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[I Thought We Were Friends.]
01/08/09 10:43
I am...

feeling: Pissed Off
listening to: Nothing

So the new Bleach was boring and rubbish and my revenue still seems to be going up which means dave hasn't had time to deal with revenue stopping yet... o_o;;

Nutang seems to be veeeery quiet these days... seriously o_o;; Like... I signed on with 0 pages surfed and I was one of 3 who was on Nutang's most popular o_o;; That's quite... erm...

Anyways, it's now August which means I have approximately a month before my two resits. I am not ready for them omw I'm like shytting it now ><;; gna be studying my absolute arse off this month.

Right... minor rant, don't read if you can't handle:

So this friend of mine said they'd come up and visit me at one point during the summer hols and I think it's really cool and yay nice come visit blah blah lah-di-dah. But one thing: this friend doesn't ever seem to text/contact me unless they're either drunk or high.

Like wtf.

Last night was the last straw. It's getting close to the date they're supposed to visit and I've been sending texts like 'so are you actually coming?' because it's not like I want to put everything on hold for a friend who doesn't even show up, right?

Then they reply last night and then a couple of texts later I find out they're actually tipsy/drunk at the time. This is like most times I've had contact with this friend. So, I replied this morning telling them just forget it. What's the point in seeing someone who only bothers to contact you when they're drunk?

And secondly, announcement to all the people I know in real life who have come across my blog/I have given the link to and instantly reacted negatively against it:

Piss the hell off if you don't like it. It's not like I'm forcing you to read it and it's not like I wanted you to find it in the first place anyway so you can fk right off if you're gna comment on how ugly it looks or "special" I am.

Just because I have the brains to code and design my own layouts and the ability to keep a blog does not mean I should get grief from you. STFU if you can't say anything nice and GTFO of my blog. Thank you.

Btw, to everyone else: happy August :)



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[Last Day...]
31/07/09 09:42
I am...

feeling: Awake
listening to: Nothing

...to collect revenue? And also last day of July omo!! =O

I've been working my way up both the 'Tang lists bwahahaha! Getting to most active now ^^ But I doubt I'd ever pass the top most active =_=;;

Anyways, I did a bit more tweaking of this layout yesterday, especially the css. Now I have two boxes to write stuff in and I've no idea what to write in those boxes though heh ^^;;

Well, I'm off to get up properly, have breakfast then study! Yay! ^^ I actually enjoy it these days, like wtf, right? =O But anyways I only have a month left before my resit and I am so not ready at all omw shoot me now confident I will be fine. Yes. o_o;;

Noah Fellowship this evening as usual, with a pre-worship meal this time, yey ^^ Looking forward to it! :D

I've been learning a load of Chinese lately too... hopefully that'll help my communication with Chinese people in future as well. My parents tell me to get my Chinese to standards... So, I'm trying!!

Blah blah blah. I just like these little boxes ^^ But really not a clue what to write in them =/

OMW I just realised it's Friday!!!


Yey yey I'm happy now ^^ Ttfn!~



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29/07/09 21:02
I am...

feeling: Accomplished
listening to: Pretty Boy - 2NE1

Because I am just way too lazy to change much of the coding...

My new layout turned out to be like this too haha. Purple again... o_o;; And... I know I shouldn't be bored of this layout already... but I'm bored of this layout already =_=;; The sad thing is it took me 6 hours to make ._.;;

Actually that's a lie. I spent the first 3 hours recollecting all the brushes and textures I lost from my comp dying under the gay virus I had at the start of my first year. Since then I haven't downloaded any manga again. Online reading is the way to go!

And as you can see, this new layout features Rukia from Bleach, a series by Kubo Tite (or Titty, as my friend calls him, cos we're fed up of being toyed by Kubo's direly slow-moving chapters), which I absolutely love (apart form the direly slow chapters part o_O)

The first arc was amazing... now it's just getting drawn out =_=;; And it's been around for years already!!! You'd think he'd be done by now??

So... I'm still annoyed at the coding. And the background is so damn plain =_=;; But I just cba with it anymore grrr. This style is pretty new to me as well. Never done anything retro before, but hey, I like it :D

Unfortunately, I'm ashamed to say this is one layout that actually looks better in IE :( Only because for some reason FF keeps the opacity of the title to full even though my coding states 70%?! And I don't know how to change it -_-;;

And after I'm done with it, it'll be up for grabs in KuriDesigns :) And I'm pleased to say that with this new colouring you can't see the massive ICEMELON thing being retarded at the bottom. Well, now you can since I just pointed it out ._.;;

Ok headache now... >_<;;


p.s. thought I should explain: omw = oh my word ^^;;

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[New Layout]
28/07/09 19:43
I am...

feeling: Sleepy
listening to: In The Club - 2NE1

...seriously needed!

Seriously I want a new one. But all the premades on Nutang aren't very me. And the ones I've designed I don't particularly want to use. Well, there's one or two, but I've lost the coding for it since my comp got screwed over and all my files disappeared o_o;;

And I don't particularly want to use my Nana one since my personal site uses it and... yeah hmmm dno, maybe tho. Still, dying for a change of layout!

Let's see... Ok that's it, I'm changing my layout. Anyone tell me if there's anything wrong with it when it comes up, ok? :)

Apart from that, I downloaded 2NE1's mini album today. OMW I love them so much!!! Their songs are amazing, their voices rock and just blend together perfectly and they dance so well ^^ You can definitely tell they've worked hard for it!

I'm gna buy the album, don't get me wrong, but I'm just waiting for the full album release. May take a while, but still, the amount of times I've bought one then a better one comes out with like 2 different songs =_=;;

If you haven't guessed, I've done that like three times already with DBSK hahaha. I've learnt my lesson now x] But seriously recommend them. Especially this song. And "Fire". And "I Don't Care". And all their other ones omw!!! Haha XD

Oh yeah, today I also found out something. Don't you hate cheating btards??? No, I wasn't cheated on, but I swear it's guys like that that give guys in general a bad name! And to think I was friends with him ><;; I totally didn't think of him as that kind of person, but I should have known. The signs were there.

He'd hit on me before as well, then I found out he was married (he's like 24/25 btw, not an old man!) But I didn't think much of it, then today found out he'd cheated on his long-term gf with a close friend of mine at one point and omfw totally screwed part of her life over. Why didn't I notice it before? I wanted to punch him.

I think I just won't speak to him ever again.

I don't know why his wife puts up with him. She knows, apparently. About him cheating on her, even though they were going out/engaged/blah.

Stupid asshole.

Right! Layout change ^^



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[So I'm Poor, My Affies Are Dead and My Piano Skills Suck?]
27/07/09 20:55
I am...

feeling: Very, very annoyed
listening to: Nothing

So I took my little sister to town today... Took her to Pizza Hut (mainly cos I was craving it ;p) then to see 'The Proposal' at the cinema... Haha I'd give it 4*'s! ^^ It was certainly laugh-out-loud funny, but pretty predictable in terms of plot, you'll know what I mean if you've seen the trailer x]

Spent like £45 in total today... omw ;_; My poor money... and yus, tis my money... Got paid on Friday so yeah ^^;; Granted, £19 was on my clothing (and the jeans I have right now have been with me for the past 4 years, I think it's about time I got new ones?) but the rest was on taking her out... jeez... (Ranted about this on private blog but yeah, message me for password).

I also realised, after getting an email this morning from this person requesting to affie with me, that half my affiliates on my site are dead... serrrriously need to go through them and redo that page... oh dear ^^;;

Nice of them to let me know they were closing down, right? Jeez... >_>;; But I don't blame them really, I've been pretty dead myself for a long time ^^;; But at least my site was still up, which meant I was going to go back to it!

Theeen, got back from town and came online just now, checked youtube and I got this comment from some random person:
"wow ur very good! U play just the same as my friend who played this song! She still plays and for 9 years. how about u?"

Hmmm... I dno whether to take that as a compliment or an insult =_=;; Plus I hate people who use text speech online. Seriously, is it that difficult to type out an extra two characters?! You -> U. Omw people these days ¬_¬;;

'Just the same'...? Well, I've been playing for 12 years and counting thank you very much, so er... yeah. Oh! Which brings me onto my next point! Omw I was looking on my youtube page yday and omw!! I was so shocked to see my Mariage D'amour Tutorial had so many hits =O

And when I did a Youtube search for 'Mariage D'amour Tutorial', guess whose link was the very first (and only) tutorial on the first page... BWAHA yayness! x] and I scrolled down, a few playlists came up for it, then Youtube says "Search results for Mariage D'amour" and the first two links are mine hahaha...

Yus that was pretty cool x] Woo! ^^

So yes, apart from a few things, I'm pretty irritated today...



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[Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh EHHH!]
26/07/09 09:25
I am...

feeling: Refreshed
listening to: Fire - 2NE1

Anyone else heard from the latest Kpop sensation that is 2NE1 lately? x]

I absolutely love them :D Been listening to their songs for a while now. Literally since before their minialbum even came out ^^ It's out now, but I'm waiting for the actual full album to come out before buying it.

No point buying singles really when the full album is only like 50p more expensive, surely! Made that mistake with DBSK too many times already ^^;;

Well, I say "listening to their songs"... I actually mean only Fire and I Don't Care, since they're the only two I've managed to get my hands on thus far and so far, I'm loving what I'm hearing! So 100% recommend them!

Nyeh, anyways, woke up (naturally) at 6:45am this morning haha, twas fun. Then went for a walk for an hour and a half, but what amused me was that my parents still weren't up even after I'd arrived back home haha...

Well, they're up now. I kinda laughed at them for being lazytards and not getting up ;p

Sighhh and here they used to yell at me for waking up late!

Ok... time to... do something... productive (HA!)... x]



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