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I'm averaging out!
Wednesday. 9.17.08 11:16 pm
Listening to music as much as I do, I'm starting to get the urge to post the lyrics everywhere. On second thought, I already do that. The heck?

I used to not listen to music. EVER. And the music I did like, I only liked because I didn't listen to it. Hahaha. I definitely remember there were some Disney endorsed songs on there. And "Who Let The Dogs Out?" Oh, geeze.

Thankfully, my "aunt" Donna gave me a Sansa E200 as a Christmas gift, and I've been perfecting my musical taste since then.

And what a long way I've come. Phew.

Hey, I could have written about that for my life changing event. And it would have been much less emotional. Crud.


wiseguysupreme4: Dodododo
Romanticocabrita: :3
Romanticocabrita: Hi.
wiseguysupreme4: Rollin' deep in momentum.
wiseguysupreme4: ...oops.
wiseguysupreme4: Hai.

See what I mean?

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The swim meet
Tuesday. 9.16.08 10:31 pm
Today, the weather was about 70 degrees, with light rain, mist, and wind. It was cold.

The pool was outside. It was heated, (which is actually bad for swimming,) but it was OUTSIDE.

There was one bathroom. No locker room. Nowhere to rest between events and stay warm.

Instead of events that I could possible make the state team with, I was put in a 200 yard freestyle early in the meet, and then 3 events nearly in a row at the end. 200 freestyle relay (I do 50 yards), 100 backstroke, and 400 free relay (I do 100).

This meant I did crap at a semi-distance event right off the back, sit around in the cold for a long time, then swim a lot at once. Gah.

On the bright side, I remembered to bring my trash bag so that I could wear my sweatshirt as long as possible without having to put it somewhere dry before swimming.

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The post about everything
Saturday. 9.13.08 9:24 pm
Most of it is interesting, I promise.

First, the meaningless update on my life, simply for my entertainment. Today is the homecoming dance. I am not there. Which is good, because I wasn't planning on going. Haha. The tiles in the bathroom floor are being replaced, so right now if I want to go into my bathroom (which is actually 2 adjoining rooms) I have to pretend the floor is lava. This means I have to go Spiderman and climb all over the counter and through the bathtub. My mom is afraid of methane poisoning from the toilet pipe, so I was on a mission to plug the hole with an old sheet. Mission Accomplished.

Speaking of missions, my team in History of the Americas IB got a 100 on our "How we could fix Mexico if we could go back in time to when the area was being colonized by the Spanish and change a few things" project. We pretended to be the A-Team (I think I mentioned this already).

It was extremely hot today. I hate being hot. (Ooohh, double entendre!) It's just the most uncomfortable thing.

-end random-

Hmm. Do you believe in ghosts? Well, I don't. I do, however, believe in demons. Usually I treat this belief as something that kind of comes with my other beliefs, I guess because I assume that nowadays nobody really worries about them. You hear about demons all over biblical times, but not so much anymore. And when you do, it's usually discredited or something. And I can understand that.

But then I heard this:

(Note, you will probably want to put your ear to the speakers or turn the volume up or something, because it's a recording from a radio station, and most of the interesting part is also on a phone. So it might be hard to understand. Also, don't watch this if you get scared easy. Or if the sun isn't out.)

I know that the chances of this being a prank call are pretty high (it really was on the radio, though). But consider this: if it's a prank call, it was made by either Christians or non-Christians. I find it hard to believe that a practicing Christian would make such a prank call. But a non-Christian would have made the demon answer questions like "Is Jesus the Lord?" differently. So, I'm concluding that this is for real.

Did anyone else notice how awkward the whole deal with commercial breaks would be in that situation? Man. I couldn't do that.


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Thursday. 9.11.08 11:11 pm
I have a tape recording of my dad singing a few lines from a song when he first had cancer. It was part of a project I was making, utilizing the tape speed switch. I was making a bunch of funny voices, some slow and some fast. I asked Dad to sing me a song.

Bada boom, bada bye

I feel good

like I knew I would

I feel good

Like I knew I would

Bada boom bada bye, bada boom bada bye

That's the first and last recording I have of my dad. I didn't get a camera until later, so there are no videos or pictures that I have on file. It's the videos I really want. Mom has tons of pictures laying around, surely.

But the best thing is my mom's old tape recorder and one of her old cassette tapes in the safe in my room with the batteries removed to prevent acid damage, with the sound of singing barely audible over the white noise.

Sometimes I filch the batteries from my camera and listen for a while.

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