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Sunday. 4.19.09 9:25 pm

You know what's funny?

I've always hated tomatoes, and then I decided to go vegetarian. Suddenly, tomatoes are the most delicious, tempting things on the whole planet. I put them in my pizzas, pastas, salads--whatever. And they're so gooood.

MMMMM, Roma tomatoes on my mozzarella, homemade pizza... YUMMY, tomatoes in my spinach and cheese pasta...

And, right after my birthday, I'm going vegan (and getting that long-awaited lip ring, Mum's approved it), so who knows what'll happen, then?

I'll probably start liking asparagus! Ew but yum!

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Thursday. 4.9.09 9:26 pm

I'm pretty tired of being sorry for things that I'm not sorry for.

So I'm going to stop being sorry unless I really am.

It's time to get honest.

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Saturday. 4.4.09 5:03 pm

You know what?

It's April.

It's my birthday month. It's the month our town celebrates spring with a bunch of cool activities.

It's time to cheer the hell up!

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Ups and Downs.
Sunday. 3.29.09 10:15 pm

Today was horrible! It seems like everyone was irritable but me... Well, not everyone. I just got into a couple arguments--one because my mum hadn't completely woken up, and she's not one of those people who can wake up and go right into business.

So she got overwhelmed in my general direction.

An hour later, I just had to get out of the house. I called Steigen, no answer. It was just to see if she wanted to tag along, because I'd wanted company. Once I got out there, though, I realized I really didn't. I liked the freedom of not having to tell anyone where I was going.

So I stayed out for an hour and a half, driving and stopping. I considered getting on the interstate with a GPS and just heading back after getting...somewhere. I wasn't sure where.

But I didn't. -sigh-

When I got home, I ate dinner, did a chore for Mum, and ran upstairs.

After a couple more hours, I put up a status about wanting a hug, and this guy I've sort of been talking to popped up on IM. He'd just gotten maybed for his college of choice, so we exchanged e-hugs and talked for almost an hour, which was nice. It certainly took MY mind off of things.

And that's why I got all chipper! I didn't have to think about this headache.

...And now I do!

-morbid ending-

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