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Whew, been a while.
Wednesday. 11.2.05 2:13 am
Man i haven't updated in forever. 8/18/05. I guess a fair amount has happened in that time span. Got promoted to assistant manager/lead of team sports. $1.50 an hour raise. Have a girlfriend but she pisses me off so that'll probably end soon. School went down the toilet. So probably the only thing really going well is work. I'm not saying life sucks or anything and i'm not taking that "why me" approach. I'm just a person who enjoys complaining.

I never really had senioritis or anything. Freshman year of high school i didn't do a damn thing and then sophmore year of high school up until my sophmore year of college i was really good with school. Now its like i've been in school forever and i'm so sick and tired of it i just want to shoot myself. Which has resulted in me dropping a lot of classes. Hopefully next semester i'll get back into it. I'm just so tired of school.

My girlfriend. Well i've been with her for close to 2 months now. She argues with me constantly. Like every chance she gets to argue with me, she takes it. It would be nice if she agreed with me on some things. Then if she doesn't argue with me, she'll make me feel like an idiot by giving me a weird look or saying things like "uh okay" or "whatever". The only time things are going well is if we're not talking. It amazes me how i get into these relationships but at the same time it doesn't. Its like i find out someone likes me and i'm like "i don't care who it is, i'm gonna be with them because its amazing that someone could actually like me". Thats exactly how it is because i've had some very shitty relationships. I know i'm not the smartest guy, the best looking guy, or the nicest guy in the world but i know i deserve better than the crap i've been dealing with in these relationships. I know you shouldn't settle in a relationship but its hard not to when you don't think highly of yourself. Thats what i go back and forth on. One moment i think i'm a decent guy and deserve better, the next i just sit there and think "you probably won't find anyone better so just go with it". Another thing is that i hate not having someone. I do like time to myself but still. Another thing that bothers me about her is that she's sucking the money out of me. I've bought her tons of things, i drive her everywhere, i buy her food all the time. I guess i won't go into any other details about it. Every relationship is so disappointing. I'm not asking for perfection but come on.

Sorry i haven't updated at all. Just been busy. I'll do my best to update more. Life is just a big complicated pain in the ass, isn't it?

*gaaaasp!* An update!
I prolly shouldn't comment...cos, well, you haven't on my past few :p but I will anyway, cos you might not update again for awhile! Cole, you deserve so much better than these whiny arse lil bitches who suck you dry (of money and everything else) and don't you dare ever think otherwise. You're affectionate and generous and caring and you have amaaazing lips that any girl would die to kiss (if she doesn't she's an idiot) lol....so give yourself some credit, ok! I feel like I've been at school foreverrrrrr too! Four final exams and then I have 3 months off, yeeeeey!
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-11-02 06:24:18

welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, you FINALLY made an update... ;oP KoLLin has been very busy indeed... School...work... the uhh G/F... idunno man... that g/f of yours.. I can't uhm judge her but, if she's like sucking up all your money then I guess Kat is right... Heh... You deserve way better than that... I mean we all know that you are the nice and generous type of guy.. but, KoLLin, don't you think you've had enough of all the complaing and arguing with her... I mean we all wish you all the best of luck in those "relationships" but if people are just going to be with you all because of the money then uhm.. yahh... not really worth a relationship... I hope I'm making sense to you in this comment.. I just finished doing a Government Mid-Term and basically flunked it.. ;o( Anyways, KoLLin... it's been like weeks since we talked... I hope that next semester would be going better for you... when your taking those accounting and economy classes..Yuckkk!... that's a lot of work I can imagine... So yahh... I can't think of anything else to say but this..What ever makes you happy do it for yourself... Not for other people... We all know that you deserve the best because you've been through hell with those kind of relationships... DON'T make those girls walk all over you just for your money... That's not the right way KoLLin.. Ta-Ta..
» Such_A_Babeh_Face on 2005-11-03 12:18:55

omg!! i stopped checking cause you took such such a long hiatus!! i'm glad to see your back though. and you do deserve better. no one deserves to be treated like shit. and i have no idea what the other two said cause i'm too lazy to read it right now, but i'm sure they are right too. don't let people use you sweetheart. even it is a girl. it's not worth it in the long run.
» ladyeyeliner on 2005-11-06 08:11:04

i thought i'd just let you know.. you have an awesome site! ~Mariah
» toxiclover on 2005-11-12 09:43:06

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