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Wednesday. 10.25.06 1:21 pm
So I went to my meeting today.

Funny, he tried to do the same thing.

I told him that Given that I wasn't comfortable in the building, didn't trust the staff nor my roommate, there was no point in me continuing to stay there.

Then he tells me the best bullshit ever.

That by my not staying in the room, it's not known when I may come or go, and that causes "apprehension about the climate".

What the fuck.

When I come, go, sleep, eat, whatever, is MY business.

Not theirs, unless it's illegal or in violation of university policy.


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Stupid Sony. Awesome Debi!
Tuesday. 10.24.06 1:37 pm
Lik-Sang is being shut down because Sony is a bunch of big fat doodieheads.

On an awesome note, Debi gave me her "old and busted" iPod mini.

It's well-loved, but I'm going to take it apart and try to fix it.

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Tuesday. 10.24.06 9:51 am
Stupid RD.


I send him one on a busines day? Ha, no reply.

Way to be twat.

Way to go.

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Intarweb Fad... Of awfulness.
Monday. 10.23.06 2:59 pm
This... I'm in your (blank(1)), (blanking(2)) your (blank(3)) fad... has started to get annoying.


What is cute, is Dave's sneezing. He sneezes in threes.

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Monday. 10.23.06 1:51 am
So I went to wally's with heatherit.

We were near the toy section, and we heard a chirp. We heard several chirps, and a few peeps.

We look up, and there is a bird.

Not just one bird, but two. Not just two, but THREE!

They were cute li'l sparrows.

We decided to name them Wally, Marty, and Sam.

They'd been in the store for so long that they'd taken straw from the seasonal displays and made a nest in the rafters. They'd also figured out how to rip open a bag of birdseed.

Smart li'l critters.

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Sigh. Women(I know) are fucking idiots.
Sunday. 10.22.06 10:16 pm
I love how through all of this, everyone who's said that I should go to the meeting to shut them up has been female.

All of the guys I know have said fuck them, they're stupid, ignore them.

Seriously, none of these people have dealt with these people, so they can't really say that I'm wrong for being suspicious and paranoid.

Is it my fault that they've given me reasons to not trust them? It really isn't.

Is it my fault that they can't properly compose emails to adequately communicate a point?

Is it my fault that I haven't done anything?
That I haven't stayed in the room for the past month?
That I have more important things to do that worry about someone whining because this that or other?

Apparently, according to all of the females I know, it is.

Apparently, I think they can all go suck a big, feathery cock.

According to the females, they probably want to know where I am.
It's none of their business where I am.
I pay for the room, I can use it as I see fit. If I plan on moving, and to make my job easier, I remove some of my (that's a keyword there, my) things from the room, that's my business. I'm not touching her things, other than to separate them from my things, so I can move my things. Not bothering her things at all.

I think I'm just going to talk to guys for a while.

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