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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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Friday. 5.8.09 8:56 pm
I know I know I really need to write more here but the problem is there is no scheduled posting here so it is very hard to post entries like WordPress. WordPress allows me to write whenever I feel like it and schedule the posts one at a time to be published automatically.

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Ubuntu Linux - Windows and Mac are scam
Sunday. 4.5.09 3:41 am
I just installed Ubuntu Linux onto a notebook PC after windows died. As far as I am concerned windows and microsoft should die but unfortunately that will not be happening soon. At first I was having problems installing it because some kernal panic error but realized it is some memory problem with the PC. Just need to shut down the PC for awhile. Other than memory problems linux seems to run a little faster than windows. After installing linux the desktop looks just like a Mac so if Mac uses the linux system and Mac PCs are much more expensive then Mac must be a scam. Taking a free open source operating system and charging people for it. I now believe that both windows and Mac are a scam.

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The Iroha Project
Monday. 3.23.09 8:53 am
The Iroha Project http://www.irohaproject.org main site finally recieved the much needed updates to the Japanese section. Presently, both English and Japanese images and audio are running very well. There are a few difficult to hear sounds that need to be recorded but the problem is with Audacity. Somehow there is a strange feedback sound that gets recorded, which can only partially eliminated through the use of the Audacity effects. Perhaps tomorrow I will be uploading three new languages (Mandarin,Guangxi Baihua (a dialect of Cantonese) and Southern Zhuang http://www.projecth2o.org/irohaproject/2009/02/12/origins-of-the-zhuang-peoples/ ) on the about page http://www.irohaproject.org/help.php.

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unemployment - to be or not to be
Monday. 3.16.09 8:37 am
I have a thought of what to do about in order to better prepare oneself for the worst in these days of employment lay-offs. Imagine working for a company for 5, 15 or 25 years and all of a sudden you get laid-off. Some people make a big mistake when they start a job, they think that they can stay with it forever. This is a big mistake because there is not such thing as a job for life. Returning to my original scenario suppose you are working for a company for 15 years and then suddenly you get laid-off, how do you feel? There will be obvious feelings of angry, guilt etc etc imagine how hard it would be to find a new job, re-train, feed oneself, a family, fuel a car, pay rent/morgage etc etc all without any income comming in. A job can stop but the rest of the things just continue to feel like you are being inondated by a flood of bills, which in some cases will become more expensive throughout the year. Therefore, I think that in order to prepare oneself for the worst it is a good idea to say once a year at the minimum or as many times as you like (of course the more the better) to get out your resume and re-write a few drafts, subscribe to a few employment websites find a job you like and apply for it, write a cover letter and send it in. Once you are home and on your own time no one can say you cannot apply for a job while working. What better time to find a new job is NOW before you get laid-off and NOT after. The point is the world is changing, the job search world is not the same as it was 25 years ago you need to keep up keep your resume refreshed. I donít think it is necessary to go out and retrain but it doesnít do any harm if you have the time. It does not have to take time to get online, go through the newspapers, which you probably do already at work and when you find a job description you like then attack it and re-write your resume and covering letter. If you get the interview I am not saying you have to accept it either - itís up to you. If you can get a day off work to do the interview? If you do and you do get the job it is again up to you to accept the job or decline. One thing is important is doing your research about the current job market and other companies, exploring your interests and practising your current resume writing skills. I like to be prepared for the worst so the worst does not catch me off guard too much. I am always researching new companies, job search strategies, my interests including discovering new ones, learning new skills and practising my resume writing skills. I have applied to a few but at this time I can happily say is ok when I am turned down something that is a little bit more difficult to do when you have no job and are desprite. Fortunately, I do not know anyone who has lost their job but it can be very difficult when it all happens and you have no where to turn too.

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