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What's going on, guys?
Tuesday. 8.26.08 10:49 pm
There's so much drama on nuTang lately. -sigh-

Why can't we all love each other? Heheheh, ohoho. Ha.


BUT ANYWAY, today was:


Personally, I really like rain. I like the the near uncomfort. I LOVE when lightning strikes from right above my head. If I could choose a way to die, right now I would choose lightning struck to death. Then again, it'd be great to survive said event, assuming I keep all my brain functions.

Whenever it really pours, I get excited. And I don't even notice, usually. It's kind of a deep sense of comfort. But it never rains hard for more than 10 or 15 minutes around here, and I always end up disappointed.

But not today! Today was a combination of half hour downpours, angry drizzles, and the clouds glaring down on our puny heads. It was wonderful. The sheer volume of the water falling from the sky made my head spin. I dare say this was on the order of someone seeing snow for the first time. Well, no I don't. But you get the idea.

The constant fear of hydroplaning in a minivan makes driving much more interesting, also. I'm a fairly careful driver, which is good, because I was out in another downpour tonight dropping off my friends in their wooded neighborhood. Lots of water on the roads. More than a little slipping. But nobody knew that until I was safe at home. Or just now, actually.


//subject change/

Beware, girls. I will melt your brain. *cue eerie music*

Is it just me, or is everything worth worrying about completely under control? Yeah. It's just me. Cha-ching!

And now, on to Math IB and a little touch up of my Oreo recipe. Yummy.

Get along, you guys.

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Oh, man. I feel fried.
Monday. 8.25.08 10:21 pm
The first week of school is a bit more taxing than I'd like. I kind of can't wait for swim season to end, now. That's the only respite I have to look forward to; the two hardest classes are year long. At least I have Creative Writing.

The problem in THAT class is that I'm in a room with 15 kids like me. Which means that there's no concentration to be had for me. It's not too bad, as long as I can finish at home.

But writing for that class is fun, so far. I think it'll be better than last year.

Driver's Ed is not as bad as I thought. The teacher's a stiff, though he can be agreeable. I talk to a few friends, plus one of the girls who's actually in CW2 with me. So it's good.

On the spur of the moment, I just googled my name to see what employers might find if they were searching me out. As it turns out, there's a well known porn star who shares my first and last name. That's...embarrassing. It'd be hard to make a name for myself if someone else already has...and in the porn industry, no less. Gosh. What luck.

(For those of you who know me personally, I'd appreciate it if that didn't get around. I can only imagine how some people would take that.)

Mmm. Back to Communist Russia for me!

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I take it back
Saturday. 8.23.08 1:13 pm
I don't dislike rap. What disgusts me is the current state of the form.

You see, I'm a deep thinker. Yes, lately I've been filling this with...well, crap that nobody could care about. That's what a blog is for, right? Scum of the internet, that's me. But, regardless, I care very deeply about the truth. I don't mean little truths, like a person lying to me about where they've been or something. That's petty in comparison to The Truth. You know. Great questions. Things that people stay up at night worrying about, but don't during the day because it makes them nervous. And that's a heavy subject. I like to say to I'm a philosopher, or at least small time. I don't know how accurate that statement is, but I'm sticking with it. I prefer to pay more attention to things more important than...well, lots of stuff that people do everyday is pretty shallow. We pay way too much attention to things that just don't matter on the grand scale of things. We've got our noses stuck in the world. (This is why I tend to dislike online gamers and stuff, because they're even worse; they give importance to a world even less real than ours, a fantasy world. Not that it's pathetic, which it is, but it's just a huge waste.)

That, by the way, is probably the biggest reason I'm a Christian now. Not because I grew up with it. That is NOT what makes people a Christian, and it makes me angry to hear people saying they "used to be a Christian" but they grew out of it or something. Someone really close with God doesn't just "grow out of it". Going to church doesn't mean anything by itself. Nor does being baptized, really. For those of you who think like that, I say this: you give yourself too much credit. As a child, you "rode" the faith of your parents. That means nothing. Any child in a religious household will do that. I did that. It's like saying that you can drive because you passed Driver's Ed. It's not even close to the same. There comes a point in your life when you question your parents and upbringings. THAT is the real fork in the road. That's when you can either start changing your life, or decide that you've been wasting your time. Don't think that because you chose the latter you're more mature than other Christians, or, God forbid, your parents. You think you've been in the right spot, but found something even better (or found that it's no different than the rest). You're wrong, simply because you were never there in the first place.

Wow, that was a major tangent. I was just going to say that I'm only a Christian because I searched for truth, no matter the cost, and I was lucky enough to have lived down the road from it. And even that's not the main point.

To sum up what I want you to be thinking about...I'm intense. I don't care for the pointless things that tend to distract people in life. I try to concern myself with things that are really important. The deep topics.

There we go.

Anyway, that's what reflects in my musical taste. On one hand, I love the music that has the right qualities. I can't really define them, though Pandora.com seems to be able to, but mostly I can say that the music should make my brain happy, like solving a puzzle or reading a good poem. On the other hand, lyrics are key, especially lately. They'd better be meaningful. They'd better be poetic. Not too flowery. Mostly themes of pain, joy, love, and praise. Spittin' the truth.

Which brings me to rap. What I hear on the radio reminds me strongly of the Disney Channel: Cheap. Shallow. Popular because it has a good beat (and is it just me, or do lots of rap songs have the same bass beat? Maybe that's why they're so popular). The most popular rap is the stuff that appeals to our experiences, i.e., they remix something popular and ruin it. Have you heard the song based on E.T.? Why is that so popular? It's complete crap. Nothing is original, nothing is meaningful. Soulja Boy is a sick joke on society.

But that's not the definition of rap. Some of it is really good. Even if it's not musically appealing, the lyrics alone are enough to get my attention. And that's something special.

I guess that's what I wanted to say.

Oh, and any interested Christian should check out Disciple's older albums. I only make that distinction because nobody else is prone to like them.

EDIT: I need to work on staying on topic. Hahaha. Sorry.

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First day, check
Wednesday. 8.20.08 10:39 pm
This semester is gonna rock. Two out of 4 periods have awesome teachers, and the first period is actually two different classes on an "A day, B day" schedule that lasts all year. Score!

Creative Writing 2 is, so far, way too much fun.

The "story" for this video kind of sucks. And even creepier than the child at the beginning is the fact that the singer has that smile on his face most of the song.

Odd video aside, you have to admit that this song is kickin'. Just listen to it. The way the words' normal stress patterns have been changed have been changed to go with the music is pretty crazy (even more apparent in their song "Slow Bleed").

It's all around me,
And I can't wish this away,
You so amaze me,
You took my monster away, [x2]

Wake me, c'mon and wake me up now I
Want to cut off my strings and break,
Loose of your control of me,
Cut your strings and be free with me, [x2]

Everybody, shake your body,
Lift your hands, stop frontin',
You're just a puppet, [x2]

To all the marionettes

If your gonna run, how fast ya gonna run?,
And If your gonna jump, how high can you jump?,
All you perpetrators be walkin' round frontin',
What?, you fakers afraid to stand for somethin'? why don't ya stand
Up n' break me off somethin'? [x2]

Ya wanna make it outta sight?,
Somebody wanna get live tonight?,
We can hit that, flip that, settle the score,
'n' ain't nobody rock a crowd like this before,
Ya wanna make it outta sight?,
Somebody wanna get live tonight?,
Like an earthquake, let it shake,
Make the floor vibrate, Krutch y'all,
Back to set the record straight.

All y'all people, listen, it's on,
Krutch marauders we on a mission,
Hittin' ya with the ill ammunition,
At war with the puppet master, ..
I'll bring it on if I had to,
Rip it 'n' leave the whole scene shattered,
Like, chik, blaow!, what ya think of me now,
I'm lettin' my dawgs out,
Makin' it loud so hear me shout, what?,
We be comin' laced with bass,
Hit the place with no trace,
When we rock the space,


To all the people still sleepin'

[Chorus (x2)]

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