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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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leave it, please! you are all my good friends
Thursday. 5.12.05 10:35 am
In the past day
A and B were once fall in love, and they broken up now.

A is a innocent girl; B is a playful boy, he is good looking, so there is always girls hanging around him, but he love A. They separated for some uncanndy factors, and I am not going to mention here.

They know each other through me, so I was always involved in their issues.

What's happening now
A is falling love with the other boy, and B claimed that he is changing partner every week.

A said B was badmouthing her, in the other had, B said A is a bitch.

The fact ...
Come on!!! I'm the most innocent one, please! And both of you are my friends, I love you both.

My reading shows A'll get rid of B very soon, or in fact, B is tired of clinging to A. So, I guess this is a good ending.

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Finially I am free
Thursday. 5.12.05 9:28 am
Editing documentary film: finished last Thursday 5th May 2005

Essay of analyses Propagander posters: finished and hand in last tuesday

Website for PR company: finished last saturday

Presentation for Comm 314: supposed to be finished last tuesday, by some reason, do it next tuesday, whatever!

PR campiagn: going to finish ...

We watched our video this afternoon at 1:30, our whole class with Deborah, Julie, and Donna, I love it very much, with my favourite music and MTV added to it.

It was our last class with Deborah (last semester, and she'll now teaching at Insearch anymore), so we had some casual chat and took a class photos. It took us long time and we arrived Julia's class at 3:00pm, one and half hour late. Sorry Julia, but I love you.

I finally removed the red thing from the vampire, I spent long time to work on this image, I find the image on internet, and it covered with lots of red, so I need to remove and recolour. And I still need to work on the image in tomorrow class.

I work a lot in dream interpretation, tarot, and scrying. And meditation is going alright, but need to play hard in concretration.

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oh bee oh bee .... i'm busy as a bee
Friday. 4.22.05 11:01 am
very busy, and not enough sleep.

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we had been Kicked out of class
Thursday. 3.24.05 9:52 pm
I arrived 10am for group meeting, but I was the earliest one. Dilen said Deborah'd be late and arrive at 11 am, but that is the time for our group.

She asked the progress of our group and said we can ask some offence questions. Steve said I am going to ask offence questions (hey, I am the interviewee, why I don't know this), so Deborah asked what kind of offence questions, and he said not sure. So, she angered to us as we aren't well-prepared, and asked Steve how offence of the questions that he plans to ask (many times), but he can't answer. Then Deborah said "are you going to ask her (interviewer) will she wax her legs?" Steve said "of couse not questions like this." (we all laughed), and Deborah said "you cannot ask questions like this, but Pandora can, because she is a girl." Well, I am a girl, but this is not a question related to the topic.

We had been kicked out of the class, again, after the conversation, becasuse Deborah said we aren't ready and need to go to find more talents. So we separated to 2 groups, Lisa and I go to Newtown, Steve and Iku to the shops we visited. However Iku doesn't want to go with Steve, so Steve turned angry said "I'll go by myself", and he left.

So, we took bus to Newtown, and visited the shop called homebase, they provide tarot reading. The reader is friendly and agreed to the interview quickly. We made appointment to meet on this Saturday at the opposite coffee shop to have a casual talk.

We visited some other shops too, new age shops sell gem stones, tarot cards, spiritual books, and therapy centre, but they don't have time for interview or even a casual talk. We find some yoga centre and candle shops too, but yoga centre was having class, and not free to talk to us, candle shop was too busy.

We took bus back to school, and arrived at 2pm, but Julia was very nice (now), she lets us come to class late if we need time for lunch (we only have half hour break between two classes).

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I met a unreasonable person today
Wednesday. 3.23.05 11:43 pm
It was much more cold today, people who clever as me, should have prepared winter clothes! (I just got it out yesterday night)

I arrived school a bit late this morning, I think because of the heavy rain, the bus needs to run slowly.I went to computer lab to print, and I find school computer is getting much much much more slow now. I remember last year, I'd not able to read the code of conduct (the words appear when you logging in), but now I need to read it again and again. Michael was much more late today, so we had some time to chat after the printing.

Wednesday class is getting much easier, because everyone knows what's need to be done, less unnessary conversation so less writing for me! However, some groups LOVE to use their meeting time to argue, even Michael couldn't stand it and told them to stop; some groups were very quiet, and made me fall asleep!

Someone was very unreasonable today!
Z: I¡¦ve got nothing to say
Me: then I cannot give you higher marks
Z: wor~~~ that is how you give marks?
Me: yer, it is on the marking guideline, and we gave you long time ago.
Z: how can you mark people like this?
Me: if you don't speak, we can't give you marks, and Michael agreed with this, if you don't speak, how can we know you understand what to do?
Z: OF-COURSE I know what to do [my inner-voice: what is this attitude??????]
Me: then you must able to say something in meeting with Michael

Why you don't tell your teachers that you know everything they taught, and you don't even need to complete your assessments to show what you have learnt, because YOU KNOW.

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paid $75 for a lock in a heavy rain day
Tuesday. 3.22.05 7:22 pm
The stupid Sydney weather is so cold!!!!

I don't want to leave my bed this morning, because it was cold, and my bed is warm. However, I left at last. I went out and came back and went out and come back home again and again, because I wasn't wear the right clothes as it was cold outside, but winter clothes were still in my suitcase. And I accidentally lock my door, when my last time went out, but I have my keys in my bag. I know it is confusing, let me explain: there are two locks on my door; I have keys for the upper one, but not the lower one. And this morning I accidentally locked the lower one, so I need to wait to the locksmith, and I missed the lesson. The lock costed me $75 at last. It was expensive. However it was better than last time in Tiara, it costed me $120.

Actually I don't think the lock worth this price, last time in tiara, the number of locksmith was provided by the security guys, and they told me it only costs $17. When I made the call, he told me it needs $20, it is fine for $3 extra, I don't care. However after he open the lock, he charged me $120, my parents were there, and dad and sister were just arrived from airport, I didn't want to worry them. If not I would ask him to lock it again and left. I didn't want to argue with him in front of my parents, as they don't know English.

Lisa told me the class was finished when I was on the bus, so I told her I'd call her when I arrive. I saw Aki on the bus, and told her what happened on my leg. (Crying) When I got off the bus, it rain. I wanted to bring an umbrella, but the lock made me forgot it at all. They were watching video in the classroom when I arrived, so I waited outside.

We started the meeting after lunch, we talked the plot of production. However, Mr. Steve didn't give suggestions at all. I have to say, he is so annoying, he never say anything in meetings, or each time when we asked him to say something or suggestions, he'd said he needs to think, and he needs to organise, so he needs time and couldn't say it now. Excuse me!!!! Does he mean that we all speaking without thinking and organised process? I believe he is able to say something in meeting, at least some contributions, just as everyone does. And even he doesn't have any new ideas come out, he can give some comment, right? That is what a group needs to do. Or please perpare it at home,as if he needs such long time to think. Moreover, as it is meeting, we must have come out some conclusions, right? I don't meant to reject his ideas, but don't give it when we already have conclusions, please! If we consider his ideas, that mean we have to plan all the things again. Sorry to say, we have no time at all, and please don't waste everyone's time.

We couldn't finish the meeting, because teri and sarah¡¦s groups want to have meeting for Michael¡¦s class, and lisa and me need to assess them. So we had to stop the meeting, and agreed that everyone go back to think some ideas for the production.

The rain was very very very heavy after all the meetings. I was waiting it to get smaller, but it was getting bigger. So I ran quickly to bus stop and go home.

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