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Saturday. 6.6.09 7:48 pm

I had to walk the graduates around to get their diplomas, today. Top 27 of the class did led them around. Go me.


And I guess some things you don't expect. I've been to a LOT of graduations, and none of them really struck me until this one. It might be because I was in the center of the room instead of the sides, so acoustics were different, but I'm not sure.

It's just that...when our principal told everyone to celebrate the graduates, the entire room just...screamed. I'm sure you know those moments where you're just taken by how purely joyous a moment is--that was it. I could barely clap, it was just so...stunning. But I tried, because I'm...happy for the graduates. It's the first time that they've really been close to me. Leaving.

And so I guess that this is my story for the day. Time to go out to eat for Dad's birthday. I shall be driving myself.

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Saturday. 5.30.09 4:39 pm

Last night, I arrived at Kayla's house right on time, and we sped off towards the movie theater to pick up tickets, then to Charanda's for dinner with some friends. :D

Before we got to the theater, though, Kayla decided to "help" my relationship status and play matchmaker.


In short, she called one of my more recent male friends and left a message about the night's activities. Then, going past the school, we saw people playing Ultimate Frisbee. She assumed he was playing, reached over, latched onto my steering wheel, and beeped twice, as I struggled to control my car, which was, at the moment, swerving back and forth across the median.

All the Ultimate Frisbee players probably heard was, "EFFING H!* I HATE YOU!"

Which of course I didn't mean. :3 Kayla's crazy, but I absolutely love her personality.

He wasn't playing Ultimate Frisbee, anyway, which is good, because I didn't mean to curse, and would be embarrassed if he heard me.

Either way, he called back and left a message saying that he was going to a little league baseball game and couldn't make it. Kayla and I were both silent for a moment after that, then synchronously burst out laughing.

So, we went to Charanda's. And we ate a LOT, which was BAD, because (and here's the kicker) he was able to come, after all.

After he texted, I looked down at my clothes and balked.

I was wearing the shirt that I'd worn on my birthday: it has this crazy, flattering print all over it, and a bit of knit embellishment on the neckline. Then, the upper back is composed of the following: four pieces of rope.

I said, "Oh, God," and Kayla laughed with complete satisfaction.

I'm pretty sure that she's living vicariously through me.

Not wanting to be late, we drove to the movie theater as quickly as possible and found him up in one of the back rows. She made sure that I sat next to him.

Kayla...is a nut. It was fun, but she's absolutely insane. I've never seen anyone want me to date a guy so much in my entire life.

Either way, the entire night was an absolute blast. In case anyone's wondering, we saw the new Pixar movie, Up. It was GREAT. We stayed after the movie for two whole hours, just talking and messing around.

And now my skin is peeling off of the right shoulder in fairly large sheets!** More aloe!

Ugh! Usually I'm the matchmaker in all of this.

* Innocent ears deserve protection!
** We went swimming last weekend. :3

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Wednesday. 5.27.09 6:45 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Friday. 5.22.09 10:47 pm

:3 So!

Guess where I'm going, tomorrow!

The beach!

It's supposed to rain, but I don't care!

The beach!

With Kayla!

We just planned to go...today!

It'll be great!

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