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Blunt Force.
Thursday. 5.14.09 12:40 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Sad. 3:
Monday. 5.4.09 7:41 pm

You were so cool until you spelled "irk" with an e.


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The Water Bottle Incident.
Wednesday. 4.29.09 9:40 pm

So, there's this guy I met a couple months ago. Very nice, very chill, good conversation.

Well, I get nervous around him. He's...English-oriented. Which automatically makes me care.

And, today, Chelsea gave me her psychology group so my group could do more testing. Kayla and I waited patiently outside the door to the class we were testing, and I scanned the hallway for people I could know.

Out of the stairway comes aforementioned male specimen.

In my surprise, I confirm that he's in the class--completely shocked and stupefied beyond repair--then go to cover my mouth because I do that. Self-conscious habit I picked up as a kid.

Unfortunately, I was holding a bottle of water.

Not only did I drop the bottle of water (the lid was on securely, thank goodness). Oh, no. I couldn't stop there. I also have a habit where I yell and FLAIL if I drop something.

...This poor guy comes up to me smiling, just as nice as can be, ready to make a perfectly-formed quip, and everything in my vicinity--including myself--basically EXPLODES.

You're really welcoming, Katie.

Kayla was there beside me to comfort me, though. She laughed hysterically for about a minute. I then decided to go upstairs and check into class, then came back downstairs...

She was still laughing.

She actually continued laughing and making fun of me for quite a while afterward.

...Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure she'll never let me live it down.

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The Eight-Dollar Bra.
Saturday. 4.25.09 11:52 pm

So, they had this thing, back in March, where you got a gift card with a mystery amount on it, if you bought something at Victoria's Secret. The amount was between ten, fifty, a hundred, and five hundred dollars.

I get up to the register, today, with a $58 bra, prepared to pay the full amount for such a beautiful and flattering specimen (I only get one about every 2-3 years, so. It's worth it). I give her the gift card first, and she says in quick English that we'll see what it comes out to be. I tell Meagan that it HAS to be $10.



I'm not going to be thoughtful in this blog! No sir! Because this was a big deal, for me! AAAHHH!

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