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Blind to the gemstone alone

Age. 31
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
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School. Other
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September 2021

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Twilight movie soon
Thursday. 11.20.08 10:42apm
Twilight movie tomorrow, but I'm not going on the opening day. I think it'll be crazy because the time Rob Pattinson came to the mall, there were like 3,000 people waiting to get the autograph poster and they only allow 400. People got hurt and stuff. I'm just gonna wait a few days to go see the movie. I hope my sis gets free tickets today. I doubt it, but we'll see. Probably free tickets to another movie.

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My Old Closet
Sunday. 11.9.08 4:41 pm
Being at the new place, I kinda miss my old closet bedroom because of the ambiance. The curtain, the poster on my wall, the other stuff I hung on the wall. Overall, it felt great being inside that room. Having the boom box right beside me with my favorite music CD's already popped in. I can listen to it anytime without my headphones, without distracting my family. They said the music I listen to scares them. Close the door a bit for the air to go through. And just relax. I hardly listen to my favorite CD's now. My mp3 player feels totally different from my CD's. I love the CD's more because of all the songs and the cover art/booklet. I don't play my music out loud anymore.

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Monday. 10.20.08 8:10 pm
I went to see two movies with my sis today. May Payne and W. I didn't like both. It was painful sitting through movies I'm not interested in. Max Payne is repetitive and very boring. I don't hate it or anything. I just didn't have a good time. I saw W because my sis got free tickets. I would rather sit at home and put on the old "House On Haunted Hill." Good thing I ate breakfast this morning. Got home at around 7.

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Sunday. 10.11.08 9:19 pm
I'm gonna stop thinking too much and be happy. I'm gonna relax and enjoy myself. I've been stressed for several days. To make myself feel better, I should just go study. I need to get back to reading my books. I'm so slow. I'm reading Eclipse right now. I'm very slow. Break on Monday is cool. I'm happy about my new camera because the old one is lost. Now I can finally take high quality photos without feeling disappointed.

I don't feel like hanging out with people anymore. I'm sorta tired of that. I guess they don't really want me there anyways. I know so many people and they know me, but I barely have friends. When I meet someone that I get along with, they don't live in the same city as me. But that is okay. At least I know that I'm not abnormal.

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Friend's thing
Sunday. 10.5.08 4:45 pm
Yesterday, I went to my friend's b-day thing anyway. I'm glad I did. It was really good. We went to an Italian restaurant. I had pasta primavera because I don't like meat. The toasted french bread was cool. My pasta was delicious. The service was awesome. I would go back some other time. The style is classy. My friend treat all of us to some tapioca drinks. I offered everyone my donuts that was deformed, but tasted good. Her parents gave me a ride home. I got home by 9 something.

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Friend's Event
Saturday. 10.4.08 12:08 pm
I can't make up my mind whether to go to my friend's birthday event or not. It's not that I'm lazy, but I'm sorta broke. My parents being separated, and me living in a small apartment. I don't have a lot of money. Going to my friend's b-day event means that I have to spend money. My present is sorta cheap too. She invites me to go celebrate her b-day at an Italian restaurant. Of course, the food has to be expensive right? I don't even know how to get there. I haven't got my real break in a long time. Saturday is the only day I have. I don't want her to feel bad because I told her I'm going. She already told her parents that they could give me a ride home since we would stay until dark. That's why she offered. She wants me to go. She asked me every time I see her at school. And I don't know if my cheap present will look too ugly. I spend at least $5. Last year, I got her a $22 fancy notebook. This year should be okay. I hope. I have to make up my mind today because it starts at 6pm..

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Equal Ways

So the circle cannot fade
It turns in endless ways
It turns its endless days

So this window offers views
Of endless loves and fears
Of endless moves and stance

We turn in rest and dance
Scoff at our arises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I will never stop wonder

They walk in flowers
They walk in shorts
They win the nothings
They win awards

It makes no essence to me
I walk the flowers
I win the nothings
So this circle cannot fail

It turns its endless ways
It turns its endless days

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

Scare the dower
Rises and falls
I won't stop wonder
I won't ever stop wander

We turn in equal days
So let's live in equal ways
We turn in equal ways
So let's live in equal days

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