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About Me:
Hi2U. I am just a 17yr old kid who is just like any other teen you can find in your neighbourhood. This is my weblog which you are viewing. I think that behind every cool kid there is a weblog. Really! =))

I would not want you to call me an eavesdropper thus just take it that im listening to some emo/punk-rock music instead of conversation between the maid-next-door flirting with her bangla boyfriend.

I have a strong objection against people who thinks i am of bankrupt intellect so i am listing a bunch of intellectual-sounding books here even though i may or may not read some of them.

Since I can’t list my porn collection here, I’ll just leave it this way until I can force myself to watch non-pornographic stuff, which may or may not happen.

To students taking notes in classes.
Wednesday. 8.15.07 12:11 pm
*taking 2minutes break*

One recommendation to people taking notes is to do them in columns. Fold the paper into 3 sections in the Landscape view, A4. Write the notes in vertically. It's better this way as the attention on the eye is easier to read as it is not wide and anything that is wordy is normally read in columns as its the best manner. Dont believe? Check the newspaper, Times magazine articles. Everything they write they do it in columns. =DD. Long Linear sentences is too taxing on the eyes. because at one glance, your eyes can only grab that certain length of words. Your eyes also do not have to move from left to right right to left. =DD

Learnt this off someone. =))

Thats it. Back to study ....

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Cultural Changes
Wednesday. 8.15.07 9:47 am
Come to think of it. The trend among teenagers and those that just graduated from the teens world changes very fast.

I remember 6-7 years ago. Everyone is so crazy over japanese drama and anything japanese. There are also many japanese drama showing on television.

Now the craze in on Korean drama and stuffs.

No matter how i think, i think japanese > Korean dramas. Even for the songs.
I don't know how to describe but from just a look you can tell the japanese produces quality but korean somehow produces just quantity.

We take the dramas for example. Jap dramas are like in variety and then Korean dramas are in quantity. Every korean shows is the same. It's like 1 guy 2 girl or 2 guys 1 girl or 2 guys 2 girls. Get what i mean? All the love-hate relationships. Then comes the point that every shows are those teary and stuffs. When it first came to singapore maybe its refreshing. After a while it starts to get on the nerves. People go Korean this Korean that. I must admit japanese shows sometimes have sucky ending like suspense or shitty type which like all die or not a really happy ending. BUT you have to agree from start to near the ending, the whole storyline is of QUALITY. Recently i watched the anime movie, The Girl Who Lept Through Time. It's really damn nice. Just that the ending is a suspense.

Look at the music industry now. The only Korean singer i can say has quality is Kwon BoA. She really bridge the gap between 2 countries. STILL she sings in both languages. Japan produces many quality musicians along the way, Ken Hirai, Zard, Yui, Younha, V6 and many others like Kinki Kids and especially those who writes songs for animes. Their music is often used by artiste all over the world and translated into their own language. For example's Ken Hirai's Gaining Through Losing, used by F4 (Taiwanese Boyband) - Liu Xing Yu(Meteor). If you ask me to compare, the quality of both songs are heaven and earth. LOL. Ken Hirai is like a skyscraper and the latter is just like a terrace house. Ken Hirai's most famous Hitomi wo Tojite also is so well recognised. If you watch many movies, concerts, look through the music production of many artistes, you will see japanese names appearing. Credits in movie's, Japanese names bound to appear, especially in the music section of the movie.

i shan't comment about the country itself because first of all i dont know either very well and also quite a sensitive issue.

Just want to know how come Japanese craze died out in Singapore and how in the world did a Korean craze take over the country with the spark of Winter Sonata. Is it advertising plays sucha big part? that it becomes Quantity > Quality?

I am confused.

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I didnt know im so crazy!
Tuesday. 8.14.07 12:08 pm
ONE SONG. Within just a month. Play Count is.

Check the top play count. The song is 4:56Minutes. Hmmm. I am not normal.

The song secondly rank on play count. its shitty i dont know how the hell i hit 400 counts with that song. Something wrong with me.

The 4th Song by Ken Hirai titled: Hitomi wo Tojite.

Less than 4 days. I have heard over 200 times.

I wonder, i really wonder. How the hell i did that. LOLOLOLOL

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I feel helpless.
Monday. 8.13.07 4:07 am
Weiyi is really really sad this time. D:

I don't know how can i help to cheer him up. I think i just made things worse for him on msn.

People around him in the whole guild is making things so difficult for him. Always this particular little group of people all the time that is posing so much problems and all they do is tell weiyi, My problem is _____. Solve it for me.

I admit on few ocassions i do that too but not to the extent of them bursting his veins on stupid problems just cause they cant think of the big picture. I think Weiyi is quitting WoW very soon. If he really stops i think Yuhui will stop. I think i might even stop too. It's pointless to play if my friends leave.

I really do not know how to help Weiyi solve his problem this time. Last time i always help him lighten his burden by passing some loots to others first or let other people go first and i go later and stuffs. That is the max i can do. Now i cant do it anymore. Even if i wanna pass, not up to me to decide.

I really don't know what to do. I appreciate that he makes so much effort by rushing back home to raid from work and busting a nut to settle the hidden drama in the guild. Wilson, Weiyi, Jeri, Daryl never allowed me into officer chat because they know whats it like and dont want me to get involve.

I appreaciate the effort weiyi put in for everyone but i cant help but feel damn sian to go raid when some fags like X****R. Imagine the warrior tanking for you tells you " Eh i am lazy to tank, please watch your attacks" . Honestly its like the MOST WTF things to say. Then what, i respond by saying " Eh i am lazy to heal you, dont go engage the monster can?" Then Dingsheng also say " Eh i lazy to attack la. Why you even want to TANK" i mean that fag says things which makes people dont wnat to play with him because everyone puts in 100% and he puts in 20%? Also Ventrilo is used for communicating and during crucial moments we need to shout out to you. Stupid fags MUTE THE VENT AND listen to Mp3 DURING BOSS FIGHTS. What else, complain that we speak so softly when he could just turn louder his outbound. I mean seriously if people who has no common sense to do such things. I dont even see a point in playing with him.

It's damn saddening to see Weiyi quit and then Revanche falls apart and then the effort we made so much to push it to top 5 ranking on our server is plain dumbfuck.

Still. I really dont know what to do. But if weiyi is really so unhappy playing the game the best is to stop. What joshua said is correct no matter how you think. You think up down left right center. If you play a game and its taxing and unhappy. Stop it. It would only be detrimental to play on. Nothing good will come out of it.

Seriously i dont know how to make weiyi have an easier life in the game and play happier. D: He taught me so much last time but i cant do much for him now .

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Just for you KRAWN!
Friday. 8.10.07 3:31 am
Made 2 siggys just for Lee. LOL. The flunkie who has no passport. fag....

No mood to study so i took my new brushes for a spin! turned out not too bad. Both pictures gives different feel. First pic the color is so bad cause Lee gave me a lousy quality pic of his character. BAH.

examexamexamexam D: /sadface.

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Gamers are Ambassadors of Countries.
Thursday. 8.9.07 5:54 am
Recently over the past week. I have come to realize that gamers could actually be ambassadors of your own country. Of course naturally you must be good at the game or have good personality that people in the game like you and stuffs. Lets just take a bit from my server and say.

I have a friend Philibert who went to UK to study, he said other people do not even know where Singapore is. Some say we are a state off Washington and some say we are a county in China. Heh.

So you see because of my guild progression. People are starting to know Singapore as a country because our guild is 70% SG based. In the past we already built some Singapore reputation on our server that many americans start to take notice of where is Singapore and What the Hell is it.

Naturally i feel sad that guilds like < Makan > are somehow making the standard of play in Singapore look bad >< '" There is a very big gap between us. Nevertheless we managed to grab attention of the US people and yeah we are kinda promoting our country in one way or another. Curseyou is like asking, so you guys from Singapore right, where is it? How far is it to go from one coast to the other? When i said 3hrs he freaked out. LOL. but its true. From Jurong West to Pasir Ris if you drive including the traffic its only 3hrs max. Then Krawn was tempted to come SIngpoare but he said he has no passport. That fag needa go get one made ASAP! In US he told me quite a fair bit of people have no passport as domestic flights dont need them and they do not travel out of Singapore. I also get to know a bit more bout america and the americans. Then there is Saraab from the UAE side said he wanna come to Singapore too. His cousin Psyched came to asia for his honeymoon ( ALMOST CAME SINGAPORE).

In conclusion i think that gaming is not just about playing the stupid game. Indirectly it help promote tourism to our country =DD. There is also no harm knowing a friend or 2 from overseas.


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