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Age. 33
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. filipino
Location , CA
School. Other
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Material Items I've Been Eyeing...
-Cyclo DS cart
-Nikon D60
-Free Line Skates
Events I would LOVE to attend
May 10th
Meg & Dia Signing at Mission Valley Mall

May 22nd
No Doubt, Paramore, and The Sounds
@ Cricket Amphitheater

May 26th
Kaylyn's first Bday!!!

Electric Daisy Carnival

Comic Con San Diego

Vans Warped Tour
This is what I'm thinking.
AHH!!! writers cramp!

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summer school
184th day of 2004
well i got into summer school. heh i spent my first day in the cafeteria with my friend Leilani. heh we had fun being bored as fuck in there. they sed that they were going to be calling people into the counseling center and that was around... umm... 8 - 8:30 in the morning. by that time i've been waiting since 7:20 that morning. so i thought i wasn't going to wait that long. boy was i ever wrong. from 7:20 to 12:23 i waited for them to call my name. finally when i got there i found out that i had classes and i missed my classes... gosh.... also to put on top of that i didn't get a class i really needed! instead of Geometry i got Biology and to make that even more worse i got the same teacher i had during the year!!! lol i didn't need Bio but i needed english. but i'm stuck in that class cuz geom is full. damned crappy numbers!!! heh
anyways... in my english class i made a new friend. Kayla heh she's kewl. she went to Coronado High for her freshie year and she knew my friend Shannon that goes there. heh funness!!! she's going to be going to MVH next year cuz she got kicked out of Coro High. it sux cuz that school is kewl!! lol hmm... o yea i'm moving this weekend to a new house and everything. ugh imma miss this neighborhood!!!! how it was always quiet and how i can bike to people's houses and to the beach and everything... gosh this really sux... but now at my new house i can walk to AMC 24 and to Starbucks and to the other fast food places heh. and also i have a pool in the backyard. so i guess it's ok. but still i like it here better cuz my friends live here and everything. hmm... i think i'm in the mood to type today. heh i think so cuz i ran out of things to type but i'm still typing like a xrazy maniac lol. hmm.. i hope i get this hunk-of-junk (computer) when my dad gets a new one. heh imma fix it up and get a new harddrive and fix the cd-rom and add a burner. then i'm set!! that's all for now before i think of something else to type about. my pure nonsense is getting to me... lol

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YES!!! my song is complete
177th day of 2004
good morning cyberspace!!!! lol whoa.... STOP DICK CHENEY!!!! heh. anyways.... thnx to Marian for helping me i finished my song!!! she made up the first verse

My Sweet Nightmare

It hurts to know
The fact that we would never be
I guess this love
I have for you
You will never feel
It hurts even when I see your face
How I long each day for you

Sitting all alone
Thinking of you
You’ve never left my mind
Always haunting me
Always taunting me
My nightmare

I gave you love
Through my words
Straight from my heart
I wanted you
To know how I felt
How I cared

Sitting all alone
Thinking of you
You’ve never left my mind
Always haunting me
Always taunting me
My nightmare

You got scared
From how I felt
You ran away from me
I didn’t mean
to hurt you so bad
I’m sorry

Days go by
So very slowly
Our bond is wasting away

heh there that's my song. my fingers are sore from playing it all day yesterday on my guitar. but alls good. i just have to memorize it and learn how to play it in from of ppl. ::sigh:: my first song... sad and true. heh also for sure now i'm moving. my parents signed the papers and everything while i was walking around in vons and rite-aid looking like i was going to steal things. lol i was being stupid i was walking around not paying attention and i kept bumping into things and making them fall. haha ppl were looking at me. it's was funny to me at least. hmm...
i hope you guys like my song. if not then go ahead and critize me heh i don't care i wan true and honest opinions. heh

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175th day of 2004
my internet provider is being stupid. lol and i'm sitting here watching the telly. isn't tv over rated now-a-days? including movies? lol rated R for language lol well i hear that much language in one class at school. hahthe summer so far is sad and lonely. thanx to me leaving school on a sour moment. ::sigh:: i still need lyrics for my riffs from my guitar. well i do have some...

sitting all alone
thinking of you
you've never left my mind
always haunting me
always taunting me
my nightmare.

hmm... what do you think? lol sux that no one can hear it though. lol i dunno what else to write for tonight... i'll come back tomorrow hopefully. as i always say "I love to hate love." heh aren't oxymorons great??? lol aighty i'm out cold

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no more school
171th day of 2004
well school is offically over let the boredom begin!!! haha the last few days of school yer sad fun and upseting. sad cuz it's the end of the year fun cuz i had good times with me pals and unpseting cuz my love didn't accept my apology. Still thinks i'm scary. gosh i thought she was open minded. ::sigh:: well that sucked the joy of no more school right out of me. at least i got to see her one last time before the long two months. when i was walking to April's house i saw her and Andrew. she looked at me like i was crazy and andrew just talked to me. hmm.. when i saw her i got the chills down my back and my face felt hot. i think i was blushing but i'm not sure cuz i was too cold to tell. i love her with all my heart she's such a rad person. i wouldn't dare control her ::looks at david B.:: she's just soo awsome. it's just something about her draws me to her not just her perfect bod. (i never really noticed it at first) she's just... i don't know. ::sigh::... anyways... i ran out of books to read again so i went to Waldens. they don't carry my favorite author so i had to get something else so i got
heh i haven't started reading it yet but i'm going to tonight. i wonder how long it'll take me to read this lol The Fuck-up by Arthur Nersesian. heh hmm... i don't know what else to out so i'm out for now...



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am i cute am i hot??? gosh... really now...

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160th day of 2004
Tamela told liz about the letter and that i wrote it... gosh imma get her tomorrow!!! UGH!!!!! ... i feel angry and depressed again!!! ::sigh:: why me... why do i always screw up when i'm just starting to get better..... she better be wearing her running shoes tomorrow morn!! cuz she's going to be running for her life!!! imma wake up really early tomorrow and i think i'm going to walk to school. but i doubt i wake up too late to walk... but imma try cuz i dunno tamela is getting it!!!!! why did she tell her... gosh.. i trusted her... i should have learned from when she told about April liking Alain (pronounced Allan) gosh... i dunno what to say/type... too much going on in my head... i guess i'm out for now...

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156th day of 2004
Whoa!!!!! well it has been a very very strange 2 weeks. well, first off the good news Liz is starting to talk to me again yea!!!! Volley Ball tryouts were the two weeks also that's why i haven't been on for a long time!! WOO!!! i hope i make the cut!!! it's been fun playing again!!! i'm getting a little better with my serving.... lol heh i got my year book today too!!! today was the last practice. i'm nervous and also releaved that's over. lol i've been going to school exhausted!!! lol WOOO!!! i ate too much chocolate today!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i've been in a really good mood today hahaha!!! i dunno why... lol hmm... the bad news... i can't say it here... hmm... if you really want to know just IM me DroNKeEpeR lol ok i'm out for now!! tomorrow and Sunday is the bazaar for me i'll blog about it later maybe i hope!!!!

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the letter
144th day of 2004
Dearest Elizabeth,
I hope this letter explains how I feel about you because ever since I saw you I knew you were a great person and I just wanted to be friends with you. As I got closer to you I found myself thinking about you constantly and always wanting to be around you.
When I found out that you were going out with David, I was crushed. But I didn’t do anything dramatic, I just stepped back. I waited to see if my feelings would fade. By the time you broke up with David my feelings for you were just barely there: smoldering. A week later my feelings burned down an entire forest.
I’ve never felt like this for anyone before. Elizabeth I love you so much that just thinking about you brings tears to my eyes. These tears of joy, longing, and sadness. Why sadness? Because I know that I’d never get a chance to be with you. You only think of me as a friend and I’m okay with that.
I would tell you who I am but I don’t know if I should. I will eventually (I hope) but for now this will do. And plus I’m scared what your reaction would be. If you ever find out who I am, I don’t know. Just don’t be surprised...

With love,
The Unknown


well that's the letter i wrote to my beloved Liz. if anyone has anything to say go straight on ahead. be my guest.

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Powder Puff Football
143th day of 2004
Fresmen girls vs. Junior Girls
Sophmore Girls vs. Senior Girls

We only had whole entire week to practice and to get everything down and memorized. The first day our coach ditched us and went home. but he made great plays! the next day he made us do Condtioning and his Asst. Coaches pissed us girls off. All they did was fuck around. We were serious about it they were just making it as a joke...
Game Night!!!

The asst. coaches (that were messing around) got fired
the soph. lost against the seniors 21 to zero
our game against the Juniors... OMG!!! we made a touchdown on the first play!!! the biggest girl on their team thought i had the ball but fooled her thnx to our Triple option. The game against them was fun. We just kept on fooling them with the same plays and they kept on falling for our 2 or 3 hikes 5 yrad gains there. damn they can't talk smack to us anymore cuz we slapped their asses and blamed it on the monkey and they believed it!!! we won i think 16 to 6.
the final Championship game against the seniors.
IT was much much harder!!! cuz they knew our tricks and postitions. They stole our PLays too!!! so we had to make them off the tops of our heads. Our team was getting crazy and intense. i tried to loosen them up but they were ignoring me. We kept doing the same plays but i wanted to do the I formation and the Motion one but no they kept going for the long bombs and hand offs.. i was getting a lil tired but it was kewl i gave it a 150% and i'm kewl that we lost against the seniors. i mean come on they have a lot of track ppl! and their Line Girls are HUGE!!!
We lost but it's ok because we made it to championships and we KILLED the juniors!! i dunno about VolleyBall anymore should i go out for it. try outs are on Monday... HAHAHA!!! durning the Juniors game i had to pee really bad so afterwards i sprinted to the bathrooms there singing "gotta go gotta go gotta go right now gotta go gotta go gotta go..." haha then the ASB ppl were Laughing and i accidentally slammed myself against the wall haha!! During the Juniors Game i dislocated my pinky but i popped it back in it hurts now still and i keep forgetting that it hurts so when i type AHHH!!!! My postition was/is Running Back and Safety cuz someone didn't go!! so i was never taken out of the game i was there on the field the whole two games. i'm getting tired now i'm singing we are the champions!!!
OH!!! one more thing!!!!!! I gave Andrew the Letter to give to Liz. and you know what... he did and she let everyone read it. ::embarrassed:: but i kept my cool and read it myself and played stupid. gosh... what is she going to say when she finds out... i'm scared about that part... hmm... in a few days i'll post up the letter itself. but for now imma sleep and try to get this energy out of me :rush of the games:: WOOOO!!!!!!!!! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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