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lucky cha cha cha!

Age. 26
Gender. Female
Location , NJ
School. Boston Univ
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i think that
9/9/06 (saturday)
I'm loosing interest in nutang again. =[

I blame myself for getting back into Gaia. >.<

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don't ask me why
9/8/06 (friday)
but I was surfing StormFront, a White Nationalist website. It's scary when you're not white to read all they have to say.

So anyway, I came across this:
An example was a couple days ago in the school library, we were talking about the increase in India's population. I commented "Shame that so much land and resources are being wasted." Another student asked what I meant and without thinking I replied "Wasted on an inferior race." Half the class freaked out. Since most of them are too unintelligent or brainwashed to understand, I opted for the "Just kidding" follow-up rather than try to explain it in detail at the time. These student are so absorbed in "acceptance" and "integration" that they don't realize what our screwed up culture is doing to them and it's frustrating and disheartening. I wish there was something more that we as high school students can do to spread awareness.

It's weird how they call the public school system biased for being multicultural. Even though I go to a private school, its not like we don't learn about whites at all. We learn about whites. And hispanics. And Asians. And Indians. And blacks.
I'd say something about it, but then they'd be stubborn about their beliefs and spew out all this crap about how whites are superior. Some whites won't even accept White Nationalism, I don't even get how they think they're superior.

Then they start worrying about becoming a minority within the next decade. What, you're too good to become like everybody else? I still don't understand why they feel so superior just because they were born with white skin. It reminds me of this thing I read about the Korean peninsula and the human rights abuse in the North. Like, "Just because one woman was born in the North and one was born in the South, the former must be tortured and starved while the former lives a happy life?" Why should we be prejudiced against something that we have no choice over?

They even go as far as to stereotype.
"...disruption in class from rude and disrespectful "minorities" in your classroom..." I'm thinking they're talking about hispanics and blacks here. Well, I have one hispanic and three black classmates. The hispanic classmate (I don't want to say their names, but that title sounds so disrespectful >.<) is one of the smartest students in our class and never disrupts. The black students (see above) are only disruptive when provoked by one of their friends, who happens to be Polish.
"...because you want a future; a clean, decent future where you can walk the streets at night and not worry about the likes of gangbangers..."
Oh, so there aren't any white gangbangers?
"...where you can browse the internet, and roam in the street and not have to worry about encountering pedophiles, or other sick people who wish to harm you..."
Again, all of these groups consist solely of minorities? I thought the usual pedophile was a lonely, middle-aged white man.

The point I was trying to make was why should these teachers waste there time and jepordize their health on kids who obviously don't wish to learn; when they could be teaching in schools with better disciplined (White) children.
So whites are the only disciplined ones? They should come to my school, if you're a good teacher, everybody will stay quiet when you tell them to and work. The whites, the Asians, the blacks, everybody. Though the majority is white, I must admit, now I'll compare it to my old school. That one was about half Asian, and it was way better behaved than my new school.

"Multiculturalism is like dancing to no music."
And how? I can't find any possible relationship between the two.

Oh so anyway. I've been drawn back to a lot of these white nationalist websites, the other day someone on this fourm I go to was talking about the duo Prussian Blue (one quote: "Hitler was a good man." 'nuff said.), but I sympathize with them because they were homeschooled and brainwashed by their racist mother.

White women have been the subjects and models for all artists past present and future; the White race is the epitome of beauty, everyone else are just poor misshapen figures.
Whaaaat, just because they don't have the same skin color as you, that means that they're useless and ugly? And it wasn't by choice that white women have been models of artists, in fact, ever look at an ancient Chinese painting or anything like that lately?

I would never date someone who had dated or slept with a non-white. That's one of the first questions I always ask when getting to know someone. I consider those whites contaminated and an embarrassment. I could name a hundred more reasons why I don't find non-whites attractive, but it's really not worth my time.
That makes me sad. The first thing you ask when you want to take it further with somebody, "Are you a race defiler?" Even if the girl doesn't dump him, I hope to God that he dumps her.
purchase fashion wear from companies known to employ many of their product-endorsing idolized covergirls or top models from foreign countries below the equator, from third world non-white countries or just those American models who simply aren't aryan.
Oh, now hate on Victoria's Secret because they have Tyra Banks. What, you stopped reading Playboy when they placed colored models in there too?

Damn, I have to go now. I really wanted to finish writing this too. =[

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today was
9/7/06 (thursday)
the first day of school. It looks busy so I probably'll only be updating on the weekends until I get used to it, probably around Co-ops. >.>

Boo at the same homeroom teachers.
Yay at getting Mr. Mulligan. =D

Now I'm looking up high schools. =[

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so yay pictures?
9/4/06 (late night sunday, actually)

Okay, so, in my boredom I surfed themeparkreview.com some more and finally uploaded something to my flickr account! And I figured out how to get them on my gallery page too. For privacy's sake, most of those pictures had way more as a set, but I only uploaded ones with myself in them. But never a picture with just me.

Actually, I guess a lot of them aren't resized either but oh well nobody's gonna actually open them past the thumbnails, right? Hah.

So, uh, school starts in a few days and I'm pretty much halfway through tuesdays with Morrie. Hopefully I can fit in the science, if not, oh well.

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crunch time is coming!
9/1/06 (midnight friday)
but it's not yet! I swear >.> I'll start reading full-time tomorrow! I have less than fifty pages left in Johnny Tremain anyway, so I'll likely work on science after this.

Well, today we went to Six Flags. Interesting indeed because,
it was drizzling the whole day,
and there was a Rihanna feat. Lucas Prata concert that day.
It was Friday.
But it still rocked! So I shall post the whole day to keep me from having to read. >.>

I'd talk about the time before Six Flags, but that'll bore you hah. We went to the safari too, that was pretty cool. Stupid ostriches were everywhere though, they and the camels just seemed to stand in the middle of the road and block traffic, hah. And there was a limo in which we thought was Rihanna but we later found out it was an old guy or something.

So yes, theme parking. We went inside.. damn I forgot! Wait.. Oh yeah, first we went on Great American Scream Machine? Mae was an inch too short apparently but nobody stopped her so whatever, it was pretty cool anyway and she liked it. Then it was the Houdini's Great Escape? That was pretty cool.
So then it was Skull Mountain? It was darker than last time which made it cooler! When we got out, though, it was really pouring. We watched the tiger show, that was awesome. Awesome tigers! Yes indeed, so after me and Migs decided to go see the line for El Toro.
Oh yes, Plaza del Carnival was friggin soaking wet, some parts were almost flooded! But whatever. The line for El Toro was el toro-shiz so we decided to go on Rolling Thunder, so we called Larry and got confused with everybody going to the bathroom and finally waited in line. Then some person cut me and they had family with them so we're all like "Dammit we can't ride together!" but we figured it out. Sucked that they only had one train running the whole time, I thought it would be cool if they were actually racing hah.
So then after checked the El Toro line again, still toro so we walked to Medusa (on a friggin deserted path!) and went on like twice. Lmao, Migs forgot to take his glasses off so he's like (to the dispatch guy) "HEY! HEY!" and he's like "What?", so then Migs starts explaining but the guy's like "I can't hear you if you're whispering. You can hear me if I whisper 'cause I have the microphone but I can't hear you." We called some guy over to take it though. Uh, the ride was practically walk-on so we went on twice haha. That ride is painful on the face when it's raining.
My name is Trisha. Wait huh? Oh yes, Six Flags. Walked in the friggin pouring rain around back to El Toro to check the line one more time! It was slightly shorter but it was still too long so we went to go eat. So then Migs and I went to Batman, FRIGGIN WALK ON so we go on again hah. After that, Migs and I decided to go on Nitro. Then Migs was like "I wanna go on again!" (it was a walk-on too). After that, he wanted to go one more time! THREE FRIGGIN TIMES. Do you know how long the queue path to Nitro is?! They didn't allow re-rides either! Sorry, my legs just throb like hell after all that.
So then after that it was Skull Mountain again (apparently my brother and my dad were coming after us but it was a walk-on too so we just got on and rode and totally missed them!). Then I got a great idea! All the coasters are practically deserted 'cause of the concert so let's go on Superman (which apparently always has a 90 minute wait 'cause they didn't seem to change it from last time)! So we went on, and the line was short! Actually, there was like nobody there so we went on the second row (Migs is scared of the first row XD). They were only running one train though, which I guess was okay since the line wasn't really piling up. Of course Migs wanted to go on it again!
Uh yeah. So after that we went on Spongebob again. Oh wait, I never said we went on Spongebob. Hah, those were awesome motion simulator seats, best ever! But the illusion was kinda destroyed by the fact that you can watch the people around you in kinda full light. But it's all good.

So yes. I am sore. And I put a sweater on because without it I start shaking as well XD I think I wanna stay in tomorrow.

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i don't expect
8/31/06 (thursday)
to be updating nutang that much until school starts.
I have 1 1/2 books to read before school starts, and on top of that there's the "extra credit" science thing that I wanna hand in. I feel bad about starting things and never getting to finish them, and I'm about 1/3 through that so >.> At least I finished my social studies.

Gosh, I have to stop sleeping so late.

.. I guess I'll post private entries and stuff. I just can't wait for tomorrow, and then after that I know I won't want eighth grade to end, but I can't wait for next summer either. Summer is the best with the cousins, and plus we have plans to drive to Florida again. Sigh, time is cruel.

grrr addicted to surfing themeparkreview.com XD

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