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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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What's new?
Wednesday, November 9, 2005
There's a lot of new stuff today. My P.E. class can't play volleyball at all! PERIOD. I know they're calling me pathetic but guess what? Who's on the team? Who's going to varsity next year? Who actually know the game of volleyball? That's right! It's ME! They wouldn't pass me the ball and they don't understand me. I speak volleyball. This moron that elbowed me in basketball kept hogging the ball and I can't believe the teacher doesn't care. I play real volleyball! I was soo frustrated! If they hate volleyball, then skip P.E. We don't need u losers! How can I play if they kept mocking me and hogging the ball. I wish they just leave the class and never return! Why must me and Lex suffer in this piece of shit school! If they think they know how to play volleyball, then go join the team. THEY SUCK! There much better! I'm just frustrated. I need to let it all out. And afterschool was not much. Just went to Tower records and then to Noodles and Company and Starbucks. I put soo much hot chili sauce on my tomato marinara and it was HOT! I owe Jessi a large bubble tea since she got me the noodles. I'm gonna go plot revenge on my PE class and people.

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Stupid Act #200
Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Ow! I fell down the stairs afterschool! I landed knee first so now it's in serious pain. I think I stepped on my pants and slipped all the way down. And the floor is concret. OWWWW! It hurts! Anywaz I got the score for the high school assessment from last year and wow, I did very well. I scored 422 on my government and I met requirement. I am way over the passing score of 394. In other news, I was speaking about the blood drive today to the English classes and everything went well for the juniors. We had to speak to the sophomores b/c some sophomore are at least 16 years old and they were kinda a pain in the butt! Then I went to a senior English class and they were a complete pain in the butt! They asked these really dumb questions and they were complete morons! I just wanna get the lecture about the blood drive done. I was glad that was the only senior class I talked to. A few of those seniors know me b/c they are in my other classes. My friend, Lex, lied! She is not bisexual! She said she was just "playing". I don't find anything funny about that. It kinda offended my other friend who is truly bi. Lex thinks it's funny while Jessi says is not. I agree with Jessi. I think I did well on my quiz in Preclac. It was kinda easy. Anywaz I have to study for my Computer Maintenece quiz next Thursday.

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Monday, November 7, 2005
I finally got that pic of the dude that I was talking about last week. He is soo cute! Check him out in my gallery. He's wearing a red sweater. I also uploaded some pics of me and my friend being morons. In other news, I have no clue why I was getting soo many attention b/c of my Green Day shirt. They acted surprised like I never wear anything nice. It's just a shirt but I'm happy b/c they don't sell that shirt anymore. I dress different than I normally dress and I get all these attention. I hate getting a lot of attention. I just want to be me. Next time I'll buy those pants to go with it and see what happens. I felt like I was in the spotlight when I prefer to be invisible. I tried being myself today but I can't with all these stupid ppl asking me where I got that shirt. Not much happened today other than the attention I got. I got Star Wars Episode III on DVD yesterday at Wal-Mart where I also got stared at. It's an azn wearing clothes from Hot Topic. I fit in at the mall there b/c everyone was into Hot Topic clothes. Oh yea! Now I remembered. My friend, Lex, confessed that she's bi. She told me that she had a crush on me. Not to mean or homophobic, but I am not bi nor a lesbian. I was raised straight and I'll stay that way for the rest of my life. I don't like her at all. I can deal with I think 2 of my friends being bi. Lex tried hitting on me during homecomming but I ran away. I am not bi and I will never be one. My other friend, Jessi, is bi but I was fine and I will be the only straight one. I don't like Lex in that way. I want her just to be the friend she was before. She kinda taking it too far. Jessi help me!

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I'm in class
Thursday, November 3, 2005
yes. I am currently in class right now. I have nothing better to do. These morons from my Physics class tried to destroy my project b/c they didn't turn their's in yet. Well it was their fault but they shouldn't be destroyin' someone else's work! If they destroyed it, they will build me another one exactly the same as the one they destroyed! I hate those morons anywaz. Everyone in my high school is a BIG moron! I have nothing else to say until later tonight.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005
I think the Sobe is kicking in right now b/c I normally don't type this fast. No more Sobe for me. I finally got to upload my homecomming pic from last year and I'm planning to upload more once I get them. I have a lot of pictures of me but I never upload them for ppl to see b/c I look like a freak (that is why my sn on Flickr is PhantomPhreak) and yes I am ugly. My sis took that pic when I wasn't ready! I'm not puttin' myself down, I just say that. I got back my poetry portfolio and I got a perfect 100%! First time I see a 100% on my work in English. But I got a "B" last quarter. My ex was botherin' me today during lunch and I don't know why. He was sitting next to me too close and started poking me! I am gonna hurt him if he doesn't watch out! I can't find the Gazette! Where the hell did it went? Ow! My chest still hurts after I got elbowed in P.E. today. My P.E. teacher got really suspicious. Eww! I smell like a dog! Well actually my feet! It was a lil warmer today but it is still freezing cold! I'm going to try to take the picture from my sis' album of my 16th birthday! Oh yea...The Prince of England visited D.C. today and my dad tried to greet them his way. By farting at them. Don't ask my family is like that. I am sick of hearing Lex talk about Alex 24/7! It's gettin' annoying!! And I know annoying! My friend thinks Ellingson, my old chemistry teacher, is hot! YUCK! He's a total nerd. Well not as nerdy as Susan's date to homecomming. I don't know what's up with my ex. He's been acting strange since second semester last year. I feel creeped out when he acts like that. Once my sis sends me this pic of this person in my band class (by the way, he's cute!), wearing my sis' devil horns. He talks about San Antonio (where he's from) today druing lunch while my ex was bothering me. Anywaz, I don't remember if I wrote this but on Halloween night, there was nobody trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. The street was empty and nobody even bother to celebrate. No one egg our house b/c they'll regret it! And I had that baseball for nothing! It was useless! ARG! It would have been funny if I used it to hit the incoming eggs like a baseball. Oh well there's always next year.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005
I feel pretty sick right now. It's probably b/c of the constant weather change. Ahhhh! My learner's permit expires today! I have to probably retake the entire test to get it renewed! No school today b/c it is professional day. I wanted to go to the Varsity Volleyball game but I couldn't. Before you can ask why or say "So what?", I have a reason! I have to finish up my Physics project b/c it's due this Thursday and I just started on it yesterday. I forgot about it and my teacher finally reminded me yesterday and that's when I remembered! It's just about finish but I just got to glue them together and I burned myself earlier with the HOT glue gun while I was fixing a few parts. In other news, Homecomming was a blast! It was fun towards the end when all the good music was on. It wasn't fun when I saw my stalker with her "date" (which by the way, he's a BIG nerd) and when Lex decided to get my sis to miss the end just to drive her home. Here's an advice from me; If you're going to somewhere, make sure you have a guarentee and dependable ride home. People shouldn't always have to depend on my sis to drive them home. She's able to drive ppl who live close to the school but not like Lex's case. I hope Lex reads this part: Just b/c my sis has a car doesn't mean that she'll gurantee a ride home and she is NOT a bad driver. Thanks to Lex, my parents found out she drove her home by looking at the gas meter. Anywaz, just yesterday, Lex called my sis a bad driver. I been in the car since before she got her license and she is not a bad driver. I don't care whether u call my sis a slow driver but not a bad driver. My sister is a cautious driver, NEVER a bad driver. It just pissed me off when she says that. Yesterday was Halloween and I didn't go trick-or-treating b/c I was working on my project. I went to school not knowing what to dress until I looked at my big red sweater and has a name of a college so I ended up being a college student instead. I looked like a college student. I am very cold and in pain. I am in the mood to watch Pocahontas. I listening to "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas. I like it but I want to keep my current song. Darn I couldn't get those Homecoming pics from my friend who took them. It has me wearing a dress. *GASP!* Shocking! Yep...You heard it right. I was wearing a dress. Well it's shocking to most people b/c I never wear a dress in front of ppl. I always dress tomboyish. I think I'm gonna change it until I finalize my choice. Anywaz I'll continue updating once I get some pics from Homecomming uploaded into the site.

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