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Oral English Script For The Final Year
Friday. 3.27.09 6:22 pm
I am having oral English for the final year next week, not sure it is on Mon OR Tues though.
I and my 3 friends - Hao, Li and Seng are going to present a story in group infront of my teacher.
Yesterday, I had no idea what story to present, so I wrote it myself.
I have posted it on the reading - My Dad Is Kind Of Superstitious
Yes, it was about Superstitions.
I'm worrying our presentation next week, because we have less practices.

... Wish us luck!

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Switch Off Your Lights
Wednesday. 3.25.09 10:14 am
All living men outside the planet,
Yes, I'm talking to you.
No matter you are a business man, teacher, cook, students, unemployed, toilet lady, wealthy, impoverished.

Now, listen,
Our Mother Earth is no longer at peace
Have you noticed that?
Since about 50 years, people are not taking the issue seriously.
For lights, they switch them on when it is getting dark;
For aircorn, they turn them on although they don't feel hot;
For plastic bags, they use them as many as they could;
For vehicles, they drive them almost every day. etc.
It seems many things are a necessary, don't it?

Now, this is the time for us to protect our Mother Earth.

Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm
local time, wherever you live on planet earth.

Switch off your lights.

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The Papers and A Book
Tuesday. 3.24.09 5:27 am
Well, I have to go to school again, after a nice holiday...
My teachers are giving us back the exam papers.
Let's see, I got a few As so far and yes, I still have to work hard -my next exam will be on May!
I'm not going to say more details, but I know I MUST work 100 times harder than usual that I did previously.


I'm reading a story book entitled The Elephant Man.
It is said that the story is true and tragic.
It is also a famous film.
This story book of The Elephant Man is not as thick as a 3000 pages dictionary.
I won't read that kinds of books, definitely not.
So, the appearance of the "elephant man" really attracted me to borrow it from my library.

Just when I saw the illustrations, I knew I was going to pick it home.
The storyline will be very interesting, I think.

At the same time, I was thinking about,
Was there an Elephant Man exist in this real world?
If yes, What was the Elephant Man really like?
Did he have big head, ugly face, ugly body, dirty skin like they wrote in the story?

I can't wait to finish it, I am curious about Him...

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Sunday. 3.22.09 6:57 pm
17th of March, 2009

I had watched Race to Witch Mountain on this Tuesday. It was an amazing film! While I was watching the film, I sreamed in my heart secretly, Oh my god! Oh my god!. Yes, some scenes might be a bit boring to me, but overall, it was nice! And every exciting scence had just brought me a lot of surprises. Just take the scene which they excape with their spaceship from the door, the moment they flew out, together with the sound effects, it just astonisted me! Honestly, Adventure film is a favourite of mine :D So I rated 4 starts out of 5.

18-19th of March, 2009

I attended an English camp which was known as Super English Camp, in KL. This was organized by Erican and all its centres’ pupils from all around M'sia would join for it, for sure. This English camp was fantastic, I must say! It was the best, happiest, most satisfying, most interesting camp I had ever been so far.

This 2-day-1-night camp really a short camp. I felt it was absolutely not enough for me to have fun. Well, we had so many kinds of activities to do during the camp. We have 100 idioms to play around, acting, speech writing and speech delivery, singing, dancing, as well as having a PARTY!

Basically, I didn't only learn English and just had fun like that, I learnt the communication skills and I met a lot of new friends as well. I was not boasting myself, I spoke a lot in the camp, in English of course, and I found that my English speaking skill had improved, a lot. A few of them in the camp asked me, "Are you studied in an English school?" I said, "No, why did you say so?" He said, "Because your pronunciation is pretty good." I was so happy to hear about that, about someone could feel the stress when I spoke in English. And then I replied, "No, I can't really speak in English before I join Erican." He said, "Yes, me too." We were not advertising for any language centre, we were telling the fact.

The most interesting part during the camp was the last section before we left. After we had taken our lunch, we took the glow stick which was given, and wait for the door, the ball room door where we did all the activities in these 2 days. (Normally, they closed up the door after we went out for meals and they gave surprise every time they open the door.) This time, when we got into the ball room, all the lights were turned off and we could hear the loud, nice music. We noticed that was a PARTY! So, we just got in and danced and shaked our body and screamed, who cares? Perhaps that was the first time OR may be the last time I did and the camp was going to be end, too, it was dark inside, nobody can recognize who you are, so yes, the feelings was just like in a club OR a disco. I could say, it was REALLY FUN!!!

In this camp, I had only 2 things that I felt regret. The first was there was a Canadian, he was one of the mentors of the camp. I wanted to speak to him! But, no time! May be I was to shy to speak to him... The second thing was my camera was out of battery. NO, it was no battery! I didn't know why, I did remember I had charged the battery before I went to the camp. I took it out and tried to take some pictures, but I couldn't. Too bad! Now, I have to sort that problem out.

The mentor of our group was very kind and friendly, he was very hilarious and very helpful as well. He was a mixed-blood and he called Mr. Alistair. Haha! We had so much fun together. One thing I must say was, Oh my god! His English was just ... incredible! He was an extraordinary guy and a good mentor either. You wouldn't feel bored while he was talking instead you would be attracted by him and this was another fact. I COULDN'T DOUBT IT!!!

At around 7.30 pm, we were so sad to leave. New friends came to shake my hand and said, "Bye bye!" Oh.. Good time was just passing too fast!

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There Are Always Things Prevent Me From Blogging
Monday. 3.16.09 8:45 pm
Ah! I was just about to blog and it went error? Why there is always some things that prevent me to blog? Everytime I want to write down something then there will be internet errors, modem disconnect, raining, thunderstorm OR lots of homework AND etc.

Now this time it go to NuTang. That day I clicked on My Site and it went down and showed me:

Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0

Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '/home/nutang3/public_html/members.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in Unknown on line 0

I was like: What? How is this gonna happen?

I didn't know when it was happened and I didn't even know it had already happened plenty of times.


Now, I don't care! I must write something on my blog because what a bad holidays it would be if it couldn't come back in a short period. This will be a very long post, for sure :)


Oh.. I had been busy preparing for my first term exam in a week before this.

That divided into 3 days and I really made this as an important exam although it was just a small test. I had an extraordinary power which I had never had before. I didn't know why, perhaps the biggest exam (SPM) in Malaysia in coming in the end of the year.

So this is my time table:


Malay | English | Maths

Malay paper was still OK because I had ever did the question before. It was last year's question paper, I didn't really remember when I did but I knew I had done that before.

Although English was my favourite subject among the books, though I didn't did very well in the exam this time, I guess.

Maths, um.. good job, I made a 78 this time. I didn't know this was a good thing OR a bad thing, SPM is just running faster than I did.


History | Chinese | Moral

Yes. I work so hard for History. I took about 4 - 5 hours to digest Chapter 1. Probably the best answer I had ever give so far?

Oh yes, basically, I took out the Chinese book just before the exam. I meant I took the break between History and Chinese to study and I was really lucky, the questions that I read before that were all out.

Honestly, I had less confident in Moral actually. The paper had 4 questions in total and I only knew how to answer question no. 4 completely. Teacher who mark this paper was ridiculous, I would talk about him later, may be.


Account | Science | Economics | Sivic | AddMaths
{Today was terrible.}

Account -It had 2 questions in total, I was not pretty sure that I was doing right in question 1 and I didn't know how to do the 2. This paper was dead.

Oh dear.. You could see a lot of holes through my Science paper. I admitted I was not clever enough but I took a gun and shoot the paper from the beginning to the end. You might not understand what I am trying to say. People who don't read books before exam will say: "Tembak.". It is a Malay word which means "shoot". To make it easy to say, it means they simply do the paper without actually go through it.

Economics, I hope I did a great job, it was one of my hope to get a higher rank.

Sivic, a stupid paper, the teacher came in late and we had got only half an hour to get it done. Wasn't it stupid? Yes, it is.

AddMaths, I knew how to do 7 in 10 questions. I'm not boasting myself, I was terrible in AddMaths actually. So, 7 was quite a big surprise to me.

{I'm looking forward to the results.}


So now I am on a holiday, for a week and am searching for some movies. When I read the newspaper and I saw 2 films. It is "Race to Witch Mountain" and "Dragonball: Evolution".

Both of them are an adventure film. I've seen the trailers and I think they are amazing.

Race to Witch Mountain Teaser - Disney
I like the storyline of Race. If you simply search on YouTube, you can see a couple of videos are talking about the movie. There are 2 "aliens" who have certain superpowers, they want to save both their planet and earth. The special effects that play in the trailer was just amazing!

Dragonball Evolution Trailer - GodMew
While The dragonballs attracted me because it is stunning.

Oh.. I just.. can't wait to watch both the movies.


I found some nice music these days. Yes, again, you will think it is old.

I.e. "Broken Strings" by James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado and

Broken Strings feat. Nelly Furtado - James Morrison

Danny Gokey - Hero (American Idol Season 8 Top 36 Group 1)

Danny Gokey - Hero (Video version)

{You'll love it, both.}
It was so funny when I saw Kara kept saying: Yes! Yes! Yes!...

This all for now, NuTang, come back!!!

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Chinese Who Listen To Music. Click In
Monday. 3.9.09 8:26 pm

AWARD |《第一届贱歌王颁奖典礼》

They are back again!
Oh My God! This site laughs me off!

Those who are Chinese might know what are they singing about..
So far I could listen they sing Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Tamil and English.


Recommended Tracks:
02. 我愿意
03. 浮夸
05. 回家
14. 心太软
30. 喜帖街
{I haven't listened finish yet. More tracks to add in.}

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