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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Auburn is discontinuing my transit bus because it's too expensive to maintain. They can afford Under Armor for all of the sports teams but not gas for one bus. Thanks a lot Auburn. Now how the hell am I supposed to get home?

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*What happens when I study*
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
I don't know why I even bother studying. I get so sidetracked and frustrated. And I end up taking pictures of myself and Dr. Doom. This is going to be a super picture filled entry. Yeah!

This is me.

This is me and Dr. Doom. I'm whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Yes, she's a she. Women are doctors too.


Dr. Doom and I like to lay/sit on school books and homework. We hate it!

This is my campus. It was a pretty day so I thought I'd share. Auburn, yay.

I'm not a photographer so some of them are crooked or blurry or whatever. But I think they came out quite nice.

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*spring break is over*
Monday, April 2, 2007
My spring break was last week. It was... bittersweet.

Sunday through Wednesday Edward and I stayed in Orange Beach. Gulf view and all, very nice. And fun. And relaxing. And itchy after day 2 because I got a sunburn. On the backs of my knees, the very worst. We found shells and ate seafood (he ate raw oysters, ugh). No arguments, lots of sleeping and lots and lots of beer. Almost too much beer, which up until then I thought wasn't possible. We left and Edward accidentally left all of my shells but that's okay. I wanted to kill everyone who fed the seagulls. They're fucking seagulls. There's no need to screech, "Oh my God, it caught it in the air!" It's what seagulls do. Eat everything and make lots of noise and shit all over the place.

On Wednesday I returned home thinking I'd be sleeping in and hanging out with friends. Edward went to his parents house to finish up the break. About 20 minutes after I settled in and comforted my angry abandoned kitty, I learned that a good friend of mine from high school had committed suicide.


So the rest of my evening was spent crying, making phone calls and trying to figure out what the hell was going on in the world.

I went to Decatur Friday. The funeral was Saturday. Friday night I went to a friends house and, no joke, it was like a 5 year high school reunion. EVERYONE I graduated with was there. Well, not everyone, but the ones that are important to me. My friends. They weren't okay. I wasn't okay. I have a story about a person I encountered after I first got there, but it's not for this entry.

The funeral was... the hardest funeral I've ever been to. In 22 years, I've been to six. I thought I was prepared and knew it was coming, but I was so fucking wrong. Grief, ugh. I'm gonna miss my friend. He was a good guy. I'm pretty fucking pissed at him but what can you do, right? I'll get there.

And now I'm back here. In Auburn. Like nothing ever happened. Spring break was like some confusing dream.

It was a pretty day today so I took some pictures. I'd put them in my gallery, but it doesn't work because some cockface asshole keeps fucking up NuTang. I'll upload them to Flickr and post them later.

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*giant aborted fetuses*
Wednesday. 3.21.07 11:13 pm
On Monday I was walking to class, like usual, when I noticed that some giant signs had been erected on Cater Lawn. As I got closer I realized that they were 20 foots signs with photos of aborted fetuses. Their tiny arms and legs cut off and sitting next to a dime, their tiny bodies laying in the palm of a hand, and pictures of them chopped up into pieces. And lots and lots of blood. There were 3 signs, in a triangle, so no matter where you came from, you saw the fetuses.

I think it's good and great and grand that we have free speech in this country. I was disgusted by the pictures, but at the same time happy to see that our campus allows people to demonstrate and hand out pamphlets (in this case bullshit propaganda).

My main problem with these "pro-lifers" is this: Why not invest all the time, energy and money you WASTED on these disgusting, pointless signs and pamphlets, on educating the uneducated and providing birth control and counseling to those who are unable to get it for themselves? And don't call me fucking pro-death because I feel a woman has a right to choose what she wants to do with her body. Making abortion illegal isn't going to stop people from getting one. The issue now shouldn't be whether or not abortion should stay legal. It should be what can we do to lower the number of abortions in the country?

They had a "free speech" zone set up for students to write what they felt about the signs or abortion or whatever. Interestingly enough the free speech zone was about 3 feet from the signs. What a joke.

I felt really sorry for the all the parents and potential students that were getting campus tours on Monday. Auburn is pretty big, it has over 20,000 students, and there are tours daily. I wonder how many prospective students might not choose Auburn now because some ignorant know nothing group thought it would be okay to bombard the campus with worthless bullshit.

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*DOGS* -slash- *my sister threw a cup of coffee at those guys!*
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
This morning at around 5, I woke up because there was some kind of dog celebration in my neighborhood. It seemed that every dog in a 5 miles radius was barking it's fucking head off. That included, of course, the Devil Boxer that lives behind my house.

The Devil Boxer is my nemesis. He barks and bark and barks and barks and, if you go near him, wants to rip your fucking throat out. And I just feel really bad for him (are you allowed to feel sorry for your nemesis?). His owner never, ever walks him or spends ANY time with him. Even when he's constantly barking, they do nothing. And he's a boxer, they're normally a friendly dog. Unless of course you neglect them.

Some of you may recall the blog I wrote about the dog that spent a day with me. Rooney. When he was here I bought a box of Milk Bones so he could have some treats. Of course I had some left over, so when Devil Boxer wouldn't stop barking at nothing one day I decided to give him some delicious doggy Milk Bones. It didn't work out because Devil Boxer pretty much only wanted to eat my face and not the Milk Bones.

About 15 minutes after I was rudely jarred out of my deep, deep sleep this morning the dog party died down. EXCEPT for Devil Boxer. He just... wasn't sleepy I guess. And that's probably because he's awake all day and all night waiting for somebody to love him. But he kept me awake until 7, when my alarm went off. Suffice it to say, it's been a miserable day (a rhyme!).

Anyhow, I think I'm going to call the police very soon because I really can't stand Devil Boxer anymore.


My sister Danni got accepted in Auburn. Yay. On Friday, she had S.O.S. Successfully Orienting Students. She was supposed to be at the student union at 8, but didn't realize that I'd be taking her to a transit stop. So we were, oh I don't know, 2 1/2 minutes late and she just wasn't having it.

The street we were on was Glenn Avenue. The thing about Glenn is if you're headed toward campus, the left lane eventually turns into a LEFT TURN ONLY lane. This is extremely difficult for many people to understand even though it's clearly marked for a long time before it changes. My sister and I were in the left lane, waiting at the stoplight for our green LEFT arrow when we noticed that the car in front of us had turned its blinker on to get in the right lane. Unacceptable. There was a liiiiiiiine of cars in the right lane, and the only way the car in front of us was going to get in that lane was if they waited for our arrow to go away, the right line started moving again, and HOPE that somebody would be nice enough to let them over. So Danni, being the spitfire that she is, got really, really, super duper pissed, grabbed a full cup of coffee, rolled down her window, launched the coffee at the car, and nailed the shit out of it's back windshield. Coffee sprayed into the air like a magical brown tidal wave. It was beautiful. Just beautiful. I think I saw a rainbow. And boy did it scare the living SHIT out of the poor oldies driving. It really made my morning considering it was sometime before 8 and I didn't have to get up until 8:30.

P.S. School sucks.

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*babies heart violence*
Saturday, March 10, 2007
I went and saw 300 last night. My boyfriend, his brother and a few of our friends tagged along. It was really fun.


5 minutes into the previews, I heard... a baby start to cry. I glanced down, and there's a couple with twin infants. INFANTS! They brought little tiny babies to a movie! A movie with surround sound, flashy bright lights, and a theater with not one empty seat. It was like a sauna in there!

Then, the super fanboy nerd behind me started kicking my seat. And the baby kept crying. And the three guys in front of me had a bag (that's right, a bag) of whiskey. It smelled gross. You know, like whiskey.

I told the fanboy to quit kicking my seat and he stopped, and the whiskey brothers actually behaved themselves. However, the baby kept crying. And crying. And the other one kept making noises. Baby noises. So finally, about halfway through the film, I got up and told a manager who I guess asked the mom to take the baby out. And she did. For about 5 minutes. Then she brought it right back in. And it kept crying. So she left. And came back. And it cried. So she left. And came back. And it cried. And then she didn't leave. And then...

There was a loud thud. The dad dropped one of the babies. On the ground. And it cried. And they stayed. They finished out the entire movie, after one baby cried and cried and even after they dropped the other one. Oh, and on the way out, I noticed that not only had they brought their twins, they also brought their older daughter, who was at least 4. Totally inappropriate. You should never bring a child that young to such a graphically violent, (and there was graphic sex) loud movie. I was disgusted.

But hey, the movie was pretty awesome. I liked it. I wasn't totally blown away, but I wasn't disappointed either. So hurray for that.

Now, this is going to sound mean but... When will some parents learn that there are SACRIFICES that you're going to have to make once you have children? You can't bring infants to the movies, it's terrible and thoughtless and completely ignorant. And it's not fair to anyone when a baby cries in a movie. Not the baby, or the people that paid money for their tickets and concessions. Not fair at all. And come on, how hard is it to find a babysitter? Movies generally don't last more than 2 hours, there's no reason you can't find somebody to watch your child for 2 short hours.

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