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I'm all written out
Tuesday. 9.23.08 9:36 pm
Between all the writing I do in creative writing, and all the BS I write for English, (OK, not really all of it. But at least some of that is totally just filler) I am completely tired of writing. SO

Don't feel bad or frustrated that I'm not posting that much.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Steve!" some will say. "How do you know people even keep up with this?"

...I don't. LET ME PRETEND!

Hey, how am I still top 5 active on Nutang? For shame!

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Oh crap.
Saturday. 9.20.08 1:31 pm
I have to read 30 pages in my History book and 2 chapters from a handout the teacher gave us.

I have to write a commentary piece in English based on an excerpt from the book we're reading. The materials are in the same folder as the History stuff.

Which is at school. Along with the History book.

Ugh. I ALWAYS keep that binder in my backpack. I moved it to my locker for ONE DAY so that I could organize other classes into an empty binder. What horrible timing. I just bombed the crap out of a quiz in English (I made about a 10/100), so now I'm going to feel like a turd when I tell the teacher I couldn't do my work. Urg.

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I'm averaging out!
Wednesday. 9.17.08 11:16 pm
Listening to music as much as I do, I'm starting to get the urge to post the lyrics everywhere. On second thought, I already do that. The heck?

I used to not listen to music. EVER. And the music I did like, I only liked because I didn't listen to it. Hahaha. I definitely remember there were some Disney endorsed songs on there. And "Who Let The Dogs Out?" Oh, geeze.

Thankfully, my "aunt" Donna gave me a Sansa E200 as a Christmas gift, and I've been perfecting my musical taste since then.

And what a long way I've come. Phew.

Hey, I could have written about that for my life changing event. And it would have been much less emotional. Crud.


wiseguysupreme4: Dodododo
Romanticocabrita: :3
Romanticocabrita: Hi.
wiseguysupreme4: Rollin' deep in momentum.
wiseguysupreme4: ...oops.
wiseguysupreme4: Hai.

See what I mean?

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The swim meet
Tuesday. 9.16.08 10:31 pm
Today, the weather was about 70 degrees, with light rain, mist, and wind. It was cold.

The pool was outside. It was heated, (which is actually bad for swimming,) but it was OUTSIDE.

There was one bathroom. No locker room. Nowhere to rest between events and stay warm.

Instead of events that I could possible make the state team with, I was put in a 200 yard freestyle early in the meet, and then 3 events nearly in a row at the end. 200 freestyle relay (I do 50 yards), 100 backstroke, and 400 free relay (I do 100).

This meant I did crap at a semi-distance event right off the back, sit around in the cold for a long time, then swim a lot at once. Gah.

On the bright side, I remembered to bring my trash bag so that I could wear my sweatshirt as long as possible without having to put it somewhere dry before swimming.

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