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The Pop Star Guide [Parody]
Friday. 11.23.07 6:29 pm
Gotta love this!!!

http://view.break.com/372438 - Watch more free videos

Found on Dragonfly blog

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Read manga Online
Saturday. 11.10.07 5:22 am
Here are some of the best sites I know that offer manga to read online:

Manga Hut - very large selection of titles and my fav. I would wish for more shoujo/josei titles though :)
One Manga - 193 titles at thie writing moment, mostly shounen but they are working on the shoujo collection
Manga Volume - 374 titles. Enough said.
Manga Fox - 1056 Manga Series. Nice loking, easy to use and to find what you want.

Next are sites I have not tried a lot but look good enough to mention.

Read Manga - 9 titles, but they are on Alpha stage.
Manga Rooter - 388 titles. Not much of a looker but good anyway.
Manga at Bleach Exile - although it's a Bleach dedicated site, the manga selection is not only Bleach.

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Anime Fall 2007 - Best Fansub Grup
Sunday. 11.4.07 1:53 am
I give you the best fansub grup for each of this season anime TV series according to AniDB's users rating:
Note: Links opens in a new window/tab
Note 2: The shows are listed by their air date. For the ones that started later the choises are rather young so changes could appear.

01. Macross F : Not picked
02. D.C. II: Da Capo II: Anime-Share Fansubs [rating: 8,04]
03. Bamboo Blade: Huzzah-Doremi joint [rating: 7,74] (goes to the Doremi's site, Huzzah has no site listed)
04. Sketchbook: full color`s: SpoonSubs [rating: 7,89]
05. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor: Triad [rating: 8,08] (only goup to pick it, but that does not mean it's not doing a great job)
06. Suteki Tantei Labyrinth: Out of Mana [rating: none yet] (only goup to pick it)
07. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: NEET Fansubs [rating: 8,31]
08. Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku: Genjo-Subs [rating: 7,96]
09. Myself; Yourself: Misc. Enlightened Entertainment Works [rating: 6,32] (only goup to pick it)
10. Night Wizard: Ashes & AniSubs joint [rating: 8,07]
11. Mokke: Subbers Anonymous - no site listed [rating: none yet] (only goup to pick it)
12. Dragonaut: The Resonance: Shinsen-Subs [rating: 7,24]
13. Taiho Shichauzo: Full Throttle: Naked Xlation - no site listed [rating: 5,42]
14. Clannad: Static-Subs & Eclipse Productions joint [rating: 8,44]
15. Shakugan no Shana II: Static-Subs & Eclipse Productions joint [rating: 8,77]
16. Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun: AnimeYoshi [rating: 8,58]
17. Kidou Senshi Gundam 00: Mendoi & Conclave joint [rating: 8,61] (they put up a site especially for their joint projects)
18. Shugo Chara!: Formula Sub [rating: 7,89]
19. Zero Duel Masters: Not picked
20. MapleStory: Ashes & WIW joint [rating: none yet] (only goup to pick it)
21. Yattokame Tanteidan: Not picked
22. ef - a tale of memories.: Mendoi & Conclave joint [rating: 7,97] (they put up a site especially for their joint projects)
23. KimiKiss Pure Rouge: Bullet Speed Sub [rating: 7,18]
24. Prism Ark: Anime-Share Fansubs [rating: 6,72]
25. Minami-ke: Ayu [rating: 8,59]
26. Juushin Enbu: Hero Tales: Kuro-Hana [rating: 7,60]
27. Rental Magica: Eclipse Productions [rating: 8,26]
28. Genshiken 2: Pseudonym - no site listed [rating: 7,66]
29. Kodomo no Jikan (2007): Genjo-Subs [rating: 8,12]
30. Moyashimon: Bullet Speed Sub [rating: 8,33]
31. Shion no Ou: Live-eviL [rating: 7,86]
32. Koharu Biyori: omoi - no site listed [rating: none] (only goup to pick it)
33. Ghost Hound: Genjo-Subs [rating: 8,37]
34. Ichigo Ichie Koibana Tomobana: Not picked

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Sunday. 10.28.07 9:03 am
The Rose of Versailles
Anime Fall 2007 - Best Fansub Grup
Anime Winter 2008 - My thoughts

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CLANNAD - DVD Invitation Stream
Sunday. 9.30.07 9:02 am
Here are the OP, the Ed and the three PV from the CLANNAD DVD Invitation, released to promote the upcoming TV serie:



Online Videos by Veoh.com

PV 01

Online Videos by Veoh.com

PV 02

Online Videos by Veoh.com

PV 03

Online Videos by Veoh.com

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WOW, The machine that writes in water
Saturday. 9.29.07 4:48 pm
I found this amazing video on El Aprendiz... blog:

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