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Monday. 7.1.13 8:29 pm
It's a new year for me. I'm so glad July is finally here. Not for the fact that it's summer and effing hot right now, but because it means that June is over and I have a whole year before it comes again.

It did not get as hot today as they were expecting it to. The record high for the day was, in fact, broken, but not by going up to 95 like they predicted it to. I don't even think it passed 90. But again, the fact that I have no air conditioning makes a huge difference. It's 87 in my room right now. I can't wait for the sun to go down because then there will be at least cooler air to come in through my windows. Last night the temp in my room never dropped below 81.

Fuck this heat wave. I can't wait until it goes back down to normal temperatures, which would be in the low-mid 70s. Ugh!

With my next paycheck I will be purchasing a tower fan; something that is minimal in size {helpful in a 190 sq ft room} yet powerful enough to cool off the room. My little fan now doesn't do much other than blow the hot air. It's at least moving air. I would buy the fan now, but I don't have enough money to do so with this being the rent check and all.

Also with the next paycheck, I will need to get my vehicle emissions tested {I will never get used to calling it that; it will always be a smog check} and registered so that I don't have to deal with parking enforcement ticketing my car for expired tabs. I will also be buying a new bathing suit {I never wore the bikini that I bought years ago, but I'm also about 30lbs heavier so it doesn't quite fit} and a new bra since a wire in my favorite one snapped a couple days ago. It made me sad, but I was more or less just waiting for that to happen. I'd had that bra forever now.

I went to three stores today looking for Aloe Vera and found none. I'm not surprised that they were sold out, but still. You'd think they would have extra stock. I'm fairly certain Walgreen's would have had some, but I'm too cheap and not burned enough to spend the extra money on buying it at a drug store. If I go to Bellevue tomorrow I'll check the stores there, but the odds are about the same as here. I may have to give in and spend the extra amount. And no, store brands don't cut it the same as name brand when it comes to Aloe Vera.

Alright, the sun has dipped behind the high rises for the night. It hasn't really set, but the temperature is actually already dropped a couple degrees. Time to open my windows up fully and hope for a breeze.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Hi Dad.
Sunday. 6.30.13 4:49 pm
I miss you. It's kind of hard to believe that it's been 18 years. For some reason it's harder this year than the last few. I know you're there, but I wish you where here.

Tomorrow starts a new year. Regular blogging will resume then.

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And getting hotter
Saturday. 6.29.13 3:34 pm
My phone is saying it's 79 right now, however it's only 3:30 in the afternoon. It is a whole degree warmer in my room. I actually put my hair up, which is something I don't like doing on my days off, because it's just too long and hot to keep down. I'll be leaving it up the rest of the day. There's a breeze outside, but it's a warm breeze. It's probably going to be the same temperature today as it was yesterday. And it will only get warmer from there.

The entry today is earlier than normal because I'm going out in about an hour and I'm not sure I'll be back before midnight. I might be, but it's a give or take at this point. It really depends on when my friend wants all of us to leave.

I didn't buy the other fan I want yet, but with temperatures as warm as they are here, the stores are probably sold out at this point. I know it's not nearly as hot here as it is in other places, but Seattle isn't used to this kind of heat. Especially not this early on in Summer. I hope this is the only heat wave we get this year, but I have serious doubts.

Alright, I'm going to watch another episode of Master Chef before I head out for the day.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Friday. 6.28.13 10:30 pm
It got up to 87 today. Apparently it's summer. Usually Seattle doesn't see temperatures that high until, at least, after July 4th. It's only going to get hotter. I am definitely glad that I don't still live in Tucson or Las Vegas. Both of those cities will be close to 120. However, they do have air conditioning. I have a small fan. If the stores haven't sold out, I may be buying a second fan tomorrow.

The overtime wasn't too bad. I did almost nothing for the entire shift. So it pretty much wasn't any different than any other shift I work, except that I was getting paid a lot more, seeing as how it was overtime.

Tomorrow I have laundry to do, another jog to complete and a friend to hang out with. It is leading up to be a fairly productive day.

The jog this morning went well. It was warm, in the 60s already by 9am, but I feel like I've progressed enough to go up to 3 minute intervals. The 90 second intervals felt good so I want the extra challenge now. It's all in preparation for the 5K I'm doing at the end of next month.

Alright, I'm getting kind of tired. I've been up since 7:30 this morning and without a nap I'm feeling the tiredness kicking in. However, it's still pretty hot in here so sleep might not come as easy as one would think.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Thursday. 6.27.13 10:34 pm
Despite how much you mentally prepare yourself for working a 16 hour shift, you still cannot avoid the soreness and achy feeling that overcomes your body after being on your feet for that long. It feels so good to be out of my uniform and off my feet now.

I'll be working another 8 hours tomorrow, but that's it. It's my day off so the shift I picked up will be just that, not tacked on to the end of my other shift.

The day was fairly uneventful. Nothing worth writing about.

It's supposed to be near 90 by Monday. Ugh. At least the temps aren't going to be in the triple digits like back in Vegas. It'll actually be over 110 so they've issued an excessive heat warning. Funny that it has to be 110 or hotter for that to even happen. I don't miss that at all. What I do miss, however, is air conditioning. The 90 degree temps that Seattle gets for a week out of the year wouldn't nearly be as bad with air conditioning.

Alright, I need to get some sleep. I'm not quite that tired yet, but it's only a matter of time. I'm sure I'll be fighting my eye lids sometime in the next 20 minutes.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Evening cool down
Wednesday. 6.26.13 9:05 pm
What I love most about when the sun goes down, other than the fact that it gets dark, is that it *almost instantly* gets cooler. Within a matter of a couple hours it's already a few degrees, if not more, cooler. When there's a nice breeze, it definitely helps that cool down process occur much quicker.

Today was the uneventful day that I hope for. Tomorrow will probably be busy because I'll be there for 16 hours. It's technically my Friday, but I've picked up an overtime shift on Friday as well, but I'll at least be able to sleep in. Sleeping in on my days off is all I want. If nothing else happens on those days, sleeping is the best thing that can happen.

The last thing I had to eat was a chicken & veggie wrap with a roasted red pepper soup as a sauce along with a chocolate chocolate chip muffin. That was around 1pm. It is now just after 9 and I'm starting to get hungry again. Go figure. I won't be eating anything else tonight because I'm actually about to go to bed soon and eating now would be bad. The wrap was just so filling that I didn't feel like I could even eat another bite of anything. Even drinking water was over filling. The wrap was amazing. I really shouldn't, but with me working 16 hours tomorrow, I'll need something to eat so, of course, I'll go back to the same place and get something *hopefully* just as tasty.

Nothing else really to write about for today. Tomorrow's entry will be short, or from work, depending on when I am able to type it up.

Until then. . .

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