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Can you believe it?
Wednesday. 8.6.08 2:48 pm
Only two people uploaded the music video for Pork And Beans on youtube, and both blocked embedding. So I had to make do with the other one. For those of you who were confused by that.


Both ManOfDarkSunglasses and le_battement seem to have reappeared at long last today. Plus, thezebra seems to have finally dropped out of the top 5.

Mmm. Anyways.

The wart remover I'm using smells like a mix of epoxy and acetone. Probably not coincidental. I thought it was supposed to cut off the air supply, like duct tape, so I coated the thing and the skin immediately around it with the clear fluid, which dried into a pasty white substance that sticks to my skin (like epoxy, surprise!)

Unfortunately, that's not what it's designed to do. I was peeling off the old layer yesterday and a bit of the skin came off with it. I thought the area had been looking a little...dead. Wart's still there, and now it burns like crazy when I apply the stuff, too. Dangerous thing, wart remover.

[tangent time]

Have you ever talked to a person who's just completely clueless? It starts with you asking a question, and them misunderstanding it in a way you thought impossible. Having to explain every joke or remark slowly sinks you into a brutally sarcastic state of mind, but all attempts at contempt are met with oblivious misunderstanding or, even worse, a barrage of "lol"s.

Me: I can't help but smell if.
Me: it.
Me: That's what chemicals do.
Me: They get in the air.
Me: And noses smell them. Whether I want it to, or not.
Them: lol
Them: speaking as if ur nose has a brain
Me: ....no....
Them: lol

I need to just super glue my palm to my face. Gah.

L-lawliet found an essay and posted it on his site, here. The title is misleading, and I think it's that way on purpose. But trust me when I say that this is gold, and it will make you think a little differently.


Alrighty, then. I'm out.

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Please tell me you've already seen this:
Tuesday. 8.5.08 8:27 pm
...this video is harder to find than you'd think...


I'll find an embeddable version later. Job time!


Jog, not job. My bad.

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"It's not the tree that forsakes the flower..."
Thursday. 7.31.08 12:04 am
"...but the flower that forsakes the tree."

Random quote from a Nightwish song. If anyone can tell me what song it's from...they win. *shrug*

Two things. One, the album is Dark Passion Play. Two, don't cheat. I kind of want to know who knows this naturally...

A lot of my friends use xanga. Which is fine with me, because I get mail when they update, and so don't have to worry about missing stuff. I kind of miss being surrounded by my friends, though. Meh. That's partly why I moved to nuTang, so that I could write what I wanted and keep it out of my local mainstream. For me, using xanga is like crapping in your bed; you put all these thoughts and opinions out, but chances are, you have to deal with them later because everyone you know reads it.

NuTang is like the toilet for me. Bahahaha.

A few people have kind of followed me over, though. Which is fine. I can still protect my posts. Hehehe.

I just noticed that I subconsciously look for my name when reading my friends' posts. If I see a five or six letter word with a capital "S" in a paragraph ahead, I notice it, a little. And I'm always disappointed when it's not my name.

If I wasn't so tired, I'd be amused.

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They're watching a movie
Monday. 7.28.08 5:54 pm
I hate how much time I've been gone. How many parties, movies, picnics, whatever else you can think of...I've missed a lot. Bah. I'll survive. They'll survive. Yup.

Beach is pretty fun. We're spending more time inside due to a combination of me feeling sick and a few shark sightings...it's relaxing. I bet I still manage to burn, though.

I've got some plans. Maybe a serious video, a non-serious video, some other stuff I can't divulge...


That. Right there. That was the first paragraph (if you can call it that) that doesn't use an ellipsis. By the way, my spelling is bound to be off in this post. Sorry.

I don't want to use this tiny little keyboard anymore. Bye bye.

EDIT: I fixed all the spelling mistakes. All three of them. One was just the tiny keyboard's fault...

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