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Nikki Santoro
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fun at work
Wednesday. 12.17.03 9:46 am
man work is crazy this week. there are a bunch of reorg announcements coming down. one minute i am happy about everything and ready to get started and the next i'm depressed and unsure of what i should be doing. i'm pretty sure i am manic at this point. this morning i have decided to just ignore the situation and get some work done. i have roaped karen in to help. i think being busy will make it easier to ignore everything going crazy around me. this is of course one of the more lucid hours of my day so i may change my mind later.

i think this smiley says it all.

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princess of bathness
Monday. 12.16.03 10:58 pm
I forgot to blog about my spa day on Friday at Paul Attar. Anandi and I got manicures and pedicures together. It was great to be able to chat while getting my nails painted bright red. Anandi chose a pale pink was also looked good. While we were getting our manicures there was a strange woman getting a pedicure. She was ticklish and kept giggling while the woman was trying to scrub her feet. She kept talking about her trips to the Caribbean. She brough back some Caribbean woman who she brought with her to the spa. She didn't of course pay for the other woman to get a pedicure, she just brought her so she could see what it looks like to get a pedicure. Such generosity I have not seen in a long time. Anyway, after getting our nails done we both got massages. Mine was pretty good but not the best I've ever had.

Mike brought me some bath salts tonight. One thing to know about me is that I love everything about baths (bubble bath, bath salts, bath fizzies, etc.) My favorite comes from Lush. I love their bath bombs. If anyone is in Vancouver and happens by Lush, I beg you to please buy me some bath bombs. I promise to pay you back, I'm not even picky about the flavor. (I'm looking at you janeytk.) Maybe we'll take my mom up to Canada when she is up here. I'm sure she would appreciate the "prince of bathness".

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A fun night in Bellevue
Sunday. 12.14.03 5:47 pm
Surprisingly, the MSN Christmas party was pretty good this year. The best part was that it was not freezing like the past two years. I didn't try the food this year but I heard it was better than expected. I guess we stayed for a couple of hours. We mostly hung out with Dave a Kari but I also saw the Messenger gang there. This is my favorite picture of Kari dancing with her big pregnant belly. :)

Here are the women of Messenger. We are a good looking bunch!

After we left the party, we hooked up with the Messenger gang at the Viceroy, a "pretty people" bar in downtown Seattle. A bunch of us showed up including Sean and Karen, Walter and his date (whose name I can't remember), Shree and his girlfriend, MC and Monica, Ali, Geeven (Ali's driver), Dave and Amy, Adam and Jenn. It was great hanging out with all of them again. I got an awesome picture of Amy, Dave's girlfriend, acting like a ninja at the bar. This was the first time I met her but I liked her immediately.

The rest of the pics are here.

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A very merry weekend
Saturday. 12.13.03 12:41 pm
Yes, I know it has been a while since I have blogged (my apologoes to all my faithful reader, all two of you). I wish I could say that I have been too busy but that's probably not true. I've just been lazy!

Anyway, this is going to be a busy weekend. On Thursday night, Mike and I put up our Christmas tree. I think the tree this year is the best one I've ever picked out. My family has always picked on me because I take so long picking out the tree. I think it is because when I was a kid in Florida we always had a fake one and I hated it. So every year I love looking through all the real trees and picking the best. These are my favorite ornaments.

This is one that my mom brought the Christamas after I was born in Germany.

This is a newer ornament that Mike's mom sent us. I am a huge Rudolph fan!

Friday night was Sean's 30th birthday party. Lucky for Sean I didn't bring my camera to the party. The one where Sean is wearing the Depends would definitely make my blog. I also liked the one where Mike is calling Bingo for a bunch of drunk people. We left early when the dancing started. I seriously can't hold my alcohol anymore. Two beers and I was ready to sleep. Oh well, it was fun none the less. Tonight is the office party. It is always fun seeing everyone dressed up. Mike and Sean are going shopping for clothes this afternoon "queer eye style." Hopefully he finds a cool shirt and tie.

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love actually
Sunday. 11.30.03 3:28 pm
I saw Love Actually with Mike last night. I have to say I loved it! Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were both adorable. We hardly ever go see chick movies. We both typically prefer a good actionomedy. You know lots of shooting, the good guys win, and a funny man for some comedy relief (ala Chris Tucker, Owen Wilson, Martin Lawrence).

Anyway, Love Actually was funny, sad, and heart warming. I agree with Karen's post that I was crushed by Alan Rickman's character cheating on his wife. Why are men so stupid? Why can't they be satified with what they have? My ever hopeful heart has to believe that love can prevail over lust but in the face of so much evidence around me (including my mom's failed three marriages), sometime I have to worry. What happens when I get older and fatter? Will I have to worry about every hot secretary? I sure hope not.

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Sunday afternoon trip to Gas Works Park
Sunday. 11.30.03 3:11 pm
The weather was surprisingly sunny today so we decided to take Sigmund to Gas Work Park to run around. The park is close enough to walk but I am always exhausted when I get home. Sig had a great time running around the park chasing Mike and I. He loves running through the mud and getting dirty. Here is a thumbnail of a couple of the pics I took of gas works. The sun was so bright it looks like the gas works are in shadows in the first one.

The rest are here.

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