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The cake is a lie...

Age. 44
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. YAHTZEE!!
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School. Grand Valley State Univ
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Hanging up on Young Republicans!! WHEE!
Friday. 8.11.06 6:13 pm
Okay. Best TV show ever.

I was watching Scifi late one night and this show was on.

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

To give you an idea of what it's like...it's...well...

Think of the most famous horror author you know. Give him a show, allow him to write and star in it...all on a BBC budget...set it in the '80's and you have Garth Marenghi.

It's delightfully horrible. Though the only bummer is...the cast is in on the joke, which can be sort of good but sometimes I think it's funnier when the show is a joke that the writers and director and everyone else is in on but the cast is 100% serious and they don't know that the laugh's on them.

Take "Starship Troopers" for instance.

I wonder if the kids in that movie knew that this was a tongue in cheek tribute to the propaganda films of the 1940's. Though the film takes on some of the feeling of America's old propaganda films, the facist overtones of the film lead me to believe that it might be more of a jokey look at old Nazi propaganda films.

Because, really. The government in Starship Troopers? Totally facist. Look at their uniforms for Christ's sake. They're totally Nazis. Or young Republicans.

Speaking of. I hung up on a young Republican last night. He was calling for a survey.

I paused, inhaled and said, "Oh...I don't think so..."


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Wednesday. 7.26.06 8:26 pm
OMG! I made twenty cents!!

Watch out, I might make a dollar before the new year.

Man, am I tired. There were things I was meaning to say but I didn't say them and now I can't remember what it was that I should have said.

Incidentally, I'm feeling all out of sorts lately. And I'm hating my hair right now. Because of the heat, it's gone all wonky. Sticking every which-way and generally hanging off my head like electrified wet noodles.

Sometimes...I want a vacation from myself.

My husband's watching The TV Wheel.

You know. I didn't really find it funny the first time it aired and watching a little bit of it again, I'm still not amused. And I'm wondering if it's a failing of my own or the show. Maybe it's just too sophisticated for me, or maybe I'm too sophisticated for it. (I doubt that...I find the dumbest things funny.)

Anyway, it's driven me from the room.

Just watched Kiki's Delivery Service. It dulls the pain...of most things. Miyazaki-sensei has a way of doing that. Brilliant movie maker.

Well, I'm off to wash my unruly hair. And maybe after that, I'll decide whether or not I'll write or if I'll draw.

It's a toss up as we speak.

I'm doing a fanart thing of Lily and Harry Potter. CLICK ME!

I decided not to imbed it in this entry because the picture's so huge. You'll notice I put all sorts of copy protection on it. Sure, mars the pic a lot, but I feel it's important to protect my pics from art thieves. They're out there, yo.

Anyway, it's just the original line drawing. I've actually refined it a great deal from the state you see it in here. In the final, she'll actually be smoothing down his blanket but I drew them this far apart for the line art to make it easier to color them separately once in photoshop.

*yawns* I'm tired.

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Wednesday. 7.19.06 5:32 pm
So I was in drive thru today, which is odd because I'm NEVER in drive thru. Not sure why. Prolly cus I bring my own music to play on the CD player and I don't listen to "normal" music. I was today, so....hurrah for that I guess.

So, the day was slow, filled with your typical dinguses who can't be bothered to fill out a deposit slip because it's A) too hard and they're stupid or B) they're lazy and stupid. Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, long story short.

Around four....maaaaaaaaaaaybe four thirty, I hear this scratching sound coming from the copy machine room, which is right by drive through. Followed by a chirping sound. Intrigued, I momentarily ignore the people waiting in the drive thru to investigate.

I poke my head into the copy room, and I hear it again coming from the ceiling.

A bird. There was a bird trapped in our ceiling! I called my manager and she called building services.

Because I worked at a nursery a while back and have dealt with wild birds, I thought it'd be smart to close the copy room door because if it managed to find a way out of the ceiling, it might freak out and start dive bombing people.

Around forty five minutes later, some of my co-workers had to get in there, so first I poke my head back in to make sure it's all clear. AND THERE'S THE DAMN BIRD! Just sitting on the table across from the copy machine, looking at us.

I opened the drive through door and one of my co-workers scared it out and it flew away.

But that was just the weirdest shit ever.

Evidently, a few tiles in the drive thru canopy hadn't been replaced and it had gotten in that way. So building services fixed it and stuff.

Only at my branch...

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It's been an upsetting day. I need to lay down.
Monday. 7.17.06 5:41 pm
Ugh. I feel like I've been hit with a four by four. Or a very large panda bear.

Today was not only hotter than hell, but busy. Add to this that our building manager actually turned the thermosat UP!!


Also, peoples...is it really so hard to fill out your own deposit slips? And another thing, just cus it's a bank doesn't mean we just give you money if you hand us a check.

We do have rules you know. Like you do...AT EVERY JOB IN THE WORLD.

So, sorry. No. I'm NOT gonna cash your third party check. BECAUSE I CAN'T!! I'm not being a racist, I'm just following the rules. I've said the same thing to every single customer I've ever served who's presented a third party check. Race doesn't EVEN enter into it. Thankyousoverymuch.

Just cus I'm white doesn't mean I'm racist. In fact, despite my unfortunate color handicap, I am the OPPOSITE of a racist and even though you were a douche bag to me, I won't hold it against you. It's all hot and it hurts and stuff. I get that.

So you don't have to "go to the hood" to cash a check. You can do that here and I'll cash it with a smile on my face and a little skip in my step. As long as you don't ask me to break any rules. Because I like my job. A lot. They give me money. And if I'm fired, they stop doing that and THAT...is bad.

Hell, if you really talk to me a bit, tell me a bit about your situation, I'm likely to make an exception. I do that a lot. I only go out of the way for people who are nice to me. If you're not nice, I feel less inclined to break the rules for you.

But after I explained, REALLY NICELY, to you that I couldn't do it...and then you yelled at me and got all in my face...d'ya really think ANYONE would do ANYTHING for you at that point?

I don't care what color you are. Rude is rude.

And I know for A FACT that there are plenty of huge white assholes who make life difficult for the rest of the world. I hate them. I hate them SO very much. I hate them like whoa. I'd like to beat the little fuckers with a stick because they make life difficult for the rest of us who AREN'T assholes.

But really. I realize this...assholes come in all colors. In all shapes and sizes, with many different accents. Sometimes they yell obscenties at you in a foriegn language. Sometimes they don't. Most times, I hate them.

Also, memo to rich white ladies. Yeah, I'm sorry that one, I DARED TO ASK FOR YOUR ID! Because I guess I'm supposed to realize you're rich and white and I'm poor, therefore I don't check your ID. And two, that I should just cash your husband's check for you, despite the fact that it breaks like...five rules and I could get fired for it...dammit, your husband has forty bajillion dollars at the bank and GOD FORBID YOU GO AND WHINE TO HIM ABOUT THE MEAN TELLER WHO WAS JUST TRYING TO DO HER FRIGGIN' JOB!! Bitch.

Yeah, you can go to hell. Go to hell and die.

And I hope it's a prolonged, painful death, because that is how much I hate you.


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....I hate summer. I really, really hate it.
Sunday. 7.16.06 5:02 pm

It's too darn hot and that's not just another lame attempt to quote Cole Porter.

Even with the air on it seems like the heat just soaks through the walls.

God I hate summer.

Only good news. I'm gonna be desiging a cookbook! YAY! And the best part is I'm gonna get paid for it.

I'm really tired, which is dumb because I got plenty of sleep. Though I did stay up late...and sleep in...so maaaaaaaaaybe.

Also, I totally broke my mom's fan. I feel really bad. I think I'll offer to replace it if she can't fix it.

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GAH!...Imma tired...mfff...
Wednesday. 7.12.06 6:09 pm


I gots too much to do.


I should be writing/drawing/paying bills but I'm thinking about going back and maybe reading Harry Potter 3, like a big old sissy girl, or perhaps watching Law & Order while I stare at the air conditioning, wishing I had enough money to put it on all the time instead of just at night.

Stupid economy.

The only bright thing about all of this?

I have to work Saturday. Normally, this would piss me off but this time it doesn't.


Because if I didn' t have to work, I'd have to go camping. Now camping in and of itself is NOT a bad thing. Normally I like camping. But this is roughing it on a level I'm not prepared for.

There are NO bathrooms. Not even porta-potties. It's a national park, so we can't poo in the woods. If we have to go, we have to hike a half mile back to our car, drive for forty five minutes to the nearest town...and then we wander around in search of a bathroom to go in.

I don't particularly care if there are showers. Don't care if I have to go in a really stinky porta john. The one at Pine's Point was old, rickety, with no seat and when the wind blew really hard, the entire outhouse would shake violently. But I was okay with that.

A line has to be drawn somewhere.

And that line is no bathrooms.


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