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Some people just don't seem to get it
Saturday. 9.6.08 8:06 pm
I spent the night at Ryan's house last night after working on a project, and we worked more today. So I've been gone for a while! Now I just to do some homework so I can spend tomorrow out of the house, too. HEY KATIE!

(Hey, look at me! I have a beautiful child who depends on me, but I'm willing to put her livelihood, my life, and the lives of anyone I meet on the road in danger because I love texting, even if I'm driving! It's OK though, I've gotten quite good at it. Don't hate.)

Driving while you're texting or mailing on the phone is worse than drunk driving. Do you want to know why? Because even TALKING on a phone can give you the same reflexes as a drunk. While texting, you can cause accidents in just the same way, except drunk drivers are usually only out at night when not many people are around and at least they HAVE THE EXCUSE OF BEING MENTALLY IMPAIRED.

What is wrong with you people?

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Tuesday. 9.2.08 10:53 pm

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Take a deep breath:
Monday. 9.1.08 10:30 pm
Today has been a thin day for me.

Good thing I got the math out of the way. I can't think straight.


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I HATE this!
Monday. 9.1.08 6:56 pm
I hate that I will waste my ENTIRE day doing homework, and actually work well into the night, when it would only take me a few hours if I would just FOCUS on what I should be doing.

Yesterday, I was so tired that I fell asleep doing my Math IB homework. I am that sleep deprived. Oh, and listen to this:

Tomorrow, I have to make up TWENTY-FIVE minutes of missed swim practice with AN HOUR. It's bad enough that it's before school, but listen to this...school starts at 8:20, and the pool is about 5 minutes away. Sound fair to have practice at 7-8? Sure.

So WHY, for the sake of sanity, am I getting up at 5:30 tomorrow so I can swim for a freaking hour, and then DO NOTHING for another HOUR AND A HALF?! After that I have school, and after that I have a swim meet. Know what that means? I won't be going to sleep until at least 1 o' clock, if the homework load stays the same.


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