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Not enough light
Saturday. 6.8.13 8:06 pm
I have maybe 100 pieces left to put in the puzzle. It's easier on the eyes to work on the puzzle when it's daylight out, but the setting sun has dipped behind some clouds so there's not enough natural light left to work on the puzzle. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Perhaps I'll even put a picture of it in my gallery. I haven't updated that section of NuTang in forever.

Instead of reading my book tonight, I think I will watch an episode of Sherlock. I've been wanting to watch the show since I saw Star Trek, but it has yet to happen. Each episode is an hour and a half long, so it's kind of like a movie, but it will be over in time for me to go to bed. After I finish the puzzle tomorrow, I'll read some more.

I re-ordered the pair of running shoes. Hopefully they'll arrive sometime around payday. This will give me an excuse to head up north. I'll also have to remember to buy socks while I'm up there. Since I need to buy toiletries, I'll already be in Target so it shouldn't be too hard to remember to buy the socks while I'm there.

It's back to work tomorrow ... joy. I have to start saving up money for my trip in December so I will probably be picking up a bunch of overtime when I can. Someone is going on vacation at the end of the month so I'll be able to pick up at least a few of those shifts. It means I'll be working 16 hour shifts, possibly back to back, but I need to save up about $2000 and I have a measly $150 right now.

Alright, I think that's it for now.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Late entry
Friday. 6.7.13 10:36 pm
This is what happens when I open a book: I lose track of time, quickly. I had every intention of writing this entry two hours ago, but as you can see, that didn't happen. I had to close the book and type this up real quick before I fell asleep for the night.

I finished nearly 1/3 of the puzzle today. There's still a handful of pieces left on the section I tackled today, but tomorrow I will be tackling the sky portion. It's a lot of the same colors and the shading is all over the place, but I need to get this finished now that I'm far enough in and motivated enough. We'll see if I can't get it completed before the end on of the night.

I didn't get the shoes I wanted today. They ran out of stock on the size I need so I'll be keeping an eye on the site so that when they get the next shipment in, I can order them.

I'm fighting my eyelids right now so I will end this here.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Twitch, twitch
Thursday. 6.6.13 8:04 pm
My right eyelid has been twitching off and on for nearly a week now. I read on WebMD that it's something that I shouldn't be concerned about. Caffeine, stress and fatigue are all causes. Since my caffeine intake is limited to whatever tiny bit is found in chocolate, I'm fairly certain that's not the cause. Stress ... not quite through the roof, but work pisses me off. Just knowing I have to go back is causing my eyelid to twitch right now haha. Fatigue? Yeah, I have that all the time. Wonderful.

I need to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor soon anyway. If it hasn't gone away by the middle of next week, it'll quicken how soon I schedule the appointment. It's not affecting my vision at all; it's just merely annoying.

Work was fairly uneventful. I did get a bunch of calls, but I also had plenty of down time.

I put in a request for the 30th off and it was approved so that's awesome. That will be the 18th anniversary of my Dad's passing. I had a tough time with it last year at work so this year I wanted to take it off so that I can mourn at my own leisure. I wont' have to worry about putting on a game face to deal with the general public. It's hard enough when there's no major life event that occurred.

I'm thinking about getting a Friday the 13th tattoo this year. What should I get and where should I get it? I'll probably get it somewhere fairly discrete. It will be something small, but I think it would be fun. Basically, it'll be a quick, cheap fix. It's been 6 years since my last tattoo and I'm seeing all my friends get new ones and it's driving me crazy. When I go out to Vegas in December, I'll be getting my back fixed up {never go to an apprentice; always pay more to go to the professional} and getting the memorial done for my dad. I'm so looking forward to finally getting it done.

Anywho, I think I'm gonna read a bit before calling it a night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Mind over stomach
Wednesday. 6.5.13 7:39 pm
I need to stop eating so much. I've started eating simply because I want to, not because I'm hungry. It's usually never more than two or three times a day, but the hunger pangs just aren't there. I need to retrain myself to eat when I'm hungry. I think that's part of the weight gain problem I've been dealing with.

Like, right now, I really want to cook up an egg and cheese burrito, but I'm not hungry at all. I still feel completely full from the lunch I had at work. I'll hold off until sometime tomorrow. I may even just not eat at work and wait till I get home to eat the burrito I want to make now.

I started reading the 11th Hour, but I'm only a few chapters in. I have most of the train completed on the puzzle. There's a few pieces here and there still missing, but the sun has dipped behind the clouds so my eyes are crossing trying to search for pieces in the dim light. It's okay to read it because by the window it's still light enough, but the table isn't by the window, or the light, so I will continue my search tomorrow.

I am going to get up in the morning and shower before work, for once. I usually shower in the evening, between 5 and now, but with the temps getting close to the 80s the last couple days, it's just been too warm to take a shower. The hot water will heat up my place more than is comfortable, even with the windows open and the fan going. In the morning it'll be cool enough that a little steam won't do much harm. I've already set my alarm to 15 minutes earlier than normal just so that I'll have time.

So last night I went to bed super early. I was asleep before the sun went down. I don't even remember taking my glasses off, I was so tired. I woke up around 1 something, but was awake long enough to register that it was 1 something before falling back asleep. Then I woke up again sometime between 3:30 and 4, but dozed off again until my alarm went off.

Tomorrow is my Friday at work. My plan to be unproductive will probably be foiled due to the fact that whenever I want a slow, boring day, it never happens. So I guess we'll see how the day goes. No plans for my weekend. It's in between paydays and I have plenty of food still so I don't even have to go grocery shopping. I'll probably just read and work on my puzzle.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Tuesday. 6.4.13 6:13 pm
My running will have to be postponed. The shoes that I had ordered were too big. I went to the store to see if they had a smaller size and the half size smaller was still too big. The next size down I'll have to order online. Either my feet are shrinking or these shoes run big. Either way, I have to wait at least another week before I'll get my new pair. That will also give me the time to buy socks.

After we went to the mall, we stopped at Wing Wah Bistro for some pho. It was tasty and definitely satisfied the craving. Now I'm even more tired than before.

I'll probably be going to bed early tonight. Like, as soon as the sun dips behind the high rises Downtown. I have to stay awake for at least another two hours before that happens.

I worked a little more on the puzzle. I have most of the train done. Now to fill in the other pieces ... that are all pretty much the same color and design. It's a good challenge. I can also start reading 11th Hour, but I might be too tired to focus on the words on the pages.

Anywho, I think that's all I have for now. My brain is not wanting to cooperate much more. I keep having to hit the backspace button so I think that's my cue to stop for the day.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Habit forming
Monday. 6.3.13 8:13 pm
Instead of this getting more and more difficult as time passes, I find it's becoming quite the opposite. When I told my sister this, she explained that it was probably because it has become a habit. I'm okay with that.

Typing up log entries every day, even if it's just something simple, bitchy, exciting, etc, I am having less of an issue finding things to say.

I did not get the 11th Hour started today, but that's okay. I always have tomorrow. I also did not get in any running or exercise today. The odds of me starting up tomorrow are about as high as the odds were today. I'm excited that I have new running shoes, but I'm also finding another excuse as to why I can't use them yet. It can be considered a valid point; I need socks that breathe. Especially with the weather getting warmer again.

I started working on the jigsaw puzzle again. I have a good chunk of the train done. The rest will be a nice challenge because it's all snowy type landscaping. So basically all the same colors.

Anywho, I'm gonna go work on that some more while the video I want to watch on YouTube finishes buffering. If I'm wanting to watch something in HD, I let it load all the way before I start watching it, because having it stop in the middle to buffer is rather annoying. I'll just wait the extra time.

Here's to *hopefully* having some motivation tomorrow.

Until then. . .

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