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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

How can you not like a MR2
Saturday. 10.27.07 2:42 pm
Today i got "locked" out of the house and i had no choice but to go to the petrol kiosk nearby to 'chill-out' for a while.

While at the petrol kiosk i was getting bored so i picked up a magazine. Hypertune. A Malaysian magazine on cars. The front page was the Toyota MR2. I was like OMG.

MR2 is an old car. Around year 1993 it was manufactured. The magazine did a cover on it, 2 Brothers who owned the car. The way they upkeep the car is just simply, makes me wanna get my driving license now. My dad saw another MR2 on sale at Marina Area and that owner is selling for ~40k. The fully modified one is around 60K. It's damn cheap! compared to a new car you buy on the market now is 80-100k
new car can drive for 20years. That MR2 only is left with 5years before you gotta renew its Certificate of Entitlement. Damn singapore government on that law.
FIVE YEARS. 40 Thousand. My dad is tempted to buy also. I think if i have a license, my dad would be more tempted to get it. DAMN! I am still lazy to go learn . D:

The car is damn nice laaaaaa. I swear if you see the car you will also fall in love with it. I mean the only car that can compare with it is the Mazda RX-7, Effini, the '97 make, not the '95 Savanna. The 2 drivers are called Mickey and Rickey. At first i thought the girl posing at the car is the car owner because Mickey can be a girl's name too. At that point of time i was so stunned. It's like the girl is hot and she drives a MR2 which makes it a +++++. After reading i realise that girl is just a model and i suddenly find the girl looked average. =//

Still i bought the magazine. SGD$6.20. I regretted a bit because the whole magazine, the only interesting is THAT MR2. I don't really car about the girls in the magazine and how they are dress but Just that 4 pages of the interview made me wanna buy it.

I think i have a liking to old cars. I mean not as in vintage but just older models. I think these type of things are very personal. It's like liking a girl. Once you like it, you just like it and you will think its better than others. If you put a Ferarri or Porsche beside that MR2, i personally will think that the beauty of the MR2 will only put the Ferarri and Porsche to shame. I don't care one cost 1million and the other cost only Forty Thousand. It's like you don't care if you girlfriend is more curvier than the other girl or not, you just like it. I really don't understand how can someone say the MR2 is not a nice car.


-Here is a picture of a Toyota MR2 SW20-
Of course this is not the best but yeah its one of the nicest around.


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