home after a long day at school and just after i told marc on msn "Eh, i feel tired." i concussed on my bed. LOL. I think marc was like a sighface moment in class. His nick was "marc ... beat me up" and then i just randomly said, lvl 4 toilet, we go fight there. He was so shocked thinking i was really at SMU because he is at LEVEL 4. Hee hee. its so coincidence.
I woke up at 9pm. Then i got a phone call say go vent. Wah! 8 people talking. i was still so blur and blur. Everyone deciding what to do. Weiyi wants to watch superbad or the movie that THE ROCK(who is he ?) in, Keegan wnated to watch stardust, Edmund donno want to do what, Winson only go out if his brother go, anyway winson doesnt even leave his home much. He takes 1 week leave to have a birthday feel and did not even leave home. After all the diss and putting down between keegan and weiyi because they trying to promote the movie they wanna watch. We ended up eating at Katong. Jeri joined us. Edmund and i with keegan. Winson lazy bastard didnt move at all from his home la. Weiyi sadface la. Girlfriend angry at him for meeting us and did not see her for a week. LOL but! later on he came back to meet us at jeri house and he sent me home so NO COMPLAINTS =DDDDD. The food is actually rather nice at Katong 85. A lot of famous food there, you can see their awards hanging like christmas tree. Still, i prefer holland. =))

3rd November.
Mum and sis flew to UK for wedding dinner and also at the same time took the opportunity for holiday trip, they went earlier.

Hee hee, my dad and i are like we can do whatever we want moment. LOL. jkjk. I was hoping my dad also go with them. THEN WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA home alone. I really wonder how it would be like. hmm

I think my lifestyle is like kinda different from most normal students who goes out after school mostly. I would be at home and wait till its night before going out. hmmm, thats how we do things though. Everyone so busy! everyone different school, everyone .....
Anyway, thats it for the long update., can tell its a birthday week.


Wilson told me something recently.

We were walking around bugis/selegie area and he told me.
"You know ah, i have been here so often that its like 2nd home to me, School is here, going out also here. i know every street every lane that im so bored of it."

I looked at him and gave him the what-the-hell-you-dare-to-tell-me-this face.

"You all study here, Nafa and SMU either. LUNCH i have to come here, GO OUT i have to come here, Find you guys also COME here, you think i not familiar, only you arh. You tell me when is the day you guys said, Hey ian, we wnat to come ngee ann and eat lunch with you. Or come clementi and meet."

Wilson is lucky i didnt slap him so hard on his face that his head twist for 720 degrees.

Wah lao eh so thick skin to tell me that. crazy one.

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