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I hate to say it, but...
Friday. 7.25.08 12:51 am
I can be a real hater, sometimes.

(Thanks a bunch, Katie)

I get frustrated with people easily. With what I think of as ignorance, apathy, stubbornness, self-righteousness, attitude problems...you know, things that I pretend not to deal with in my own life.

As I heard today, "I want to be the person my dog thinks I am."

Phew. Goodnight, all.

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Please Ignore the Communism!
Thursday. 7.24.08 5:24 pm
Black20's latest spoof:

Don't take any offense, please. There's a reason I'm showing this. Read on:

wiseguysupreme4: Oh, and I finally figured out how to rip videos from the internet.
everybody HEARS: I barely noticed the other one wasn't what they were saying
everybody HEARS: Sweet.
wiseguysupreme4: And furthermore, to get them on my zune.
everybody HEARS: But when they had that guy saying about the scroll and he'd have to kill you
wiseguysupreme4: THAT's when you noticed?
everybody HEARS: he said the word for "we" and I look at the subtitles and what like "Where's 'we' in that sentence?"
everybody HEARS: lol
everybody HEARS: Yeah
wiseguysupreme4: Wow.
everybody HEARS: =P
wiseguysupreme4: Sarah, I hate to say it, but that's really slow.

Here's the kicker:

everybody HEARS: I don't realize that everything you send me has to be a prank. *growl*

Really? That was your first mistake. The second would be taking the statement "It's smile or face death" in that context seriously. Let's just say that the third is all the rest of the obvious jokes put together.

OK. Now all injured parties may take offense.


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About that time
Wednesday. 7.23.08 10:58 am
I feel like I should let off an update, but there's not much to say.

I'm kind of frustrated with certain people being stubbornly silent, but the more I think about it the more I realize that it's certainly not MY problem. It's a shame, though.

Pandora has again gained access to my browser by giving me the "Family Force 5" station. Hahaha. Apparently they have a free app for the iTouch and iPhone; go check it out.

I love my camcorder, but it seems to me that I never find any use for it. I'm more of a picture taker, myself. I have no carrying case for it, and it's too bulky for most pockets, so I don't take it out very often. It's very high quality, though. I feel like I'm wasting it.

I want food again. Oh, and this page looks like CRAP on Internet Explorer. At least, on my older cruddy version. Anyone else have that problem?

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Love Addict
Monday. 7.21.08 12:04 pm

Remember the Kountry Gentleman video? Same guys. Same band. These guys blow my mind.

Finally back home, for a while. Apparently I'm going to the beach again on Saturday. Gah.

Oh dear; I just realized that I got up around 10 and haven't eaten yet. I gotta go do that.

Thanks, you guys, for reading and responding while I was gone. I'm sorry that I'm kind of an antisocial bomb right now. School in a month probably won't help much.

Eating time. Later, guys.

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