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Curse you Disney!
Saturday. 1.13.07 9:46 am
I am so ticked off by Disney's new "Jump In" movie, you have no idea. You see, Nationals is held in Disney World @ the wide world of sports complex, and it's been that way for quite a while now, so naturally Disney has had it's share of jump rope competitions, and at a very competitive level. What makes it worse, is that EVERYTHING they used in the movie is completely stolen from us, and they do not credit USAJR (USA Jump rope) in any way, OR have any jumpers from any of the teams be in the movie so they could show what jump rope's REALLY about. ROAR. My vendetta against Disney is now personal.

Ahem. Excuse me folks, I must apologize. "What?? The Muffin Man's been gone for two weeks, and he comes back to Nutang just to rant??. Yes, guilty as charged...but fear not I think that once life starts happening again I may have more to blog about...until then. I hath not forgotten thee!
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

You better not have forgotten us. =P Aw, ya poor thing...I get personal vendettas, too. Soo annoyed and ticked off I can't stop shaking. At least my feet and fingers can't. I'm with ya! Get a petition! ROAR! XD
» Silver-dot- on 2007-01-13 12:54:52

I liked the movie, but that's probably cuz I've never seen an actual competition, nor am I involved in jump roping so I just enjoyed what I saw. I'm sorry that they pissed you off. :( But at least now I sort of know what you actually do. :)
» LostSoul13 on 2007-01-13 01:04:23

Well that stinks. Do what Silver said. Get a petition going.
» Southern on 2007-01-13 04:25:26

Well, there is perfectly nothing wrong with suddenly showing up here and rant, you're always welcomed to do that. Disney should not be doing that stuff, though I haven't watched the movie.. Go ahead and get the petition going.
» Nuttz on 2007-01-13 05:41:33

lol Yeah long time no blog but hei - as nuttz said - got no prob with that! lol i'm lavvin dot's shaking! do the petition thing -- and calm yourself. :D
» frostbitten on 2007-01-13 10:27:50

I've never liked Disney... too singy-mushy-loveydovey-moralisticy-blah.
» ikimashokie on 2007-01-13 12:07:40

typical Disney
it's hard to get back into the groove after a prolonged departure from a somewhat normal schedule.
I'm still recovering from Christmas break.

On another note...
You should post a video of you or some other USAJR-ers doin' your thing. That'd be so cool to see. =)
» invisible on 2007-01-13 10:53:20

poor you
haha i still haven't seen it :( i was going to watch it when you did, but i fell asleep..jump rope bores me so..haha jk! you and ur jump rope shoes :) welcome back..i've been blogging more than you..how weird...and you probably think i stalk you since i go to ur site everytime i log on...its ok it's just cuz im bored and have nothing else to do so ur my last resort hahaha i'm owning yeaaaa giiiirl well i better go i'm probably boring you one of these days i'll comment you as much as you did to my three blogs seriously get a life sir. How has driving been? sorry i didnt call you back last night like i said i would...i failed and my eyes closed and i was out like a light (simile aka devlin would be proud) anyways no school til tuesday HOLLA BACK youngin ok really i'm boring you so i'll talk to you later since i'll prolly call you because whats that? yea it's up to me to call you cuz i never get phone calls...sucks to be me haha jk now im done

Fat's out
» PinkPanther08 on 2007-01-14 12:09:21

haha maybe you could jump rope for simon ps you watch american idol?
» PinkPanther08 on 2007-01-17 08:05:42

Haha Muffin! You Came Back!
But No New Entry!? =OOOO
Yup i changed my layout haha and the drama returns lol
Carlos knows me and my "motives" now Lol w/e haha like i care lol
It's actually our final exams week and here i am bloggin when i should be studyin :(
Lol I made some custom brushes but i also downloaded some from the net. ;)
Yes you're becomin an anime-lovin, emo jumproper guy Lol Byersssss!
» frostbitten on 2007-01-23 03:50:17

I can't believe I missed this entry. :0

The last pic is a piece of tape that's on a Gatorade machine in the girl's lockerroom at my school. My friend changed the label from "Girls" to "boys'"...

DC is fine. ;) Nothing really happening though. They seem to be observing us...
» randomjunk on 2007-01-23 04:53:47

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