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still on hiatus tho
Monday. 11.24.14 1:10 pm

Since I'm on hiatus, a poem:

Passing Through a Sleeping Town at Midnight

The night was grey, it swept the town
My passersby, eyes all cast down,
Walked silently ne’er glancing up,
Their footfalls making not a sound.

I made my way by lantern light
Yet through the damp and misty night,
Across each brick and down my path,
Its end unknown, to my delight.

Through steady sleet, the town it slept,
And through their slumber still I stepped,
My journey on its way at last;
I cannot tell this secret kept.

Nor lingering in ages past,
Nor racing by at pace so fast,
Reveal itself this secret shall
When do my footsteps stop at last.

But none shall see and none shall know;
The tracks conceal'd by fresh, white snow.

I got a little hooked on Frost's rhyme scheme, one night, and popped this out in about half an hour flat. Iambic octameter is my shit.

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note from the author
Tuesday. 11.11.14 4:28 am

So, I might not post for a while.

My bipolar disorder kind of hit ice, this semester, so I'm just trying to stay above water and keep my head down until winter break. It's hard to write an entry when everything feels so off and so not me.

That's all.

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i've always been a fan of poppies. (regular password)
Thursday. 10.16.14 1:45 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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When people feel guilty about eating.
Sunday. 9.28.14 1:14 am

"I really want a second burger...but I know I shouldn't."

"Well go get one!"

"I shouldn't, though..."


"...Okay, the way I see it, we are specks of dust in this universe, held by gravity on a sizeably larger speck of dust, hurdling through outer space at around sixty-thousand miles per hour. Grand scheme, an extra burger every once in a while is just as significant as inventing the atomic bomb. Grand scheme."

"...I feel so much better."

"Feels good, right?"

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