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Tuesday. 9.2.08 10:53 pm

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Take a deep breath:
Monday. 9.1.08 10:30 pm
Today has been a thin day for me.

Good thing I got the math out of the way. I can't think straight.


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I HATE this!
Monday. 9.1.08 6:56 pm
I hate that I will waste my ENTIRE day doing homework, and actually work well into the night, when it would only take me a few hours if I would just FOCUS on what I should be doing.

Yesterday, I was so tired that I fell asleep doing my Math IB homework. I am that sleep deprived. Oh, and listen to this:

Tomorrow, I have to make up TWENTY-FIVE minutes of missed swim practice with AN HOUR. It's bad enough that it's before school, but listen to this...school starts at 8:20, and the pool is about 5 minutes away. Sound fair to have practice at 7-8? Sure.

So WHY, for the sake of sanity, am I getting up at 5:30 tomorrow so I can swim for a freaking hour, and then DO NOTHING for another HOUR AND A HALF?! After that I have school, and after that I have a swim meet. Know what that means? I won't be going to sleep until at least 1 o' clock, if the homework load stays the same.


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Oh, I found it!
Monday. 9.1.08 10:55 am
I found last year's Scavenger Hunt List. It's a bit shorter...

250 points - Picture of group next to a body of water

1000 points - Picture of four-level pyramid (at least 10 people)

500 points - Picture of guy in girl's makeup (more beautiful = more points)

1000 points - Video of group Christmas caroling at someone's house

250 points - Video of group doing Riverdance in a crowded place

1000 points - Video of students serving someone food at a restaurant

500 points - Picture of group next to a large animal statue

2000 points - Video of everybody leapfrogging in front of Manchester Cinemas

2000 points - Video of group singing with a Cold Stone employee

500 points - Picture of group next to a Hummer

1000 points - Video of guys (all of them) singing to a group of girls (not our girls)

250 points - Picture of everybody in the air (group jump)

2000 points - Picture of group acting like animals in front of the Animal Hospital

500 points - Picture of student pimping gas for someone else

1000 points - Video of students rapping the Lord's Prayer

2000 points - Video of upperclassmen washing underclassmen's feet

The events this year were very much more bold.

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