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The Grass Is Greener

Age. 22
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ginger
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Delete Cookies
Monday. 7.15.13 4:02 pm
listening to: old people complain
Pretty sure I ate around 16 cookies this morning.

Please do not request a real reason for this, because I don't have one to offer. Except maybe fat. That's my reason. Because fat.

Work sucks.

(I know.)

Working in a retirement home can be nice. Everyone is usually super sweet and helpful. But sometimes... sometimes it's your own personal hell. Some elderly folks just want to watch your sanity burn. That's all I'm saying.

Fuel this workday with cookies and you have a recipe for blah.


OK, I'm done complaining.

On the bright side of things, yesterday I basically got my own chill morning to myself. I washed the dishes, baked cookies, cleaned my room, got some donations together... It's all pretty much awesome. I'm getting my room ready for the Mary Kay business I'm starting up. No, no I did not ever think I would become a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, but here I am, signing my soul away.


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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand so sad
Tuesday. 7.9.13 7:08 pm
mood: retarded
It's been like 4 years since I've been on here.

Why, you ask?

Because I forgot my password.

And I got it back today finally.


I'm a moron.

But, yeah. Missed this place. Way better than blogger, since blogger is a part of SkyNet, and that's just not cool, bro.

I should probably change my ethnicity since I don't have my scenester mullet anymore. *Single tear* I have really weirdly cute short hair now, though. Still ginger. Still super white. Still an absolute derp. Maybe now I'll make friends here with whomever happens to be left. lolz.

Oh, and I graduated high school! ...last year.
Tryyyyying to get into college for the spring. *nervous twitch* They better let me in. I'm really torn between majoring in art, horticulture, or wildlife preservation.

And I'm trying to transition to veganism now. Hard knock life, eh?

Anyways yeah that's my life now.

Also, MCR broke up and that makes me sad because I never got to see them live.

That's all, folks. Nice seein y'all again.

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School has begun
Monday. 8.17.09 5:54 pm
Never before has this happened, but, I am entirely grateful for being home schooled now.

I slept until 10. It was a glorious thing, since it's the first day of school. And I can text or listen to music during every class. And sleep at will. And get up to go pee whenever. It's awesome, really. :]

The end.

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Hello, operator...
Monday. 7.13.09 5:21 pm
Story time!
I forgot my password for 3-4 months.
Then i remembered it!
The end.
Great story, right?

Saturday I decided to go to the mall. I went into Hot Topic and when I came out, much to my surprise, there was a band about to play! Yay! And when they started playing, I realized, they were The American Life, whom I was wanting to see play. Awesome, right? But it gets even better, they signed my shoes afterwards!!! :D
It was a good weekend.

Oh, and my brother is lending me his newly re-wired Strat, so when I looked at it one day, I realized there was a hole where there should have been a tone knob. My sleep-deprived self freaked out and began looking for the knob. Then I talked to my brother on the phone and admitted the loss of this precious knob and he told me he took it out himself. And then I remembered that there would have been hardware sticking out of the hole if the knob had fallen off anyways. The end.


That's all I've got to fill in for my 3 month absence...

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