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Saturday. 11.27.04 2:07 pm
A nechlace. From disney world. A friggin neklace from Disney World. Scott got me a nechlace from Disney World.

Haha. Let's flash back to -the past-

5th Grade.

I'm going out w/this guy Dawson. Bryson asks me out, so I break up w/Dawson. Dawson's allready got me a beautiful nechlace for Valentines day.

Sound familiar? Yea, Kendra told me about that whole deal w/the Disney World nechlace. Isn't that gay? Gay gay gay! No it's not gay.

It's sweet. Its a really really sweet thing for him to do. I don't know how I'm gonna tell him I can't do this. I just don't. =[

What do I do? Help!!

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Tuesday. 11.23.04 10:25 pm
He likes me back. Grr... How awful! He's best friends w/my bf, and all my best friends like him. Gawd, I feel horrible!

Ohh, and FYI, the entry below is about him. =P

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love him...
Tuesday. 11.23.04 9:11 pm
love him not... love him... Love him. It's his hug. That's how I knew it. The way I wanted to stay there, in his arms, forever. The way I wished he would just hold on to me, and protect me from the world. From my life. From everything. The way he would come out and talk to us, the two girls who probably have the biggest crushes in the world on him [which he knows about Kendra and not me], with shorts, a t-shirt, and socks on, in the cold wind and rain, and not go in, no matter how cold he is. And then, when we had to leave, he gave us the best hugs in the world. The kind of hugs your best guy friend gives you, the ones that hide whether he likes you or not. The close but far-away hugs, the ones you want to be closer and want to last forever and can almost tell that he does, too, but you're not sure if you're just wishing that or if it's true. It's the kind of hug that life, love, wishes, hopes, and dreams are made up of. The best hug in the world.

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an 8th grader
Saturday. 11.20.04 8:41 pm
A fing 8th grader.

"oh, I like you soooo much Hannah!"

W/E. That bitch. I hate him. GAWD! And to think, I had been in such trouble because I didn't know to choose him or Scott. So he goes out w/an 8th grader from Irons. That bitch.

Well, I know @ least Tanner likes me, as he waz trying to hold my hand after he asked me out and I said no last night @ the party when we were watching The Ring. Gawd I luv that kid. He's osm. And the fact that he wasn't afraid to talk to me even after I said no to him, that's kool. God, I love him. I'm calling him when I get home tonight. He's osm.

So, help me out if ya want. If ya can. If it's even possible.


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luvs me...
Wednesday. 11.17.04 10:58 pm
...luvs me not. Luvs me! Only... wait. Houstan, we have a problem. I'm still going out w/Scott. But wait, do I feel like it? No! Cuz has he said a word to me sence we started going out? NO! So wats the point of going out w/him? There is none.

So why can't I like Nick? Cuz they are really good friends, that's why. And I know Scott will find out about that cuz I've allready told a few people that I can't trust about how I like Nick. Shit this sucks ass. >=[

And in Nicks oh-so-true words:

NicLonghorns: man dat kinda bitter sweet u like me but u cant do anything cause u dint eanna ruin scotts and ur friandships,dat kool

What do I do?

Oh, and I'm learning how to play Time of Your Life on guitar. lol

luvs and hugs

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Monday. 11.8.04 4:42 pm
erg. This has been the worst birthday ever. I mean... I swear!

First of all, felt like crap all yesterday and today. Had to go in Ali's big van and I don't think it has shocks, and there were about a milifity bumps on the road, and my tumtum allready hurt like frikin crap, and then I got motion sickness yesterday. I felt like I was gonna throw my guts up all yesterday. Then, today, everytime I stood up everything went all neon or some crap like that, where like nothing is really still its just all pink and yellow and green and orange and purple and crap... And then there's this shit going on w/Kendra and Will, right?

"Cody" started a rumor. But it wasn't really Cody that started it. I'll get into that later.

The rumor is that Kendra's cheating on Will. I know it's not true. Kendra's just not the person that would do that. That's like saying Jenny would be cheating on Kyle or Sam. [that's a long story, and I'm not even gonna go there. remind me some time when I haven't posted in forever and I'll tell you.] W/Tanner.

And so Cody tells Will, right? Well, then Will calls me over [and this is in lunch] and asks if Kendra's cheating on him. I tell him of course not. But he doesn't believe me, now does he?

Well, in 5th prd., which he has w/Ali and Wendy, he tells Ali he thinks that Kendra's cheating on him.

Then-and this is what cracks me up- then she acts like I can't know or anything.

"I already know, Ali," I say.

"Whatever," that was her responce.

"It's about Kendra and Will and everyone's saying Kendra's cheating on Will," I said. I knew that's what it was about.

"Oh," she said in disgust.

And I look @ Wendy cuz I know exactly where she stands on this. "And we're not gonna get into it, right?"

"No way," Wendy said. "Fights suck butt."

"I guess not," Ali says, put down.

"Right?" I look @ Ali. "If a fight starts, we aren't gonna get into it."


"OMG Ali why do you even want to get in a fight???" Wendy looked @ her w/that look that she has, like, 'WTH?'

"I love fights, and I get into every one there is!" Ali shoots back. She walks away. Me and Wendy walk to our back packs [hehe i got a new one on Sat. lol random fact but I had a gay one b4 lol] and get our binders.

"Sounds like someone wants that rumor to be true, huh?" Wendy asks me.

"Yup," I agree.

"Kissko," Ali calls, then walks over to us. "Kissko!"

"Hi Hannah," she waves @ me.

"Hi Ali," I say in that peechy keen tone of voice that is sooo sarcastic it's amazing she didn't notice.

"Hi Hannah," she said again, but stressed the Hi, so I would know she meant by that "Bye, Hannah." As if I didn't allready know. She's so good @ making people know she wants them gone.

Then she starts whispering to Wendy.

And what really pisses me off is that it's my birthday. My fuckin' birthday. I feel like punching something right now. I'm crying, just about. On my 13th birthday. I guess 13 really is an unlucky number.

And then, I got this dread of S.S. It was my next period. My last period. For some reason, I though Kendra would be pissed off @ me, not wanna talk to me about anything or anything. I don't know why, I just did.

I went up to my locker to get my book, and I saw Kendra, and I went to talk to her after I got my book. We started walking down to S.S.

"OMG I'm sooo pissed @ Ali."

And I told her the story.

"I'm gonna talk to this Ali girl," said Kendra.

And she did, but if Ali's pissed @ me, I don't care. Wendy agrees w/me, I think. That's what she said, @ least. And I really trust Wendy.

And Ali said that Kendra's the type of girl that would do that. WTFF???? She duznt even fucking know Kendra! And me and Wendy decided that's saying someone like Brooke would be the type of girl that would do that. And then she was like, "I don't think Cody would lie."

I butted in here. "Just because Cody wouldn't lie doesn't mean that he wouldn't tell people something he'd heard somewhere else."

And then I knew who started it. It was Tanner. I mean, he still likes her, and he really wants them to break up, and he hates Will. And, if they broke up he could ask out Kendra on the rebound. Yup. I'm a genius. I know I am. =p. lol.

Well, me and Scott are still going out. That's one good b-day present. lol. =p

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