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Anh and I discussing Jack McCoy earlier
Tuesday. 1.22.08 1:45 am
Anh : See that?
Anh: He's fictional.
Jon: So is our love.

(Can you make us both out in that pic?)

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ROCK IS DEAD: Long live Paper and Scissor!/ I GOT HER NUMBER CALLED HER UP LIKE "what you doin'," she said " Nothin'." I say "Whats good?" She said "Not much" I said " I think we should hook up"
Thursday. 1.17.08 12:01 am
�Oh, no.. not him..� Vee laments wistfully. She averts her gaze from me and tilts her head toward her dinner, feigning an absolute disbelief in the revelation.

�Taye Diggs? Really? He married a white woman?� Her head tilts up now, and eye contact is established once again, but only for a moment. It was my turn to turn away.

�What,� I begin sheepishly, �don�t tell me you�d never date someone outside of your race.�

Although we were of different ethnicities( she�s Indian and I�m Namekian ), I think she knew what I was really asking: would she ever date someone who wasn�t a minority. I knew that she was feigning astonishment in regards to the union of Diggs and his Wicked wife, but I couldn�t gauge just what her true feelings were about miscegenation.

�I would.. I mean, there�s nothing wrong with it. It�s just-- for me�--� she pauses, turns her eyes onto me, and began to speak with a soft smile. �I gotta� have my chocolate.�

I clear my throat and glance down at my slice of pizza before quickly changing the subject.

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Prequel to the Chocolate Story/Analysis
Wednesday. 1.16.08 7:47 pm
My roommate must think me queer.

I've been listening to "The best of friends" from The Fox and the Hound over and over again and sniffling because it's so sad.

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happy birthday to me.
Sunday. 1.13.08 9:04 am
thanks to Hazel, Kuri, and senior Brian for the good thoughts.

To celebrate, I'm going to turn off my phone, hide in my room, and cry. It's my party, afterall.


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Guess whos going to England with me?
Thursday. 1.10.08 1:02 am

Anharcy in the UK!

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A touching entry ATTACKED MY BUNNIES!!!!!!!
Tuesday. 1.8.08 10:04 pm
"You just sound as if you're dead to the world" Caitlin says cautiously. She spoke slowly, deliberate, even.

"Are you mad at me, Jon?" she asks me sheepishly. The truth? ... No.. Not at her. If anything, I was upset that I let her in.

"You know me too well," I confess after a chuckle. I'm still upset because I know that I'd let her in again if given the chance. I ALKE NAKR HJEAKPL

Where was I?

... ._.;

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Monday. 1.7.08 8:00 pm
Sometimes the good you do doesn't do you any good.

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Dear NuTang!
Sunday. 1.6.08 1:27 am


Good fit for me? I'm not sure how I'd fare in the UK, but my Dean wants me to study abroad there for a while.

Do they get Law & Order over there? x.x

[00:54] Yet Another Sign: how many people are in the band
[00:54] A N H I M A L: four
[00:54] Yet Another Sign: The jackson five!
[00:54] A N H I M A L: no
[00:54] A N H I M A L: close
[00:54] Yet Another Sign: ..
[00:54] A N H I M A L: wait...that wasn't close at all
[00:54] A N H I M A L: you suck at this

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