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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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i will kill my phone
Sunday. 9.13.09 2:13 pm
so my env2 freezes everytime i try to text someone and then i have to take out the battery and restart it.........drives me crazy!!

going today to get it fixed or..........im hoping they will let me upgrade to the env3 for 50 bucks because i have insurance still on my env2


wish me luck!!

or and why the heck is all my technology crapping out on me all of a sudden

first my camera (lost it) then my computer now my phone

i can see the headlines no



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missing dll files
Saturday. 9.5.09 11:55 pm
so apparently my avg decided to delete 3 unknown to google dll files and im going to kill it....

i cant get on aim

limewire doesnt work

some settings dont work

and when i turn on my computer an error message pops up


im going to buy a flash drive back up my pics and wipe the hard drive i think

this sucks so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the aliens have taken over the world by chocolate milk
Saturday. 8.29.09 12:40 pm


Girls can be really ummm aggressive and mean. I dont think i want to be associated with my gender anymore. I have two brothers and of course i can be a umm b*tch but it does not come as naturally to me because most of the friends or ppl i have befriended have been friends with my brothers (boys) or i have naturally had mostly guys as friends.... But it seems like a lot more recently i have been hanging around with girls more and omg they can be really really really mean. I mean like scary ravenous-dog with rabies mean. Of course all girls are not like this and some guys can be like that too. But we seem to have had an outburst of b*tchiness at our school and it is umm terrifying.

and why do girls hold grudges for so long? wtf its like they have a contest to see how long they can stay mad at someone. Its ridiculous and cruel and just plain stupid

on a different note the theater song went good i sang "somewhere out there" from and American tale. :] it was fun and i had fun with it. Even though i was pretty darn scared.

I was looking through some old photos on my computer the other day and its sad how friends grow apart.


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soooo i have to do a solo musical
Friday. 8.21.09 11:46 pm
erggggggggggggg my teacher has decided to have us do solo musicals for this coming up friday :[ im a little freaked.......

i dont know what to do either..........

i was thinking of "palace stairs" from into the woods

but i dont know

if anyone has any suggestions for me i would really appreciate it!!!!!

oh and senior year ROCKS!!!!

and food poisoning is officially gone


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food poisoning sucks!!!!
Tuesday. 8.18.09 8:34 pm
we went to the mall sunday and did back to school shopping and stuff and we decided at around 5 to grab a bite to eat....so we went to a sit down grill place that seemed nice...i found out five hours later that i ate something bad (mom thinks it was the tuna...i think it was the soup) and puked every thirty minutes until 7am the next morning....i felt like crap yesterday (monday) but i was able to hold down some mashed potatoes last night.... I get waves of nausea and i have a constant headache......

and the best part is my first day of senior year is tomorrow

Yay -_-

this sucks so bad

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the day you almost caught captain
Saturday. 8.8.09 11:45 pm
so i was bored and instead of "googling"

i "tubed" :p

<3 johnny depp

/sends evil rays of hate if u do not/

peace! <3

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