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Im in School Right Now
Friday. 11.21.03 1:23 pm
Im in the media center. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=1667330

This link is pretty funny. Look what Jefferson said to Mourning. heh. Zo is the ish though. Im so psyched for the weekend, then no school next Thursday and Friday, hald fay Wednesday due to Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah, Monday is my Birthday. I'm turning 23:)

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Panthers win
Sunday. 11.16.03 5:46 pm
yes, the panthers slipped by the redskins, they're 8-2 now.

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LeBron and WWE...
Thursday. 11.6.03 7:43 pm

During WWE Monday Night Raw on Spike TV, Lebron James was in the front row. WWE is so stupid. I perfectly agree with this piece derived from "Wrestling Observer".

"LeBron James was there, and they showed him twice. Seriously, if I knew he
was going to be there and I were WWE, I would have hyped this for all it was
worth. I would have done everything I could to try to get him involved with
the main event angle, so I would have footage of it for the future.
Seriously, this guy is on track to become one of the biggest celebrities in
the United States, and opportunities like that don’t fall into your lap
every day. The hype is so strong on him that just doing a silly angle might
even get major mainstream coverage. Have him make the save for the babyface
at the end of the show. Just have him hop the rail. The heels leave and he
poses with one of your faces. No physical contact, and he doesn’t have to do
anything. It would probably be fun for him. And if he didn’t want to do
that, I would have had him get interviewed, or have him celebrate with
Goldberg and Austin at the end. He couldn’t drink with them, but still.
Something. Anything. Hell, he’s hot (Dean's note: as in "famous enough") enough that I would offer him full
creative control for the night."

Here's a Pic:

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New Background
Wednesday. 11.5.03 6:53 pm
I changed it to Cuttino "Cat" Mobley. I thought this wallpaper looked phat. Does anyone know any site with good wallpapers so I can put them as my background pic? Please drop me a comment stating the URL. Any kind is fine, sports-->futuristic, etc. thanks a lot.

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Yesterday felt like Sheet!
Tuesday. 11.4.03 7:30 pm
I felt so horrible yesterday. i was in a state of intense drowsiness and hunger. The result? A massive headache that felt like a creature was going to explode out of my head. I didn't have time to eat lunch so I came home and ate 2 hot dogs. I then went onto the computer, but the radiation soaked into my head, thus aggravating my senses to an intolerable amount of suffering. I then went to take an ap at 3:30. I woke up at like 5:30 due to self-discipline. I was sleepy as hell, but I had massive homework and I needed to study for tests. Just thinking about how sleepy I was makes me want to throw up now. Anyway, I got up tipping all over the place holding my internally wounded head. I went down the stairs and ate a shitload of food. It was satisfying to the stomach, but the nutrients did not process to my head yet. I had to somehow make myself awake; so I decided to take a shower. In the shower, the water was ice cold. I felt nawtious as hell. After taking a shower, I was still dizzy. Being the tough-ass scholar that I am, I managed to study a little but History and Math. It was like 9 then. Testing the limits of my brain, I shockingly turned on my monitor. Instanteously, the radio waves shot into my brain like demonic lasers. I somehow reached my way onto nba.com. I clicked on flash gamecast to check on the Hornets/Hawks game. The Hornets lost by 10 for their first loss of the season (3-1). I then closed my computer, and became extremely pissed. However, I went to bed and fell asleep.

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Saturday. 11.1.03 11:25 am
I am so foolish because of this. On SmallWorld Fantasy League. I sold Quentin Richardson and Eddy Curry. I bought Ronald Murray and Rashard Lewis instead because they are doing great (Lewis just dropped 50 last night). They were playing in Japan, so I hoped they would be back sooner than later. However, wtf. Their next game is 11/7! I have no more trades(in which you buy and sell your players) until next Tuesday!. I am screwed, and I will surely drop down in the rankings. This is really frustrating.

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