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Two birds
Tuesday. 4.3.07 4:08 pm
Tomorrow is the day and I am nervous. I took some private time today to cry in

my room. Crying makes you stronger, you know?

On the way back from taking my son to school this morning I saw the most

unusual thing. I saw two birds doing the nasty. Seriously! One bird was on the

ground and the other bird was approaching from the back then hopped on top. I

thought one laid an egg and the male bird just shot some baby juice on it. What

the heck was I witnessing? It was interesting and entertaining nonetheless!

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    Well you can't fertilize the egg through the shell... sheesh!

    Only fish and ??? do it like that.

    Silly. :p
    » ikimashokie on 2007-04-03 04:19:33

    uhm ... that's just a bit weird? I'd probably laugh my ass off.
    Its okay to be nervous. I know I sure as hell would be. But we're all gonna be here for you {as best we can} after the surgery :)
    » LostSoul13 on 2007-04-03 04:19:50

    That's hot.
    My favorite part was "the male bird just shot some baby juice on it".


    This one time I witnessed a squirrel threesome. It was so weird. It happened on my college campus. I guess they are right about college; it's the time to expirement.
    » elessar257 on 2007-04-03 06:29:21

    wow. kinky little birds.

    im not spoiled... really... im not... just persistant. =]

    anyhow, its a greek, roman and norse mythology book. mythology by edith hamilton. it seems like a monster to be getting for a freshman english class, but no one ever said our school district was the smartest.
    » bananaface on 2007-04-03 06:41:21

    So reading the title of the entry automatically made me think of Romeo and Juliet:

    Two households, both alike in dignity,
    In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,
    From ancient grudge break to new mutinty,
    Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean...

    Well, I guess the two birds could be Romeo and Juliet. Maybe tomorrow one of the birds will go to Mantua.

    Or not.

    Ah, well. Good luck, tomorrow! I'm confident things will turn out just fine. I'll be thinking of you!
    » ranor on 2007-04-03 09:01:12

    haha, wow. that's somethin' else!
    I like the new layout! Kirei is good about makin' sweet layouts like this. =)
    » invisible on 2007-04-03 10:22:45

    I know it's a random thought - but i have always wondered how birds do that. I mean...I know how they court...but how does the actual fertilization process occur? I'm a weird kid.

    g'luck lovely. I'll keep God's ear busy for you.
    » Helena on 2007-04-04 01:07:03

    I don't know enlish very well,
    but thanks for your visiting
    your blog is very beautiful~
    » kleedream ( on 2007-04-04 01:49:46

    Hahaha, I feel like I laughed so hard my lungs want to collapse. It was just funny to see "shot some baby juice on it." Haha.

    Well anyway, my head and hands up to the sky for you, kkama. All will be well.
    » PsychoEnigma on 2007-04-04 02:06:09

    Hi there,
    That's life for you... one moment we have a good cry ( it helps) and the next we are laughing ! Maybe seeing the 2 birds gave you a comic relief ?! It sounded real funny !!

    Take it easy; everything will go fine.

    » barbara ( on 2007-04-04 10:35:59

    Hi there,
    It's OK to let yourself take a cry if it destresses you. Laughing about the 2 birds was good relief !
    I'am sure that everything will be fine;
    Take care,
    » barbara ( on 2007-04-04 10:39:12

    Birds and Bees
    Gives a whole new meaning and image to the old "Birds and Bees" adage, eh? Love the new digs ya' got goin' here and I've updated the Bonez blogroll with the "Marvelous Things" title so we should be all set.
    » Tony ( on 2007-04-04 01:12:41

    what a sight.
    odd...i guess is the word.
    » helloiloveyou on 2007-04-04 08:41:36



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